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Get Paid To Type At Home

Have you been looking for a way to make money from home?  Do you have experience typing? If so, then you can get paid to type at home.

This article will show you how to get started including free courses you can take to give you an edge. 

It will also give tips on how to find companies and programs that can help with your search.

Get paid to type at home

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Can you get paid for typing fast?

If you have a background in typing or know someone who has, then there are many companies and freelancing jobs that can help with your search.

Some of these listings may require fast typer- though it is worth checking out the requirements for each listing to see if this requirement is met by any skillset you possess.

How can I earn money by typing at home?

To start with, you will need certain equipment as well as the ability to type fast. 

What Equipment will I need to get paid to type at home?

  • Fast typing skills or knowledge of someone who does.
  • A computer with a working keyboard and mouse (not trackpad).
  • Access to WiFi.
  • Headphones

What Kinds Of Jobs Will Pay You To Type From Home ?

Some of the jobs that will pay you to type from home include:

Data entry specialist

This job requires typing skills and knowledge in Excel or Microsoft Office.

Depending on your experience, it can be a full time position offered by companies like Amazon, Bank Of America and General Electric.

As an independent contractor with sites such as Upwork , you can work as a data entry specialist part time for companies such as Walgreens, National Bank of Canada and L’oreal.

Administrative assistant

This job requires good typing skills and strong organizational skills with attention to detail.

This position will also require excellent customer service abilities because the administrative assistant assists executive staff in their day to day duties.

Virtual Assistant

If you are organized, you can work as a Pinterest Manager or virtual assistant and type social media posts and emails for bloggers and brands. You can read my in depth guide about becoming a Pinterest Manager to learn more about this lucrative side hustle. 


For this job, you will need to be a fast typist as well as have knowledge of how to use special software.

This is an excellent position if you are looking for a career that does not require prior experience but still pays fairly well.

Companies such as Google and Apple offer transcriptionists positions where they hire independent contractors from Upwork.

Below I will take you through more on what you need to know to become a transcriptionist earning $50-80,000 a year.

What is transcribing?

Transcribing is the process of converting speech or other sounds into written form. Basically you will get paid to type audio that you listen to. 

You will need to have good typing skills and a working knowledge of English in order to be successful as a transcriptionist from home.

If you have the skillset for this position, then it can be a very profitable career. Companies such as Google and Apple offer transcriptionist positions where they hire independent contractors from Upwork.

Do you need special equipment to make money transcribing?

In addition to a computer and a headset to allow you to listen to the audio recordings, you will likely also need a foot pedal to help you to work faster. One hour of audio can take up to 5 hours to transcribe so speed is key. 

You will also need transcription software, the most popular is Express Scribe (there are free and pro versions).

Do I need training to become a transcriptionist?

Although you don’t necessarily need any formal training, having a qualification will set you apart from other candidates and help you build your typing business fast, especially if you want to get into transcription. 

Transcribe Anywhere is the most popular course for beginners who want self-paced online transcription training.

What do you learn in  the Transcribe Anywhere course?

There are actually two courses available -general transcription and legal transcription.  Legal transcription is an especially sought after skill. The earning potential is also slightly higher than for general transcriptionists but the training is longer. 

Legal transcriptionist need the same skills as a general transcriptionist with the added knowledge of legal terminology and documentation.

What you will learn in the general transcription course:

  • where to get the best deal on transcription equipment 
  • how to use text expanders and shortcut keys 
  • transcription style guide plus downloadable templates 
  • screencast tutorial videos on software, time coding, and more
  • how to find work as an employee 
  • how to find higher-paying work as an independent contractor
  • Seven levels of practice dictations (and answer keys for each)
  • lifetime access to all course material and future updates
  • lifetime access to a student support forum on Facebook

You can read more about the Transcribe Anywhere courses here.

Are there any free courses online?

Transcribe Anywhere does offer two free mini courses to give you an idea of what to expect.

You can access the general transcription mini course and the free legal transcription training at the Transcribe Anywhere website

Tips for Jobs To Get Paid To Type At Home

  • Search for companies that offer typing jobs from your location.
  • Check out the requirements of each job listing and see if you meet any necessary skillsets
  • Search for “typing” in job listings from your location. -Check out the requirements of each listing and see if you meet any necessary skillsets.
  • Some good places to search are: oDesk, Monster, Indeed, Career
  • You can find freelance jobs on sites like Fiverr, FlexJobs, Craigslist, etc.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk is a site that connects people with tasks to be completed for small amounts of money (usually around $0.25-$0.30 per task). Tasks can include transcribing audio files, taking surveys or writing blog posts like this one!
  • UpWork is able to offer competitive wages because they have access to tens of thousands of freelancers with skillsets that are rare on other sites such as typing and data entry work. This can mean higher pay rates than any type of freelance work you can find online.

Get Paid To Type At Home – Final Thoughts

If you are a fast typer and want to work from home, you could do worse than to start your own freelance career as a transcriptionist or virtual assistant. 

Although you might not make money right away, this is a side hustle that has huge earning potential and very flexible hours. 

The key is to take the free courses on offer and to apply for as many typing jobs as possible to gain experience as you build your business. 

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