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Selling Vinyl Decals On Etsy: The Ultimate Guide

 Selling vinyl decals on Etsy is a great craft that can make you a lot of money.

Whether you’re selling designs that you create yourself or commissioning others to create custom decals for you, there are a lot of ways to make money from this popular form of art.

You can also sell vinyl decals as part of a business venture, or use them as fundraising tools for your nonprofit organization.

Vinyl decals are a popular craft on Etsy, and they make great money.

You can sell vinyl decals in a variety of ways, such as using custom designs or creating your own designs.

Vinyl decals are easy to make and can be customized to fit your needs.

 If you love vinyl, and love making money, then selling decals on Etsy is a great side hustle for you. 

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What Are Vinyl Decals? 

Vinyl decals are a great way to add some personality to your car, laptop, or other surface.

They are made from a durable vinyl material and can be cut into any shape or size.

They are also easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any residue behind.

What Kinds of Vinyl Decals Can You Make?

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to making and selling vinyl stickers.

Vinyl decals can be put anywhere and all kinds of sticker designs are popular right now.  

Here are some of the places that people like to use vinyl decals:

  • Car bumpers
  • Helmets
  • Skateboards
  • Laptops
  • Water bottles and tumblers
  • Party Favors
  • Free company swag to promote brand recognition

Top Selling Vinyl Decals

Here are the top selling types of decal you can make and sell on Etsy:

  1. Bumper Stickers
  2. Laptop decals
  3. Wall decals
  4. Mailbox decal
  5. Window decal
  6. Car window decal
  7. Name decal
  8. Water bottle decal
  9. Pokemon decal
  10. Decals for tumblers

How To Decide What Vinyl Decals To Make

selling vinyl decals on Etsy
One way to really improve your chances of success on Etsy is to niche down when it comes to the type of vinyl decals you sell.

You will need to do some market research to see what types of decals sell well and make the most money. 

Here are some ways to find out what vinyl stickers sell well: 

Check out Etsy

First of all, spend some time on Etsy and search for vinyl decals. 

Look at the listings on the top of the search results (below the sponsored ads) and take some time to look at the shops that have the most reviews. 

What kinds of decals are they selling?

How much are they selling them for? 

How many products do they have in their shop?

Use An Etsy Keyword Tool

Once you have got familiar with Etsy shops that sell vinyl items, use an Etsy keyword tool to go more in depth with your research. 

There are quite a few keyword tools out there, my personal favorite is Sale Samurai.

You can get a free 3 day trial to check it out. 

If you want to see how to use this tool to find the best selling vinyl decals on Etsy, read my Sales Samurai tutorial and watch my video here. 

Sales Samurai will give you information such as:

  • The top selling stickers on Etsy
  • The average selling price
  • Tags and keywords to use in your Etsy listings

Here is are some of the top results based on Etsy search volumes when I search for the keyword “vinyl decal”

  • Corgi decal
  • LV vinyl decal
  • LOL vinyl decals
  • pig vinyl decal
  • LSU vinyl decal
  • DND Vinyl decal

How To Start Your Own Vinyl Decal Business from Home

The great thing about selling vinyl decals is that you don’t need much money initially.

Start-up costs are low and you can get going pretty quickly.

It’s possible to make money selling vinyl decals by either online or in-person at craft fairs and bazaars. 

Decals can be made from pretty much anything, making them perfect for customization and creativity.

Once you have learned how to make your vinyl stickers, you can scale your business up as much as you want. 

What is the process of making vinyl decals? 

Vinyl decals are a great way to personalize your belongings or to promote a business.

They are easy to make and can be created in any shape or size.

The process of making vinyl decals is simple and can be completed in a few easy steps.

What do I need to start a decal business?

In order to start a vinyl decal business, you need supplies such as:

You will also need other supplies for your business such as mugs, water bottles or wall hangings if you plan on selling finished products and not just vinyl stickers. 

Other things to consider are shipping materials such as bubble mailers and tape. 

What Is a Vinyl Cutting Machine?

Vinyl cutters are used to cut vinyl into shapes.

They made the process of creating vinyl decals really easy and quick compared with doing the work manually. 

