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How To Use Fansly To Make Money in 2024

If you love making videos, taking photos and interacting with people online, why not make some money and become a Fansly creator? One of the newer social media sites.

Fansly is fast becoming one of the most popular subscription content platforms.

And with good reason.

It is easy to use and has tons of extra features making it the perfect place for new creators to get started.

If you fancy a side hustle where you can work from home and make a guaranteed monthly income, then why not check out Fansly?

In this article, we will show you how to use Fansly to make money from your content.

We’ll take you through everything you need to know including:

  • What Fansly is and why it is so popular
  • How to create your account and get followers
  • Tips for making money on Fansly

how to make money on Fansly

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What Is Fansly?

How to use fansley

Fansly is a social media website that is touted as an OnlyFans alternative.

It is a subscription-based platform that allows content creators to charge a monthly fee in exchange for exclusive content such as photos and videos.

This type of digital platform is becoming more and more popular and many Fansly creators are building up huge followings of loyal fans.

Like its competitor, Onlyfans, Fansly is very popular with adult content creators but any type of content can work great on the site.

Is Fansly Only For Explicit Content?

You probably think that Fansly is only for sex workers who want to make money online. 

I’ve written before about how to make money on Pornhub and while Fansly does have some similarities, ou don’t have to post adult content. 

While it is definitely true that this is a social media platform where adult videos and photos are very popular, there is a lot of room for other niches such as cooking and fitness on the site too..

That being said, all content creators need to be at least 18 years old to be approved on the site.

Adult creators love Fansly because of the opportunity to make money through different subscription tiers.

By offering content to your followers, you can create a loyal fanbase who pay you a set amount monthly.

How To Use Fansley

If you haven’t already, it’s time to create your Fansly account and take a tour. 

Head to and register. You can sign up with your email address or with a social profile such as Google, Twitter or Twitch.

how to sign up with Fansly

You’ll need to choose a username at this stage. Make sure to not use your real name here as this is what your fans will know you by.

You should try open Twitter and Instagram or TikTok accounts under the same username so your fans can find you on different platforms.

If you have a big following on other social media platforms you should stick to that username.

It helps brand you.

For example, if your instagram name is webchrissy, then your Fansly name should be webchrissy.

You’ll need to verify your email at this stage then you will be good to go on Fansly.

Next, click over to the profile page by clicking the profile icon on the right and hit “edit profile”.

You need to fill this out so fans can find you and you can receive payment.

Creating Your Fansly Profile

how to create a Fansly profile

When you first click through to your profile, you will notice it looks similar to Facebook.

The first step is to add a cover photo and a profile picture first.

Make sure to put your best foot forward here as this is what your potential followers will use to judge you by when performing searches.

Next, click “edit profile” and fill out your “About” section and add your location.

You can write whatever you want on your About message but most content creators use it as a place to describe the content fans should expect and give a little bit of personal information.

The more your fans relate to you and feel a connection, the more chance you have of growing your subscriber count.

Fansly profile page

How To Become A Fansly Model

In order to make money on Fansly, you will need to have your account verified and approved.

When you first sign up with Fansly you will have a free profile only.

This means you can post content but you cannot set up a paid subscription.

You need to be approved in order to make money and charge for premium content.

Head to your Fansly page and under the profile click “become a model”.

Become a model on Fansly

Fill out all the information on this application form and provide your ID and a photo of yourself.

You should have your account approved within a few hours so that you can start creating content on Fansly.

Once you receive the email that you account has been approved, you can finish the set up process.

How To Set Up A Subscription fee For Your Content

This is the main way to make money on Fansly. Y

ou will decide on a monthly subscription price and your followers will pay in order to access your exclusive content or to see longer videos.

The subscription model is the best way to ensure you are getting money in your bank account each month so it is important to really consider the membership tiers you will offer.

To create a subscription, open the site menu, then select Creator Dashboard. Under Plans/Promos, click Create New Subscription Tier, and a default subscription will be created.

By default, you will be offering a free subscription so you will want to change that! Just click “plans/pricing” and you will be able to select the pricing level you want.

how to create subscriptions for Fansly

How To Decide On A Monthly Membership Fee

There are not hard and fast rules about what prices you should charge but bear in mind that for everything you earn, Fansly will take a 20% cut and you will keep the remaining 80%.

The minimum amount a subscription price can be set is $5, and the maximum amount is $499.99 per month so bear in that in mind when choosing your prices.

The best thing to do is to offer your fans tiered subscriptions depending on the access they have to your content.

For example, you can offer a couple of free posts to entice new users to subscribe to your page.

Then you can offer different levels of membership with increasing content and prices.

