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How To Sell Breast Milk For Money

You might think that starting to sell breast milk for money sounds strange, but for some women, it’s a solid way for them to get some extra cash from their excess milk.

Help other moms who can’t nurse their babies and make money while on maternity leave – it’s a win-win!

Find out how to sell your breast milk for money and why you might want to consider this side hustle.

If you’re healthy, an overproducer, and in need of some cash you can consider selling your oversupply. Plus selling your breastmilk is not just a sensible financial lifesaver; you might be able to save another young life in the process.

Selling your breast milk for money is a good way to contribute to society. You can donate the money you make from selling your breast milk or use it to buy things you need.

sell breastmilk for money

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How to sell your breast milk for money

Many woman want to learn how to sell their breast milk for different reasons.

For some, gives them some extra cash and ensures that the leftover milk doesn’t go to waste.

Others feel a draw to help other moms who might not be able to breastfeed. 

Is It Legal To Sell Your Breastmilk For Money?

There are currently no regulations in place for selling human breast milk.

Since the business largely remains unregulated, it’s not illegal but these means that anyone can advertise breastmilk for sale and likewise, anyone can buy it for any purpose. 

Who can sell their breast milk?

If you’re a breastfeeding mother who is overproducing, chances are you’ve thought about what to do with that excess milk. Selling it, either through a milk bank, through an online community, or in person, is a great way to make some extra.

There are a number of reasons why a mother might want to buy someone else’s breast milk: 

  • Many women simply cannot breastfeed and that’s ok but they may prefer to feed their child with breastmilk rather than formula. 
  • For other women, breastfeeding is just too painful and they are not able to continue. 
  • Supply issues can be another reason why a woman may need to stop breastfeeding. Even pumping regularly can diminish a milk supply after a while, which could cause a woman’s supply to eventually run out.
  • Some women have hectic jobs that make it hard to feed a baby.
  • Some conditions can prevent a baby from being able to breastfeed.

Bear in mind that, if they feed 8 to 10 times every day, a newborn would need 8 to 10 ounces of breastmilk.

Moms with multiple births (twins or more) may have supply issues and find they need donor or bought breast milk. 

If you want to sell your breast milk, it’s important that you know who can and cannot do so. The FDA recommends that mothers should be able to sell their breast milk if they choose, as long as it’s done through a certified milk bank.

If you can prove that you don’t drink alcohol, and follow a specific healthy diet, you might be able to ask for a higher price per ounce of milk.

You can also sell your breast milk to a company that makes milk powder for babies or formula.

What About Men Who Buy Breastmilk?

On some sites, especially Craigslist and similar, you may come across a lot of men who are interested in buying your breastmilk. 

These could be single dads and gay couples who need breastmilk for their babies. 

Some fitness enthusiasts want to drink breastmilk for its nutritional properties but there are also breast milk fetishists who are looking for breastmilk to fulfil a kink or fetish. 

If you are not interested in providing breastmilk to those men, you can make that clear on your ads by putting “No Adult Wet Nursing” and refusing to provide pictures or videos. 

How Much Money Can You Make By Selling Your Breastmilk?

Selling breast milk is a lucrative business.

It’s not illegal, but there are no regulations against which has created an industry where people can make money from others’ excesses like they would any other product or service on demand at their leisure.

According to, the best price for selling your stash of milk to other moms is $1/oz or less for bulk sales. 

selling your breastmilk for money

Tips For Selling Your Breast Milk For Cash

Before you start browsing ads or posting your own, near these things in mind:

The age of your baby makes a difference

Breast milk ads are categorized by age of baby, from zero to 2 months, 2-6 months and 6-12 months.

The composition of breast milk is different as the baby gets older so newborn breast milk is significantly different from the breast milk of a mom feeding a toddler. 

Men also want to buy breastmilk

If you are not ok with that, some websites will let you filter men out. Bodybuilders often want breastmilk for its amazing nutritional properties.

Breast milk must be handled correctly

A baby may get sick if breastmilk is not stored correctly and the milk is not in good condition. Read my tips below for storing and shipping your breastmilk safely. 

Get A Medical

Get blood-work done to rule out anything such as HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis and Human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV). Have an up-to-date copy of your results to show potential buyers. 

