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Gold City Ventures Reviews – E-Printables Course Review {2024}

If you are searching for Gold City Ventures reviews, I am going to guess that you are considering starting Etsy printables business.

I took the Gold City Ventures E-Printables Course last year after going back and forth a few times about whether I really needed it.

Let me tell, this course is awesome and the perfect introduction to a great side hustle .

I’ve taken a ton of side hustle courses in the last few years and some are just fluff while others are packed with information.

The good news is that the Gold City Ventures course is one of those quality courses that teaches you exactly what you need to know to create a passive income stream from Etsy.

In this post, I will take you through everything you need to know before you buy the course and what steps to take before you start your Etsy shop.

Ready? Let’s get started!

E-Printables Open Enrollment - gold city ventures course review
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Interested in starting an Etsy printables business?

You will love the E-Printables Side Hustle course from Gold City Ventures.

This course is packed with tips and tricks plus free templates so you can get started with your Etsy store right away!

The video tutorials will show you exactly how to make printables that you can sell on Etsy.

This is an awesome side hustle that can help you make a ton of money as a side hustle or even full-time job.


How To Start Your Own Etsy Printables Business

How To Make Money Selling Stickers On Etsy

My Results After Taking the Etsy Printables Course

I took the E-Printables course one year ago, and in that year, I have opened my Etsy shop, added listings and earned income.

I’ve created all different kinds of printables for my Etsy shop plus lots of free printables that I give out on blog posts.

I followed the course step by step and when I started it, I didn’t even have an Etsy shop and I didn’t have much time to dedicate to it as my full-time job is running my blog.

Every week I make sales on my Etsy Shop for listings I created months ago, it truly is a way to make passive income while you sleep.

Who Created The Gold City Ventures Course?

Julie Berninger and Cody Berman are the brains behind the E-Printables Course. Julie runs a personal finance blog called Millennial Boss and has been an Etsy Shop Owner for a few years.

Her store, Swag Elephant, sells Bachelorette party printables such as bingo cards, scavenger hunts and games. Her friend Cody, sells more seasonal printables in his Etsy store.

Here’s why I really like Cody and Julie.

First of all, I have never met two more transparent people when it comes to online businesses .

In the course (and in the VIP e-printables Facebook group), they share real examples of successes and failures from their own Etsy shops.

They show you what sells for them and the best ways to make printables without spending a ton of money.

I’ve taken a ton of online courses that end up feeling like a money grab with tons of affiliate links and upsells but the Gold City Ventures Course doesn’t feel like that at all.

Why Printables?

Printables are a great option is you want to start an Etsy shop and are not very creative.

Maybe you don’t really have a craft to sell but you like the idea of starting your own business from home.

Printables are hot right now and show no signs of slowing down.

You can make money selling all kinds of printables:

  • Journals and Planners
  • Gift Tags
  • Wall art
  • Invitations
  • Party Decor
  • Trackers and Checklists

What’s The Best Thing About The Printable Course?

Full disclosure, I’ve taken a few other printable courses.

Honestly, I’m not sure I would be qualified to give you a Gold City Ventures course review if I didn’t know what else was out there.

For me, the tutorials on how to actually make printables, especially editable printables are priceless.

I spent the whole of last Christmas going through the videos (they alternative between Julie and Cody which keeps it fresh).

If you are interested in making custom printables such as wedding invitations or signs, then you will love the great tips on how to make your printables customizable by your customer.

By the way, if you want to see even more Gold City Ventures reviews, there are lots of student testimonials here. 

Gold City Ventures Course Review: The Pros

The course helped me identify the exact kind of printables that I wanted to make.

I had originally thought that I would make printable games but after taking the course and downloading all the free templates (more on those in a minute), I decided to focus on planners and journals.

It helped me point out one MAJOR mistake I was making with my Etsy listings.

I hadn’t realized all the different information I needed to include in my listings and having concrete examples I could copy made it so much easier.

It gave me a solid, actionable tip that helped me boost my Etsy income in the FASTEST way possible. 

It’s crazy what you can’t see that seems so obvious after you read it.

What I loved about the course was it came with templates for different printables that you can use right away.

These include gift tags, wine bottle labels and more.

There are videos in the course that actually show you Cody and Julie editing these templates so you can follow through with them step by step and then list the products on your own Etsy shop.

THE BONUS sections blew my mind! 

There are actually 3 bonus sections but my favorite was the one about selling your printables on Etsy.

This is a whole section with actual interviews and case studies from people who have gained financial independence selling printables on Instagram, Teachers Pay teachers and Shopify.

MY FAVORITE PRO: The exclusive Facebook group for students of the Gold City Ventures Printables Course.

Okay, you know like EVERY online course includes an “exclusive Facebook group” as a “bonus” for buying the course, right?

And then, often, you get into this Facebook group and see that the admin has posted a couple of times, but no one engaged with the posts, and no one really participates in the group at all.

It’s useless, just a vanity bonus.

