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How To Be A Sugar Baby Online

Have you ever thought about being a sugar baby? Maybe you have thought about it, but you are not sure how to approach the idea of being a sugar baby. In this post, we will teach you how to be a sugar baby online (or offline). 

Sugar baby is a popular term referring to a person who dates someone that is financially well off.

If you are looking to become a sugar baby, in this post I will share with you some tips and resources for you on how to become a sugar baby.

I’ll tell you how much money you can make and how to find success as an online sugar baby.

We will discuss how to get started as a sugar baby online and what you need to know about being a sugar baby.

How to be a sugar baby online

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What Is A Sugar Baby? 

You probably know the term sugar daddy but sugar baby is not as common. 

Sugar baby is a term used in the sugar daddy dating industry that denotes an attractive young woman who is supported financially by a sugar daddy or sugar momma.

In general, sugar baby is a term used to refer to a young, single woman who often dates a man who is significantly older, usually in his mid-to-late-40s or older.

Money or gifts are normally exchanged in this relationship. 

Many people have mixed feelings about sugar babies and sugar daddies.

Some people are against the phenomenon because it promotes an unequal relationship between a young woman and a wealthy older man.

Others may feel that sugar baby relationships can be empowering for both parties involved.

Whatever your feelings are about sugar baby relationships, it is important to understand the appeal of this phenomenon.

Although most sugar babies are young college students or single moms, there are women of all ages and from all walks of life who are participating in this growing trend.

Lots of people view sugaring as a simple business transaction.

Sugar daddies or mommies want companionship and intimacy and are willing to pay for it. 

Sugar babies need money and are willing to fulfil the needs of their sugar daddy in exchange for financial compensation. 

What Does A Sugar Baby Do?

While sugar daddy will often spend money on their sugar baby, it is important to note that a sugar baby is not a prostitute.

In fact, many sugar relationships do not involve sexual intimacy of any kind, while others are strictly online only.

The sugar baby gets to choose who she dates and can end the relationship if she so chooses.

Sugar babies are not looking for marriage, but some sugar babies do hope that their sugar daddy will help them pay for college or help them financially.

While sugar daddy relationships are not always sexual in nature, many sugar babies are in the relationship for the financial benefits.

10 Reasons Why Being A Sugar Baby Is Great

  • The relationship is not just physical, but also emotional and intellectual.
  • Experience something new : You get to try something you never thought you would.
  • The freedom to be yourself : You can be as weird and kinky as you want.
  • Make money : You will make money and have fun doing it!
  • Independence: You can choose who you see, when you see them, and what you do together.
  • You can explore your desires, fantasies, and curiosities.
  • Lots of sugar daddies act as mentors in their sugar baby’s career or college studies
  • Get the things you want, whether that’s a new car, a new wardrobe, or a new handbag.
  • You get to feel special and be treated well.
  • Security – you’ll never have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills again.
  • You can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle without having to work hard for it.

How Much Do Sugar Babies Make?

This is the most important thing that potential sugar babies want to know. After all, the whole point of sugaring is to make money! 

Sugar baby earning potential can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars a month.

In many countries, the average monthly allowance is around $3,500. In the US, sugar babies are paid an average of $2,000 a month.

Of course, what you earn as a sugar baby will depend on the agreement you make with your sugar daddy. 

When I asked about sugaring online, I got a bunch of responses, here is what some of the sugar babies said about making money:

“We aren’t intimate. I provide companionship, care to him and like his personal assistant. He has gifted me over 80k in the last 6 months, plus he has paid for plastic surgery on my boobs, given me my own credit card and a new car. He has added me to his will and stocks. I quit my job and am with him daily besides weekends. I recently traveled to Jamaica and Paris and heading to Italy in a couple weeks because of his love/support. Love this man and the world he has given me and my kids.”

“I’m sure it’s all different. I only gave mine companionship, nothing else. He paid my bills, bought me things, and left me money whenever he was visiting. It worked great for both of us. Then he started falling for me so I ended it.”

The Top Sugar Daddy Websites To Join

If you want to make money as a sugar baby online, it is important to join about sugar baby websites.

These websites offer a way for older men and younger women to find each other and start a mutually agreed upon relationship. 

As a sugar baby online, you will be asked for photos of you and a description of what you are looking for. Sugar daddies will contact you or you can initiate the conversation with them. 

If you don’t want to use sugar baby websites, you can simply choose to find an online sugar daddy on a regular dating website.

A few of my friends have had success this way. 

The Top Sugar Baby Apps

Sugar Daddy Meet –Wealth verification is what sets this sugar daddy app apart from the rest

Seeking Arrangement – One of the top sites and 100% free for sugar babies to join 

Sugar Daddy For Me Claims to be the World’s largest sugar daddy site

Sudy – This is an app only sugar daddy finder

Whats Your Price – Sugar babies set their own price on this website

Sugar Daddie – One of the oldest and most established sugar daddy sites

The Best Site to Meet A Sugar Daddy in 2023

In my opinion (and that of thousands of sugar babies), Sugar Daddy Meet is the best place to meet a bonafide sugar daddy.

Why is Sugar Daddy Meet the best site for Sugar babies?

As the #1 upscale sugar daddy dating site, Sugar Daddy Meet vets all potential daddies and only accepts applications from the top 20 richest countries.

As my grandma always says (hi gran!), go big or go home, right?

All sugar daddies with profiles on Sugar Daddy Meet have verified their photos and income so you won’t waste your time with posers or men wanting a quick hook up.

