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How To Make Money On Pornhub in 2024

What does it take to make money on Pornhub?

Gone are the days when amateur porn was relegated to the “Reader’s Wives” columns of dirty magazines.

Now regular people are earning full-time incomes with their uploaded content on online adult sites. 

It’s never been easier to make money with video content in general and the porn industry has evolved into one of the most profitable places for amateurs to start making money. 

But how much can you really make on Pornhub and is it for you? What are the things you should consider before giving this adult income-making idea a whirl? 

If you are wondering how to make money on Pornhub and if it is really a viable opportunity, read on for all the details you need to know about creating the ultimate passive income stream. 

How to make money on Pornhub and other adult sites

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my Disclosure for more information. 

Before We Go Any Further

The post below talks about making money from adult content. This is obviously not for everybody and may not be something you are interested in.

That being said, it is a very viable way of making money in today’s online world and can be a safe way to make extra income if you take precautions. 

If you are not sure Pornhub is for you but want to check out some other options, make sure to read my posts on 11 Kinky Ways To Make Money Online. 

Many people enjoy making videos of themselves and want to profit from this.

Equally there are millions of people willing to pay for the privilege of watching said videos which is why this can be a lucrative way to create income for free. 

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If you are not interested in making money selling porn videos of yourself, I have many many  PG-13 ways of making money online on this site.

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Safety On Pornhub

If you do decide to give Pornhub a try, bear in mind that your safety should be a priority.

Don’t share your real name or location with anyone online and use a screen name that doesn’t not reveal anything about yourself. Create a new email address to use for your Pornhub and social media profiles. 

Only use apps such as Signal or Kik to chat to people. 

Also do not share your phone number with anyone as it can easily be looked up with a reverse search. 

The Pornhub model payment program offers a geoblocking feature. This means you can stop your content from being shown in certain countries or states which can help with anonymity. 

You should also watermark your videos so that cannot be stolen and uploaded on unauthorized sites. 

If you decide to create your own site to promote affiliate links (more on that later), make sure to pay for domain privacy so no one can look you up that way. 

Privacy is important online and even more so in the adult industry. 

What Is Pornhub?

I’m going to assume that if you are interested in learning how to make money on Pornhub then you have a rough idea of what it is. If not, then here are the Cole’s Notes. has been around since 2007 and is probably the most well known porn site online right now. 

Think of it as the Facebook/Myspace of adult entertainment.

It is kind of a porn based social networking site. 

How It Works

Users can make their own accounts and upload videos for people to watch and comment on.

There are professional actors as well as regular people uploading content for the World to see. 

Bear in mind that making money on Pornhub works exactly the same as any other money making idea on this site.

It takes work, perseverance and a bit of luck. You can’t just upload a home video and expect the cash to come rolling in. 

Just like with creating your own YouTube channel, in order to be really successful on Pornhub, you will need to build a following and attract fans. 

You can do this by creating and uploading quality content consistently and building a brand. 

Do I need to create porn to make money?

I know this may sound like a silly question but to be honest, you don’t need to make porn videos to make money. Animated parody videos do well as do solo videos. 

Do I need to pay to work on Pornhub?

Pornhub is completely free to join and upload content. Think of it like this, Pornhub makes money from YOUR content, why should you pay them? 

Even if you are making $40,000 a month from your Pornhub channel, you can bet that Pornhub is making a fair bit too, after all, that’s their business model. 

How To Make Money On Pornhub

There are a few ways to make money on Pornhub and funnily enough, they are not that different from how you make money on other content sites such as YouTube

You can earn an income on Pornhub in several different ways:

>>Selling Ad Revenue

>>People buying your videos

>>Creating custom videos

>>Tips from fans

>>Referring other people to Pornhub

>>Adding videos to Pornhub Premium

How to make money on Pornhub


Let’s take a look at each one of these options: 

1. Ad Revenue

You won’t get paid just for uploading a video to Pornhub but you can make advertising revenue when your video gets views. Pornhub gets around 3 billion visits a month traffic so you need to get eyes on your videos and then you can make money from ads put before your video plays. 

You can get paid when people:

  • View your video
  • Click on an ad

How much do ads pay?

Expect to make around 69 cents per 1000 views on free to watch videos. 

2. Video Sales

If you list your video on Modelhub, and someone pays to download it, you will keep 80% less 15% processing fee on all video sales. Modelhub is the sister company of Pornhub. 

Bear in mind that if you have the same video listed on Pornhub for free, people will be able to download it at no cost unless you specify it is for paid downloads only. 

3. Custom Videos

This is where you can really start to make money on Pornhub. Fulfilling custom requests from your fans and setting your own fees for the videos. 

If you create a fan base on Modelhub and you get requests for custom videos, you will get a 65% commission payment (80% – 15% processing fees). 

4. Tips and Fan Club 

You have probably realized that growing a following is the best way to earn an income on Pornhub. Fans are more likely to download your content, request custom work and may also send you tips. 

There is a feature on Modelhub called Fan Club that you can enable once you are a verified model.  You will keep 80% of the tips you get from your fans once your Fan Club is up and running. 

