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Start A Gift Wrapping Business

This is the perfect time of year to start a gift-wrapping business. If you love wrapping gifts, it may seem strange to you that many people simply don’t have the time, patience, or expertise to wrap presents.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s a great time to make some extra money doing something you love.

What’s awesome about this side hustle is that the money from wrapping presents is great.

A gift wrapping business can be a great way to make money over the holidays. Start up costs are low and you can get going right away. 


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How To Start A Gift Wrapping Business

First of all, you need to hone your wrapping skills. Maybe you are already fantastic at wrapping presents that look like a work of art. If not, you can brush up your skills easily: 

Learn How to Wrap Gifts Beautifully

There are several good ways to learn how to wrap like a pro:

  1. Classes. This is perhaps the best way to learn. You’ll get immediate feedback and expert assistance. Search around for classes in your area or look online. 
  2. Free Online Videos. YouTube and a variety of other websites are full of instructional videos that will help you to perfect your gift-wrapping skills.

One of my favorite gift wrapping experts is Shiho Masuda. This professional gift wrapper has a ton of YouTube videos you can look at as well as a paid course. Check out this article from Wrappily that includes a free tutorial video. 

Market Your Gift Wrapping Business

Now is the time to start lining up clients. Many people might think they don’t need gift-wrapping services but will change their mind closer to the holidays when time is at a premium. 

Top Ways To Market Your Business:

Social media

Lots of people use these platforms, and you can find customers without spending a dime. Create accounts for your gift-wrapping service and post regular updates.

A Facebook page and an Instagram account are perfect for adding videos of your skills and also for promoting your services in groups and to friends. 

Craigslist or Kijiji

Nearly everyone searches on Craigslist when looking for something unique. Someone is sure to search for your services, and your ad will be waiting.

Local stores

While stores that already offer gift-wrapping services won’t be interested, most stores don’t have these services. Drop off a pile of business cards. You might even want to offer a commission on each customer the store sends your way.

Local businesses

Many businesses provide gifts to all employees. They also might need gift wrapping for their client gifts.  You could get a lot of business from one client by targeting local business such as realtors, accountants etc. 

Word of mouth and a little marketing can be enough to keep you busy this holiday season. Start letting people know of your new service. Put together a simple marketing plan and work your plan.


You can’t wrap presents with duct tape and trash bags and expect to get paid. You’ll need the right supplies to do the job correctly and professionally. Many of the necessary items can be found locally. You might have to order others online.

Wrapping Paper

You’ll need a wide variety of styles to accommodate all of your customers. A present for a 6-year old requires different paper than a gift from a boss to an employee.

  • Stock up on cartoon-themed paper or other paper suitable for children. Some children like reindeer and others like snowmen. A variety of children’s paper will make your parent customers happy.
  • You’ll also require wrapping paper more suitable for adults. Try to get a variety of plain and patterned paper. Your customers will enjoy having options.
  • It’s possible that you might be asked to wrap presents for weddings, birthdays, work gatherings, or New Year’s Eve parties. It might be worthwhile to have a few options for these types of events, too.
  • Look online for wholesalers. Nice wrapping paper can be quite expensive for a small quantity. You’ll earn more if your supplies cost less.

Tape, scissors, ribbons, bows, and name cards

Stick to the basics. Instead of carrying every color of ribbon and bow, stick to neutral colors or colors that complement many of your styles of wrapping paper.

You’ll save a lot of time and money. A variety of “to-from” tags will ensure that you have something suitable for everyone.

A Workspace

Ideally you would have your own craft area where you can wrap presents in peace and have everything you need close to hand. 

Some gift-wrappers will travel to the customer’s home and wrap there when requested, if you do this, consider charging an additional fee. 

Fortunately, with a gift wrapping business, you’ll need little more than a place to work, a few inexpensive supplies, and a telephone. There are few businesses that require less to get started.

So should you start a gift wrapping business?

A gift-wrapping service fits in perfectly with the holidays and can generate a great cash flow for the amount of time invested. Everyone has presents to wrap over the holidays and many people lack the time, skill, or interest to do it themselves.

Even if you’re all thumbs, you can still learn to wrap well enough to charge others for your services. Start practicing now!

Develop your client base. Let everyone know about your business before the holidays. Many people will be too busy to take notice later.

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