A vinyl cutter translates designs from an art program and cuts them on a sheet of vinyl.

The most popular machines are the Silhouette Cameo 4, Cricut Maker, and the Cricut Explore Air 2 .

These all offer a low price tag and are perfect for Etsy sellers. 

How to design your own vinyl decal? 

You can skip designing your own stickers if you purchase a ready-made SVG template from websites like Creative Market or Creative Fabrica.

When it comes to making your own vinyl decals, there are a few things you’ll need to know before getting started. 

You’ll need to purchase special design software such as CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or  CorelDRAW Technical Suite.

You can also use a program such as Adobe Illustrator. 

How to Print Vinyl Stickers

Printing stickers at home is more labor intensive, but cheaper in the long run so it is a good idea to start printing at home until your Etsy sticker business takes off. 

If you want to outsource the printing, some popular online printing services for stickers include GotPrint and Sticker Ninja.

Websites like these specialize in printing stickers, which are perfect for vinyl sticker applications.

Selling Vinyl Decals On Etsy: Setting Up Your Shop

It is free to open up your Etsy sticker shop and only takes a few minutes. 

First, you will need to create a profile on Etsy. If you don’t already have an Etsy account, you will need to open one. 

Opening Your Etsy Shop

Then, you can click on the “sell on Etsy” label under your profile to open your online store. 

Here is where you will fill out all the information about your shop, such as its name, location, and what products you sell.

You will also need to upload at least one product listing in order to open your shop. 

Pick a business name that describes what you are selling and add a business logo to build your brand.

You can also add a cover photo or banner to your Etsy shop. 

Next, you will need to create a listing for each of your products. This will include the price, description, and dimensions of the decal.

You will also need to specify the color and whether it is matte or glossy.

Finally, you will need to decide on a shipping method. You can choose to ship your decals by mail or by courier. 

Etsy Fees

It is free to open an Etsy shop, but there are fees. To learn more about the fees that come with opening an Etsy store, visit Etsy Fees And Policies .

Etsy charges a number of fees, including taxes and listing fees – bank on paying 20 cents per listing that you add to Etsy plus a transaction fee of per sale that you make. 

If you open your Etsy shop using this special link, you will get 40 free listings to start you off. 

It’s possible to open an Etsy shop without paying these fees by setting up your own website instead. Although you won’t have access to Etsy’s audience, it can be a good way to save money on fees. 

Here is a tutorial to show you how to create your own website to sell your vinyl stickers. 

Marketing your vinyl decals: creating a listing that sells

If you’re looking to start or grow your vinyl decal business, then you know that marketing is key.

But what’s the best way to market your vinyl decals? 

To start, it’s important to do your research and target the right audience. 

Think about who would be most interested in your product and what kind of language will resonate with them.

Next, use high-quality images to showcase your work. 

Make sure to show off all the different angles of your decals so potential buyers can get a good sense of what they’re buying.

Then, write a catchy title and description that will grab people’s attention.

Be sure to list all of the details of your product, including size, color, and material. 

To get your own sticker shop seen in the Etsy shop, you will want to work on your Etsy SEO. To learn how to do this, download my free Etsy SEO checklist below:

Promote Items On Social Media

Social media is a good way to drive traffic and make sales for your Etsy shop.

Although you can pay for Etsy ads, I find that promoting your shop on social media is much more effective and cheaper! 

Even if you don’t have a large social media presence now, it is worth creating accounts on the major platforms so you can promote your small business to as many people as possible. 

Facebook and Instagram are good platforms for vinyl crafts, but ensure that you take the time to capture excellent photos of your creations for the best results.

Use social media to promote your products when they are initially listed and continually tell people about them in the future.

Make sure to constantly promote your best selling items, unique stickers that you sell and any appearances you are making in the local community such as at craft shows or farmers markets. 

Pinterest is a great place to drive sales, you can use a program such as PicMonkey to create pin sized images to put on Pinterest.

Add your Etsy shop URL to drive traffic directly to your products. 

Shipping And Packaging Vinyl Decals: Ensuring They Arrive Safely

In order to ship physical stickers safely, it is important to use the correct packaging.