Provide documents showing your health history and any pertinent information. As an extra you could consider getting your doctor to provide a letter saying you are in good health. 

Pasteurize Your Breastmilk

Studies have shown that unpasteurized milk may have bacteria and providing pasteurized breastmilk will give you a huge advantage over other sellers. 

You can pasteurize your milk at home using this method.

Sell Your Breastmilk Safely

Never give out your personal info. Especially your address, phone number, and financial info. The easiest way to do this is to use a website for selling your milk such as the ones listed below. 

Make a new email just for buying or selling your breast milk so that you can stay anonymous. 

Create Great Ads

Consider your breastmilk ad as any other ad you might place online. Moms with babies are looking for other moms like themselves. 

Share photos of your stash and photos of you and your baby if you like (without faces if you prefer). 

Be personal in your ad and explain why you have this extra milk to sell to someone. Scammers abound so people want to make sure they are buying real breastmilk. 

Explain how you package and post your milk plus your health history. 

how to sell your breastmilk for money

Where To Sell Your Breast Milk For Money

If you are asking yourself, ok, I’m ready; “where can I sell my breastmilk?”, I’m going to give you the best options. 

There are a few main places to sell your breast milk for money, they fall into two broad categories:

Private Buyers

Craigslist, Facebook and other social networking sites are popular places for sellers and buyers of breast milk to connect. Be wary of scammers on these sites and do not accept checks, overpayments or wire transfers. 

Human Milk Banks

Human milk banks are undersupplied and prioritize premature babies. Some women find it easier and more altrustic to donate using Facebook, but experts warn of risks.


Hospital Intensive Care Units across America require 70 million ounces of breast milk yearly.  Preterm babies require breastmilk in order to thrive and develop properly. 

Breastmilk is important to babies’ development and many NICUs prefer to feed donated breastmilk rather than formula to newborns.

According to The Mother’s Milk Coop, hospitals pay as much as $15,000 for a one month supply of milk per baby in the NICU.


HM4HB is a worldwide community of Human Milk for Human Babies. Breast milk vendors can register on their web site.

 Only the Breast

Only The Breast is the top website for breast milk sellers. It basically works like Craigslist for breastmilk with thousands of sellers and buyers are anytime. 

Mothers can choose to sell in other categories, such as “selling locally” and “willing to sell to men.”

To create your own ad, just register for a free account with the Only The Breast.

You’ll need to determine ahead of time whether you want to sell locally or ship frozen breast milk

Human Milk Banking Association of North America

Although there are some milk banks who will pay you up to $1 an oz, most milk banks are looking for donors to donate their milk for free. 

The Mother’s Milk Cooperative

The Mothers Milk Cooperative is the only milk bank owned by nursing mothers. Mothers Milk Coop helps moms sell their milk or buy safe breastmilk although there is sometimes a waiting list to join. 

Donate or sell your milk to make sure that sick babies have access to donor milk.

How To Store and Ship Your Breast Milk

Unless you are selling to local buyers only, you will need to ship and store your breast milk. Most people sell frozen breastmilk as it can keep in a deep freeze for 6 months+. 

In addition to quality breast milk storage bags,  you will need a cooler to ship the breast milk in. 

You can get reasonably priced thick styrofoam coolers with at least 2-3 inches of insulation, so don’t forget this when purchasing your items. 

Dry ice is the gold standard for shipping any foods and especially breastmilk but there are many regulated against shipping it so make sure to do your research.

You also need to make sure that the dry ice does not touch your milk bags as it will make them explode. 

How to pack your milk in the cooler

  •  Line the bottom of your cooler with newspaper.
  • Place your milk bags on top.
  • Fill any empty space in the cooler with newspaper or packing peanuts.
  • Place a layer of newspaper on top of the milk, and place frozen gel packs, ice blocks or dry ice on the top of the newspaper 
Make sure to get a tracking number that you can provide to your buyer once the milk ships. 

How To Sell Breastmilk For Money – Final Thoughts

Breast milk is a precious commodity these days, and for good reason. It has been shown to be the healthiest option for feeding your baby and many women who are struggling to breastfeed are willing to buy donor milk. 

Selling your breastmilk provides an opportunity for much-needed income that you can use to buy things like diapers or formula for your baby while you are on maternity leave. 

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