5. Referrals 

If you referral another model to Pornhub, you will get $50. Once you are a verified model, you will get a unique referral code to share. 

6. Pornhub Premium

Pornhub Premium is the subscription, ad-free arm of Pornhub.

If you add your paid videos to PH Premium, you will get be able to make much more money than on the free version.

Simply upload your for sale videos to Pornhub and click the “viewable on premium” box. 

The RPM on ads on Pornhub premium is around $40-45 per 1000 views versus the 69 cents on the free site. 

How Much Money Can I Make On Pornhub?


Now you know how to make money on Pornhub, let’s talk about income potential. Pornhub talks all over their website about people making $40,000 a month on the site but those results are likely not typical. 

On the free site, you make around $690 per 1m views your video gets a month so you would need to have a bunch of videos out there in order to really make a good income. 

Without a fan base and lots of views, your earnings are likely to be lower than $40,000 but once you grow a following and get some paid videos up, the sky is the limit. 

The key to put out good content that viewers like and get premium ad revenue on the subscription site.

Consistently putting out fresh content is key to boosting your ad income which in turn will grow your fan base and lead to money from custom videos and sales. 

Make Money With The Pornhub Model Payment Program

To get started with making money on Pornhub, it’s pretty easy. You need to join the Pornhub Model Payment program and become a verified model. 

How To Join The Pornhub Model Payment Program

  • Sign up for a free Pornhub account
  • Get verified by sending in a photo of yourself holding a sign with your username. 
  • Submit your model application with two valid forms of Government ID for you and any performers that feature in your videos in order to get paid.

Once you are set up, you can start uploading videos and making money.

How will I get paid on Pornhub? 

Once your balance reaches $100, you will be eligible for a payout.

You can choose one of the following methods of payment depending on where you live:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Paper Check
  • Paxum
  • Cosmo
  • CryptoCurrency

Tips For Making Money With Pornhub

Make money on Pornhub review

Review from Pornhub website

The trick to making good money on Pornhub is to be different.

You can’t compete with the same look and activity as every other of the literally millions of porn videos out there. 

If you do something that appeals to a subset of people who can’t get enough of what they want, you can build a fanbase who look forward to every video you put out and who will also pay for your premium content and custom videos. 

More Ways To Make Money With Pornhub

In addition to making money with the Modelhub Payment program outlined above, there are a few other ways to create your income stream on Pornhub: 

Affiliate links

I’ve talked about the opportunities with making money with affiliate marketing before and Pornhub is no exception. 

Affiliate links are essential referral links for recommended products to other people. If someone buys a product  or signs up for a service that you recommend, you will receive a cut of the sale.

How to make money with affiliate links on Pornhub

Making money on Pornhub with affiliate links is easy and could become a big earner for you. 

First of all, you want to set yourself up with a website. You can do this for very little money in just a few hours using WordPress. This tutorial will help you get started.

Try and choose a domain name that is similar to your Pornhub username and then add photos etc for your fans. 

You can then start recommending products and services that you love. 

Before anything else, you need to find some affiliate programs you want to promote. These could be adult toys, lingerie or other adult products that make sense for your viewers. 

How to find affiliate products to recommend? 

Lots of the big affiliate networks have adult products. I took a look at Shareasale as that is a great network for newbies and they have tons of different companies to promote. 

Join Shareasale for free and make commission for recommending WeVibe vibrators, dating sites and other adult products. 

To start promoting your products, watermark your videos and photos with your website URL and add it to the description of your videos. 

Patreon Donations 

Patreon is another way of creating a bit of income on Pornhub. It is used by a lot of podcasts and YouTubers and they do support 18+ content. 

People can either donate to your channel or sign up for a membership to get VIP access to content. 

If you want people to donate, you can add information in the description of your videos. For the membership plan, you can use your own website to promote VIP content or early access. 

How To Promote Your Pornhub Content

If you really want to create a solid income, don’t rely on Pornhub to market your videos to their viewers. You can promote your content and get people to your videos yourself:

  • Connect your social media profiles and autotweet your videos
  • Take part in social promotions with Pornhub
  • Grow your own website and promote it online 
  • Use Discord and Reddit to promote your content for free and direct people to your channel. 

Pornhub Partners 

Another way to make money is to share your content to other adult sites that are Pornhub partners. After all, if you have already made the video, why not get us many views as possible?

To get more ad revenue and build more fans, turn on auto-exports to YouPorn partners (Youporn, Redtube and Tube8). 

Other Sites Like Pornhub to Make Money

One great thing about adult porn sites is that they do not make you sign an exclusivity clause when uploading videos. This means that you can double dip. 

You can make money with Xvideo in much the same way as PornHub. Simply create an account, get verified and earn from ads on your videos. 

Pornhub partner YouPorn has its own content partner program that you can join too. 

If you have a large social media following, you can upload content to Onlyfans and make money from your subscribers. They estimate that someone with 10,000 social followers could make between $1-5,ooo with a $10 a month subscription program. 