Here is an example of how one Fansly creator offers different types of memberships:

subscriptions on Fansly

You can see that the lower levels have reasonable prices to entice people to subscribe while the top level is a lot more expensive.

Each level offers more access to the creator and the most expensive level also offers extra features such as personal videos and custom photos in addition to unlimited access to all their content.

Here’s what the top level offers:

subscription levels on Fansly

Pay-Per-View Earnings On Fansly

Although subscriptions are a great way to make money on Fansly, you shouldn’t stop there!

Another way to get some money from your fans is to offer custom content and pay-per-view material. 

This is normally facilitated through private chats and paid via tips (a one off payment rather than a subscription).

Your fans might ask you to create custom videos or photos for them or they may want other content.

Adding a tip menu on your profile is a good idea to encourage your followers to ask for PPV content and to show them what you offer.

Making Money With Referrals

One of my favorite ways to make money is by referring people to a produce or service.

Another way to make money on Fansly is with your referral link. You will find it under “referrals” in your profile. If you send fans to your page with your special link, you will earn 1% of their purchases for 90 days. 

Great features of Fansly To Know

Post Scheduling

Post scheduling enables you to draft posts ahead of time so that they post at the time and day your choose. This is a great way to bulk your posts so you don’t have to be working on content every day.

To schedule a post, please the calendar icon in the posting menu, select the time and date you’d like your post to release, and then select your media, text and permissions.


If you are familiar with Instagram or Facebook stories, then Fansly stores are the same. They are small pieces of content that expire and disappear after a period of time.

To create a store, just head to your home page and click on the “stories” button.

How To Promote Your Fansly Account

Although you may be able to get a lot of people to subscribe to your account by posting great content and being active on the platform, to reach a larger audience, you will want to promote your page.

There are a number of places you can do that, here are our favorites:

Social Media

Social media platforms are is a great places to find and direct potential fans to your Fansly account. Of course, on these platforms, you will only be able to post non-sexual content but there are still numerous ways to entice fans to head to your Fansly website.


As Instagram is a visual platform, it is perfect for Fansly creators and a great way to find free followers quickly.

Use hashtags to find fans and make the tone of your promotional posts natural and chatty. The key is for people to know you are a real person that they can connect with.

Add your Fansly link in your bio so followers can check out your work.

As for content, teaser videos, stories and reels work really well on Instagram. Make sure to interact with other users too.


Twitter is probably the best online platform outside of Fansly itself when it comes to promotion. Post teasers and updates for your fans to encourage them to head to your profile page.


Reddit has many subsreddits that will allow you to promote your profile and get new followers.

Search reddit for subs that match the content you create and get involved. There are also Fansly specific subs that you can join to promote yourself.


Many Fansly creators also have a YouTube account where they cross promote their content.

You can add teaser videos to YouTube and then link to your account in the description of your videos for viewers to see your exclusive content. 

Bear in mind that depending on your content (no adult material allowed), you can make money on YouTube too.

Camming sites

If you have profiles on cam girl sites, entice your subscribers to check out your Fansly for exclusive content and extras.


TikTok is a great place to promote your Fansly account.

Create short videos or posts teasers to longer content so that your followers want to check it out.


You can gain a following on SnapChat by following other influencers and cross-promoting each other’s content to your fans.

How To Use Fansly Successfully

If you really want to make money on Fansly then follow the tips below for success! It will only be a matter of time before your fan base starts to grow along with your bank balance!

Be Personable

Show your fans that you are the real deal. Respond quickly to private messages and always include information about your daily life or passions. Make yourself as three-dimensional as possible to encourage followers to really feel a connection with you.

This will help you to stand out from the other creators on Fansly.

Remember that, although you are looking to make money through subscriptions, you need to be geniune with your fans and spend a lot of time nurturing your relationships with them.

Post Consistently

Posting daily is the key to growing your fanbase and making money as fast as possible.

Your profile page will show when you were last online and people tend to prefer active creators.

To keep things fresh post a variety of content such as videos, audio and photos. This will keep your fans interested and wanting more.

Keep your content exclusive

Make sure most of the content can only be seen on your Fansly page. Fans are subscribing so they should get content they can’t get anywhere else.

It is ok to post teasers or the odd photo on different sites for promotional purposes but make sure that the only option to see everything is to subscribe to your Fansly.

Use Promotions Wisely

One really good feature of Fansly is the option to gift a subscription. This is a fantastic way to get new subscribers to your page. All you have to do is offer a free or discounted first month and hope they like what you offer!

You can create gift links from your Creator Dashboard under Plans/Promos. Gift links can be used to send out discounted or free trial subscriptions to your fans and friends.

make money on Fansly