How Does Sugar Daddy Meet Work?

Sugar Daddy Meet works much like a regular online dating site.

Create a profile for free (men pay in order to communicate with sugar babies) and then you will be sent matches automatically with compatible men.

how to find a sugar daddy online

It only takes a few minutes to create a profile on Sugar Daddy Meet and you can start receiving matches in minutes. Just fill out some details such as your height and age then add a headline and a description about you and the kind of man you are looking for:

become a sugar baby online

Sugar Daddy Meet is really good for privacy. Your photo will only be shown to potential sugar daddies who you allow to see your private gallery.

Your public photo will be a disguised version of your profile photo so that it gives matches an idea of what you look like while maintaining your privacy.

SugarDaddymeet - meet wealthy sugar daddies and young beautiful sugar babies!

Once your profile has been set up, you will be able to browse potential sugar daddies and also receive messages and matches directly.

how to become a sugar baby online

Sign up for Sugar Daddy Meet Here

Dating Sites That Are Good For Meeting Sugar Daddies

The sites below are not strictly sugar daddy sites but they get great reviews from women who have found a sugar daddy there:

Luxy Dating App this app is for wealthy singles

Ashley Madison – This dating app is for attached people who want to have affairs but many sugar babies claim it is perfect for meeting sugar daddies with no strings attached.

How To Find A Sugar Daddy On Instagram

Instagram is rife with sugar daddy scammers but it can also be a great place to become a sugar baby for free.

If you are already on Instagram and are familiar with the platform, it might be the best place for you to start. 

Tips for finding a sugar daddy on Instagram

  1. Create a separate profile. You don’t want creepers seeing your life and you might not want your family seeing your sugaring. 
  2. Put your best foot forward. Choose attractive photos that show the things you like to do and portray your interests. 
  3. Follow potential sugar daddies and their hashtags. #golf, #investments etc are all good places to start. 
  4. DM potential sugar daddies – introduce yourself and explain what you are looking for. 
  5. Tag potential sugar daddies in your posts. They will get notified and you will be on their radar. 
  6. Fill in your bio appropriately. Say what you are looking for and even include your Cashapp. 
  7. Use the right sugar daddy hashtags to get found. Below are a few of the best:
How to find a sugar daddy on Instagram

Places To Meet A Sugar Daddy In Real Life

Although meeting a sugar daddy online is by far the most popular way to become a sugar baby, the following places got honorable mentions when I asked friends where they met their sugar daddy:

  • Golf Clubs
  • Yacht Clubs
  • Strip Clubs
  • Nursing Homes (I’m kidding)

How To Stay Safe As A Sugar Baby

One major issue with the sugar daddy industry is that a lot of catfish and scammers use it as a way to get women to talk to them. 

Most attractive women have received at least one scammer DM on Instagram or Facebook offering proposing a sugar daddy relationship. 

Bear in mind that most scammers will contact you without any initiation and offer you the World for no reason.

If it seems too good to be true, it normally is when it comes to sugar daddy catfish. 

One the websites, you also need to be careful of scammers and creepy men.

There are various safety precautions that you need to take into consideration before signing up to be a sugar baby.

  • Never reveal your last name, your address, or your school! Your safety is a priority, so avoid revealing your contact information until you have a trustworthy connection.
  • Never give out your bank card information. 
  • Meet potential sugar daddies in a public place.
  • Stop chatting with men who are too creepy or too pushy about meeting up. If you feel uncomfortable, abort. 

How To Be A Sugar Baby Online: FAQS

Can You Be A Sugar Baby Without Meeting The Sugar Daddy?

Lots of women wonder if it is possible to be a digital sugar baby and get paid just for chatting to their sugar daddy online. 

It’s definitely possible to be a sugar baby without meeting your sugar daddy although many sugar daddies will want to meet you at some point. 

If you want to be a sugar baby online only, then consider the following websites:

OnlyFans – this guide to making money on OnlyFans will help you get started on this lucrative online only site. 

Phrendly and other sites that will pay you to sext. 

Is there an age limit on being a sugar baby?

In most cases sugar babies are college students and young professionals under age of 30.

That being said, the main definition of a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship seems to be the age gap. 20-30 year age gaps are the norm and I do have friends in their late 30s and 40s who have sugar daddies who are 70+ years old. 

The main thing to remember is that you should not consider becoming a sugar baby if you are under 18. This is an adult arrangement only and most sites will not allow you to join if you are underage. 

How To Get A Sugar Daddy That Only Wants To Talk?

Let’s be honest, a sugar relationship works both ways.

You get cash and your sugar daddy gets something too, usually an intimate relationship with you.

But it is possible to find a sugar daddy that doesn’t want to meet?

The good news is that it is entirely possible to meet an amazing man who is willing to exchange his riches for your scintillating conversation.

Just sign up for the sugarbaby sites listed above and set expectations.

Bear in mind that sugar daddies are all individuals with their own desires and needs.

The key is finding someone whose wants align with yours. Good luck!

Become A Sugar Baby Online – Final Thoughts

So there you have it!

A sugar baby is a person who is willing to be a companion to an older, wealthier person in exchange for money, gifts, or other forms of compensation.

While there are some negative aspects of being a sugar baby, it should be a mutually beneficial relationship between two consenting adults. 

Meeting a sugar daddy online is a great way to explore new relationships and make money on the side.

You never know, you might just meet your Prince Charming!

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