An OnlyFans alternative site is Fansly which is super easy and free to use. 

Starting Your Own Porn Website

If you really want to create a name for yourself in the industry and want to maximize your profits, you can always start your own website. This means you will have full control over how much money you make and keep all revenue. 

Of course, starting your own site means you will either need to market yourself to build a solid base of fans and followers. You can do this on social media and other sites such as Fansly or Onlyfans. 

If you are interested in creating your own site, you can’t use any host as most won’t allow adult content. Check out this tutorial on how to start a porn site using an adult-friendly host. 

How To Make Money With Porn

How To Make Money With Porn: FAQS

Is it legal to sell adult videos online?

 The legality of selling adult videos online varies depending on where you live.

In some countries, it’s perfectly legal, while in others, it’s strictly prohibited.

In the US, for example, the laws around selling and distributing adult content are complex, but it is generally legal as long as all parties involved are over 18 and consent to the content.

However, it’s important to do your research and understand the laws in your area before getting involved in the adult industry.

Do I need expensive equipment to make adult videos?

You don’t necessarily need expensive equipment to make adult videos, but you will need some basic gear.

A good quality camera and lighting equipment can help ensure your videos look professional and high-quality.

You might also want to invest in a tripod, editing software, and sound equipment to improve the overall quality of your content.

That being said, it’s possible to make great videos with just a smartphone and some natural lighting.

How much money can I expect to make selling adult videos?

A: How much money you can make selling adult videos depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of your content, the size of your audience, and the platforms you use to sell your videos.

Some adult content creators make thousands of dollars per month, while others may only make a few hundred.

It’s important to set realistic expectations and be prepared to put in a lot of work to build a successful adult content business.

How do I promote my X-rated videos?

There are many ways to promote your adult videos, including social media, paid advertising, and networking with other adult content creators.

Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram can be great for building an audience and promoting content.

Networking with other adult content creators can help you build relationships and potentially collaborate on future projects.

Can I make money from Pornhub if I’m not comfortable showing my face?

Yes, it’s possible to make money selling adult videos without showing your face.

There is a market for all kinds of adult content, including videos featuring body parts or specific acts without showing faces. Y

You can also wear masks or use other methods to obscure your identity while still creating content.

How do I ensure my safety and privacy when making adult videos?

Safety and privacy are incredibly important in the adult industry.

If you’re planning on creating adult content, make sure you take steps to protect your identity and personal information.

This might include using a stage name, obscuring your face, and keeping your personal and professional lives separate.

You should also be careful about sharing personal information with fans and clients, and be wary of anyone who tries to pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable with.

Can I sell my adult videos on multiple platforms?

Yes, it’s possible to sell your adult videos on multiple platforms.

In fact, many adult content creators choose to sell their videos on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience and increase their earnings.

Just make sure you read the terms and conditions of each platform carefully to ensure you’re not violating any rules or regulations.

Final Thoughts on Making Money With PornHub 

While there is definitely money to be made with adult sites such as Pornhub, it isn’t for everyone. If you think you can just upload some homemade sex tapes and the money will come rolling in, you are mistaken.

To make money on the free Pornhub site, you need to have a bunch of videos making ad revenue and also a fanbase who will tip and download content.

The ideal is to have an amateur video go viral and be accepted on Pornhub premium as the income potential there is unlimited.


How to make money on pornhub

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, you might be surprised to know that the adult video industry is actually a pretty lucrative field. 

Aside from learning how to make money doing porn, there are other, less drastic ways you can earn a buck. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Become a webcam model

Another option is to become a camgirl. These girls chat live through video to their customers and get paid really well for it! 

You’ll need a webcam, a computer, and an internet connection, but other than that, there’s not much else you need.

You can sign up with camgirl sites start streaming your own live shows. Viewers can tip you for specific requests or just to show their appreciation.

Create and sell adult toys

If you’re more of an entrepreneur, you can sell adult toys.

There’s a huge market for all kinds of sex toys, and if you’re able to create something unique and high-quality, you could make some serious cash.

You can sell your products on your own website, through Amazon, or on sites like Etsy.

Start a blog or vlog

If you’re passionate about the adult industry and enjoy writing or creating videos, you can start a blog or vlog.

You can review adult products, interview industry professionals, or share your own experiences. Y

You can monetize your blog or vlog through ads, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing.

Become an affiliate

Speaking of affiliate marketing, you can also make money by promoting other people’s adult content.

You can sign up for affiliate programs through sites and earn a commission on any sales made through your unique referral link.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.

Of course, as with any industry, there are risks and potential pitfalls to be aware of.

Make sure you do your research and understand the laws and regulations in your area.

And as always, make sure you’re staying safe and looking out for your own well-being.

Good luck!

Non-Adult Ways To Make Money Online 

If you have decided against making money on Pornhub, don’t despair! There are tons of ways to make money online from the comfort of home that don’t involve getting naked: 

Get Paid To Chat Online and flirt for cash.

Start An Etsy Store and sell jewelry supplies or printables for cash

Start proofreading documents from home, no experience needed!