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BeFrugal Review -Earn Cash For Shopping Online in 2023

You might have heard of websites that will pay you cash back for shopping – they really are a no brainer that everyone should take advantage of.  As this BeFrugal Review will show you, cash back sites are literally something for nothing. 

I have been a member of BeFrugal since 2017 and love making money for doing nothing other than making one extra click on the mouse. 

The key to making the most cash back from your shopping trips is to do a lot of comparison shopping.

Having a few options for cash back sites you can use will help you to maximize your savings.

That’s why I like to use BrFrugal but also check with other cash back sites to see which offers the best % of cash back (although BrFrugal does have a best rate guarantee – more on that later). 

If you haven’t signed up for BeFrugal yet, keep reading for all the details and get a $10 sign up bonus just for signing up. 

BeFrugal Review

This page contains affiliate links meaning I earn a commission if you use those links. Please read my Disclosure for more information.


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BeFrugal Review For 2022

As I’ve been a member of BeFrugal for a number of years, I’ve had some time to experience using their site and to see if it really lives up to the claims of great cash back and an easy to use site. Here are my thoughts: 

What Are Cash Back Sites? 

Cash back sites will pay you a commission (normally a percentage of the amount you spend), just for using their affiliate link. 

Why would they do that? 

If you wondering how cash back sites like BeFrugal  make money, its actually pretty genius – 

  1. The retailer/brand offers the cash back site a certain commission for referring you to their site.
  2. The cash back site then gives you some of that commission as an incentive.

There are a number of cash back sites that you can check out. My personal favorites are:




and of course, BeFrugal. 

Although they all have their strengths and weaknesses, I find that by comparison shopping at all of them before I make a purchase, ensures that I always get the most cash back for my money. 

How Do You Use BeFrugal?

BeFrugal combines internet coupons and cash back to ensure you get the best deal possible when shopping online.

They also offer printable coupons and coupons for restaurants including Red Lobster, McDonald’s, Olive Garden, and Potbelly among others.

When shopping online you can search for the store you are interested and the current coupons and cash back amount will come up as you can see the in the example below.

The cash back amount is always a percentage of your purchase price (before taxes).

Stores that offer cash back through Be Frugal include Target, Walmart, Ann Taylor, Carters, Shutterfly, and tons more.

Cash back ranges from 1-40% depending on the store.

As an example, I did a search for Sephora and various coupon codes came up plus the current offer of 5% cash back

Befrugal Review - sephora.

To take advantage of the offer, all you have to do is click through to the Sephora site from the “shop now”  BeFrugal link and your purchase will be tracked.

A few days after completing your purchase, your BeFrugal account will reflect the new cash back balance. 

Some stores will offer a straight cash back amount per purchase. For example, right now, Grubhub is offering $10 per purchase you make on BeFrugal. 

BeFrugal Review

The BeFrugal Extension

One problem I always have with cash back through online sites is that I forget to click through before buying online. You don’t know how many times I have kicked myself at lost free money because I forgot to visit Rakuten or BeFrugal before buying. 

The solution to this is add the BeFrugal chrome extension to your browser.

BeFrugal Review

This makes earning cash back for your online shopping even more hassle free as you don’t even need to remember to visit BeFrugal before shopping. 

Whenever you visit a store that offers cash back through BeFrugal, the chrome extension will alert you to the deal. 

Here you can see what happened when I visited BestBuy this morning:

BeFrugal chrome extension

What is the BeFrugal toolbar?

When you are add the BeFrugal chrome extension, you might get asked if you also want to download the “Daily Deals” toolbar. 

This changes your entire browser to one that shows the top cash back deals from BeFrugal every day plus it adds a tool bar at the top of your browser showing you the daily deals. 

Personally I found the toolbar and daily deals to be a bit annoying and not that useful.

It can also cause you to be tempted to shop just because of the great cash back offer (which I’m sure is the idea) so I recommend not adding that extension but just the regular BeFrugal chrome extension. 

How Much Cash Back Can I Earn With BeFrugal?

Every retailer offers a different amount of cash back and it can change at anytime. BeFrugal does advertise that they have retailers paying up to 40% cash back but most are in the 1-10% range. 

Some stores do regular promotions where they offer double cash back for a week or so. 

To see how much cash back is being offered, just go to BeFrugal and do a search for the store

For example:

Let’s say you want to go shopping at Old Navy. 

BeFrugal offers 6% cash back at Old Navy as of this writing.

So that means that if you spend $100 before tax, you will get $6 cash back from BeFrugal. 

How much money can you make with BeFrugal?

How Do You Get Your Money From BeFrugal?

You can see along the right-hand side the average tracking speed for your cash back to be confirmed and the estimated payment date.

You can choose check (US only), PayPal or an Amazon gift card for the payment.

If you choose Amazon, you will get an additional 3% bonus so it is worth considering. (and then using BeFrugal again when you go to Amazon to spend your gift card!).