Well, I’m happy to say the Printables VIP group is NOT like that!

When you purchase the course, you get a month for free in the Facebook group.

I highly recommend you make the most of that month and then join it if you like what you see.

I personally decided to join for the year because it is my FAVORITE Facebook group, and here’s why:

1) It’s very active. The group members actively engage with posts, ask questions, and provide help.

2) Cody and Julie are very responsive in the group. 

They answer questions AND they go live every single Wednesday with a tutorial and tips for selling digital downloads.

This pair is so down to earth, it’s like they are in the trenches building their own Etsy store with you while you learn.

Plus there are so many success stories on the Facebook group with helpful members offering advice and new ideas that I had never thought of.

Look at this post that came up today in the VIP group:

Gold City Ventures Course Review

Ready to check out the course? See all the details here. 

Gold City Ventures Course Review: The Cons

The marketing section is a bit light – as someone who gets 100,000 page views a month from Pinterest, I found the section to be aimed at beginners only.

If you already know what works on Pinterest, you can probably skip this section.

If you want a really in depth lesson on Pinterest, I recommend a blogging course such as Carly Campbell’s Pinteresting Strategies.

There are a lot of videos.

The truth is, the only way to really show you how to make printables is with videos but it does mean that the course takes a while to go through.

How Long Does It Take To Go Through The Entire E-Printables Course?

I took the course in my quiet period last year between Christmas and New Year.

It tool me about 3 days to go through the entire course, taking notes as I watched every video.

I spent the next 2 days creating Etsy listings for my store and was up and running within a week.

What Exactly will I learn In the Course?

Do I need to be a graphic designer to take the course?

Absolutely not.

And you don’t need to pay for expensive design software like Photoshop.

The best part of the course is that it shows you how to make digital products with a free program like Canva.

In the e-Printables course, Cody and Julie take you through a step by step design process.

Plus you get 12 ‘done for you’ templates so that your products will be professionally designed and listed as quickly as possible, without much additional work

Here are the things you will learn in the course;

Gold City Ventures Course Review


Modules 1-3: Idea generation and first steps

These modules give you 50 fun printable ideas, teach you how to capture seasonal trends and choose your printables niche.

Modules 4-5: How to create printables

This is the nuts and bolts of the course and the modules that you will spend the most time on.

You will learn everything you need to about best practices for using fonts and graphics plus go step by step through the creation of different printables:

Modules 6-7: Making editable printables

In these modules you take making printables to the next level.

Did you know that you can make extra money by offering your customers editable printables?

Giving them the ability to change dates, names and places is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

The videos in this module will show you how to do this.

Modules 8-10: Listing your digital products

Even if you create beautiful designs, without great Etsy listings, you will not get sales

This module takes you right from the basics of setting up your Etsy store to manipulating stock photos to create amazing listing images.

Modules 11-13: Marketing and analytics

The most important thing for business owners is getting people to their shop.

These modules are packed with tips on using social media and other online platforms to get website visitors to your Etsy store.

The great thing about this module are the tips on getting customers to return to your site and Etsy specific tips such as the advantage of offering free shipping and coupons.

Bonus 1-3: Selling off Etsy and Case Studies

I already mentioned bonus #1, the other two bonuses contain case studies of Etsy sellers including people like Kevin who makes a full time income with his Etsy store.

E-Printables course review - success stories

What About The Free Printables Templates?

The Free Templates you get include:

  • Wine Labels
  • A calendar
  • Snapchat filters
  • Instagram story templates
  • Greeting Cards
  • Printable Book Reviews
  • Candy Bar Wrappers

If you’re interested in Gold City Ventures E-Printables Course:

Enroll in the course here!

 If you haven’t already done so, check out Gold City Venture’s FREE guide that tells you the  best-selling products by month on Etsy and how to use seasonal trends to make sales.

Tips For Making The Most of the Gold City Ventures E-Printables Course

  • Take your time to follow the tutorial videos as you try making your own printables
  • Don’t be a perfectionist. You will see how quickly Cody makes his printables and it should encourage you. : ))
  • Take full advantage of your 4 free weeks in the FB group.
  • Be prepared for some hard work when you first get started but be ready to reap the reward for years to come.

How Much Money Can I Make With My Printables Business?

The first thing to know is that the world really is your Oyster when it comes to making money on an online platform such as Etsy.

Finding a niche that is not saturated and really creating quality designs will go a long way to helping you stand out from the crowd.

There are Etsy shop owners who sell printables and make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, completely passively.

Gold City Ventures Course Review – Final Thoughts

Would I Recommend This Course?

100%. If you are interested in starting a new project and love getting creative, then Etsy printables are for you.

The E-Printables course covers everything you need to know from opening your own store to turning your printables business into your day job.

The VIP Facebook group is packed with helpful people who will answer any questions you have in real time so that you can keep progressing and start making extra income ASAP.

If you are interested in learning more about the Etsy Printables Course, check out all the details here
E-Printables Open Enrollment- gold city venture reviews