Packaging is as important as product quality and taking care to mail your final product properly will avoid complaints and refund requests. 

Remember, it’s cheaper to spend a little more on shipping than refund, send a new order, or receive bad reviews.

First off, pack stickers in cello bags to prevent any water damage and wrap them in tissue paper. 

Then you can put them in a mailer. 

Bubble wrap or foam peanuts work well to protect the decals from being damaged in transit.

The decals should also be placed in a rigid paperboard mailer so they do not get bent or creased.

Stickers can be shipped with regular postage and if the package is well-made, the risk of damage or breakage is minimized.

Make sure to include a thank you note or a business card in with your stickers.

A lot of Etsy sellers include a note with a discount code to encourage repeat purchases. 

For your shipping label, you can print them out at home to save time and money at the Post Office. 

Tips For Making More Money Selling Vinyl Decals On Etsy

Sell Sticker Packs

A great way to make more money selling your vinyl decals on Etsy is to sell bundles of stickers, known as sticker packs.

Sticker sheets are a quick and easy way to make more money by offering your buyers a discount if they purchase 3 or more stickers in a bundle.

Although you might have made more money selling each sticker individually, customers like a bargain and are more likely to buy a bundle for a higher price. 

Another way to make money and to shift stock that isn’t selling is to offer “mystery bundles” of stickers for a great low price.

Everyone loves a surprise grab bag and you will be amazed at how quickly these sell. 

Ship For Free

I have for you to make money with your online business is to offer free shipping to potential customers.

Most of the shop owners on who sell stickers offer free delivery as a way to entice buyers to their listings. 

Offer Custom Listings

Another way to make more money is to offer to create a custom design upon request.

A lot of people have something in mind but can’t make it themselves.

If you can offer custom work, you are sure to make sales and you can charge more money too. 

Sell Other Types Of Sticker

If you really want to grow your Etsy business, consider selling more than vinyl decals.

The obvious thing to sell is stickers, whether physical or digital stickers.

You can sell planner stickers, sticker sheets and all kinds of items on Etsy and they sell really well.

Plus the process is similar to selling decals which makes it even easier to get started. 

To learn more about selling stickers on Etsy, I highly recommend you sign up for the FREE Masterclass on Creating Stickers That Sell by Superstar Etsy seller, Mim Jenkinson.

In this 60-minute free class, you’ll learn the 3-step method to creating stickers that sell and stand out on Etsy and make money from home.

You will will also find out:

  • The 3 BIG mistakes new sticker makers and shop owners make that you must avoid

  • The essential tools and equipment you need to get started

  • How to stand out from the crowd and be successful

    The quickest way to get started with selling stickers!

(PLUS you’ll get a free gift (a sticker making starter kit – just for watching the class!)

Sign up for the free sticker class here

Sell Other Vinyl Products

Another way to expand your business is to sell other products made with your Cricut machine. Think tumblers, t-shirts and even things like wedding favors. 

Here is a list of 11 Most Profitable Cricut Business Ideas to get you started. 

Selling Vinyl Decals On Etsy – FAQs

How much can you make selling vinyl decals on Etsy?

The amount of money you make selling decals depends on how much time and effort you put into your Etsy shop.

There are Etsy sellers who are making over $2000 a month selling their vinyl stickers and other products using a Cricut machine. 

Vinyl decals are cheap to create compared to many other products, so there is a large profit margin to be made if you keep your shipping costs low. 

Selling a variety of sticker types and adding new sticker pack listings frequently is one of the best ways to boost your profit margins. 

Is a vinyl decal business profitable?

Starting your own vinyl decal business can be a great way to make money without spending too much on upfront costs.

The profit margin can be as much as 70% depending on the type of decal you make and how much you sell them for. 

Conclusion: the benefits of selling vinyl decals on Etsy

In recent years, vinyl decals have become a popular way to decorate and personalize everything from laptops and phones to cars and bikes.

And thanks to the ever-growing popularity of Etsy, it’s now easier than ever to find unique and stylish vinyl decals for sale.

If you are looking for a great side hustle and are creative enough to come up with unique designs that sell well, you can make a lot of money with an online shop on Etsy. 

how to make money selling vinyl decals on Etsy