You can still earn cash back on select categories on Amazon although not all. 

How To Get A $10 Welcome Bonus From BeFrugal

BeFrugal is completely free to use, in fact, they actually pay you $10 when you become a member!

Click here to sign up for BeFrugal, and when you earn $10 cash back, you will receive a $10 cash welcome bonus as well!

How Do BeFrugal Coupons Work?

Unlike some other cash back sites, BeFrugal has a coupon section and for printable and online coupons.

They might be for groceries at local stores or other online retailers. 

You can check all current coupons at the “Coupon” section of the website. 

how to use BeFrugal coupons

Do The Coupons On BeFrugal Actually Work?

Yes! In fact, all online coupons at BeFrugal are guaranteed to work. I

If you use an online coupon from BeFrugal and and it doesn’t work, they will pay you $5.

Just make sure you tell them within 24 hours in order to get the credit and bonus $5. 

How long has BeFrugal been around? Is it new?

BeFrugal is based in the Boston, MA, and has been around for over 10 years. Here is the blurb from their website:

“BeFrugal features coupons and deals for over 50,000 stores including all of the largest 500 online stores in the USA.

All of our online coupons are guaranteed to work.

We offer Cash Back for online purchases at over 5,000 stores and guarantee that our rates are the highest. To ensure the best experience, we offer both email and live chat customer service, all based out of our USA offices.”

If you are wondering whether BeFrugal is legit, you will be happy to know that BeFrugal has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and an excellent 4.4 rating on TrustPilot.

The BeFrugal apps also get great reviews on both The Google Play store and the App Store.

How does BeFrugal Compare To Other Sites?

BeFrugal guarantees that for eligible stores, they have the best cash back rate in the business.

If you make a purchase and then find a better % cash back through another site, they will match the competitor 125%.

Note that you can only use this cash back match once per merchant. 

Which Is Better,  Rakuten or BeFrugal?

Rakuten used to be called Ebates and is more well-known than BeFrugal because of all the TV commercials they run.

But which is better? 

I check both Rakuten and BeFrugal all the time for online shopping to see which has the best rates.

Both sites are completely legitimate and they often go head to head with the cash back rates that they offer. 

I always check both sites before I shop to see which one offers the best.

Not all stores are on both sites so it is worth becoming a member of both sites and checking them before you shop. 

Note that you cannot use BeFrugal and Rakuten at the same time – you have to click on one of them before shopping and that will cancel out the other one. 

The one advantage that BeFrugal has over Rakuten is that you can cash out with Direct Deposit, PayPal, Venmo or different gift card options (Amazon etc). 

There does seem to be more reporting issues with BeFrugal – meaning that cash back earned is not reported on the customer’s statements however, I have also had that happen multiple times with Rakuten so it seems to happen on both sites. 

I’ve found I get more cash back using BeFrugal than any of the other sites so I think it’s worth having a few options to check when you do online shopping. 

BeFrugal v Rakuten and BeFrugal v TopCashBack

Out of interest and for the sake of making sure this BeFrugal Review is honest, I have done a few comparisons on the top cash back sites you can use. 

You sign up for all three sites here (by the way, they all offer $10 minimum cash as a welcome bonus so why not join all three?)

Sign Up for TopCashBack

Join Rakuten

Join BeFrugal

Obviously, the cash back offered by these sites changes day to day depending on deals but here is a snapshot from the time of writing this post (June 2021):

Befrugal v Rakuten

As you can see, if you are comparing BeFrugal and Rakuten, in the examples above, BeFrugal wins out. 

However, TopCashBack often has better cash back than both Befrugal and Rakuten. 

Does BeFrugal Have An App?


If you like to do your online shopping on your phone, then make sure you download the BeFrugal app from the app store. It is completely free to download. (Just make sure you sign up for your account via this link on your desktop first to get the $10 bonus).

BeFrugal app and BeFrugal review

Does BeFrugal Work In Canada?

Canadians can get in on the act and use BeFrugal too for cash back on their shopping purchases at Canadian sites.

Unlike Rakuten which has a Canadian specific website, Canadians can still use the regular site for their shopping. Most of the stores that offer cash back to Canadians are US stores such as Bestbuy, 

Adding BeFrugal to your arsenal of Canadian cash back sites is definitely a good idea although you may find some other sites have better rates for Canadian stores. 

How do I get $10 cash back free?

BeFrugal offers all new members a bonus $10 cash back just for joining and trying out the site. 

Sign up for BeFrugal through my link to get your $10. 

Once you have signed up, your account will be credited with a free $10 as a welcome gift once you earn $10 or more in cash back.

BeFrugal Review – Final Thoughts

After spending time comparing BeFrugal and the other popular cash back sites, I believe that BeFrugal is worth signing up for. Many times BeFrugal offers better cash back than other sites and with the cash back guarantee, you are definitely going to get the best cash back available. 

Added to the fact that you get $10 back just for signing up and there really is no argument to not use Befrugal. 

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