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Why I Love The RBC Ampli Cash Back App

If you like shopping and you like cash, then you will love the RBC Ampli cash back app for Canadians.

Ampli was created by RBC bank and it is the newest in a bunch of apps that take the guesswork out of getting cash back for your purchases.

 Instead of having to upload your grocery stores to receive cash back, with Ampli, you connect your credit and debit cards and watch the money pile up effortlessly.

The best thing about Ampli is that you can double and even triple dip by collecting loyalty points and your credit card points in addition to Ampli cash.

You can also use Ampli with store coupons so there really is no excuse for getting started!

Use this link to sign up for Ampli and you will get $5 to start you off! 

RBC Ampli cash back app

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RBC Ampli Cash Back App – Review


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What is Ampli?

Ampli is a program that gives you cash back on the spending you do every day – without giving up your favourite rewards or loyalty programs, Ampli members can earn cash back along with their current programs so it’s a double win for savvy shoppers.

Ampli wants all Canadians to gain more out of their everyday spending, whether it’s through cash back, discount offers, or opportunities to win prizes and unique experiences.

I personally love Ampli because it is completely hands-free. No uploading receipts or messing about checking out offers before I go grocery shopping. 

Just sign up, connect your bank accounts and away you go! 

Is Ampli Legit?

Ampli app is a creation of RBC so it has the backing of one of the biggest banks in Canada. You can feel secure knowing that all your personal information is fully encrypted and safe on the app.

How Much Money Can I Earn With Ampli?

You can earn anything from 1-10% of your purchase price in cash back with Ampli.

What Retail Partners Does Ampli Work with?

Ampli is continuously growing and onboarding new merchants to give members different offers and cash back opportunities. New merchants will be added to the platform as they expand across Canada.

For an up-to-date list of brands, check out the “Earn” section within the app.

How Do I Get Paid With Ampli?

You can cash out your balance via Interac e-Transfer with no fee to any Canadian bank account. Once you reach a minimum balance of $15.00, you can then cash out via an Interac e-Transfer to any bank account.

Transfers can take up to 3 business days but you will often receive your money sooner.

Can I Still Earn Store loyalty/Credit Card Points when using Ampli?

Yes! This is one of the best things about using Ampli. You can buy something in store, store loyalty card, rack up credit card points AND then get cash back with the Ampli app!

You can also stack offers from places like Checkout 51 to earn even more cash back.

Who Can Sign Up With Ampli?

Ampli is available to all Canadians who have an active bank account (Debit or Credit card). You do not have to bank with a specific bank in order to use Ampli although they are backed by RBC.

I am with RBC, are there any benefits?

If you use your RBC debit or credit card when shopping at select participating brands, you’ll can earn extra cash back.

Getting Set Up With an Ampli Account

It only takes a few minutes to get set up with your Ampli account and then you can start earning money every time you go shopping.

RBC Ampli cash back app

Follow these simple steps for getting set up.

  1. Download the Ampli app and link your Canadian debit and credit cards securely.

Head to and in put your phone number. You will get a text with a download link.

Once you have downloaded the app, follow the instructions to open your account and link your accounts. It only takes few minutes.

2. Earn cash back when you make a purchase with your linked card at a participating brand.

Just shop as normal and look for the cash to hit your Ampli account within a day or so.

3. Cash out when your balance reaches $15 or more.

Note that you must cash out the entire balance. You cannot specify an amount to cash out.

Get started with Ampli today!

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