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11 Most Profitable Cricut Business Ideas For 2024

 Let’s face it, there’s only so many crafts your house can hold so it makes sense to start a Cricut business and sell your extra crafts at a profit. 

If you love crafts, then no doubt you have jumped on the Cricut wagon already but if not, it is something to consider if you want to crafts to sell or give as gifts.

I have a friend who bought a Cricut machine before Christmas last year and started making personalized ornaments.

She sold them on Facebook Marketplace for $10 a pop  and was making a $9.50 profit with each one!

The effort to profit ratio with this Cricut business was insane. And that’s just one example. 

If you are interested in putting your Cricut to good use then read on for the 10 most profitable Cricut business projects to make and sell for a profit. 

cricut business ideas

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How To Make Money With A Cricut Maker

The easiest way to make money with your Cricut is by selling Cricut projects on Etsy or in local Facebook groups. Take some time to research what’s out there and then find your niche. 

Although seasonal crafts are super hot, you may want to choose something more evergreen so that you can attract business all year instead of just a few months a year. 

Repurposing your seasonal projects for different holidays is a great way to drive business year round. 

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How To Find The Most Profitable Cricut Business Ideas

The Cricut crafts that make the most money aren’t necessarily the ones that sell for the most money. 

In choosing which crafts to make and sell, you need to consider a few things, especially if you plan on listing your items on a site like Etsy. 

1. Cost of Materials

Materials are your most costly expense and should be factored into your price. Low quality materials will get complaints and customers who don’t return. Too expensive and you won’t be able to price your items competitively. 

Materials You May Need Include:

Vinyl – You will need different types of vinyl for mugs, signs, window stickers and ornaments. 

Iron-on (HTV) T Iron-on comes in many different styles from glitter to foil. This is what you will use for T-shirts, hats and anything on fabric. 

Infusible Ink This is a special product which uses heat to give you professional looking results on t-shirts and other fabrics. 

Cricut Tools – This is one time purchase and I recommend getting a tool kit such as this one that contains everything you need from spatulas to a weeder. 

There are tons of other products you might need, depending on what you are making. You may need fabric, leather, a Brightpad and more. 

SVG Files – SVG templates are what you will use to make your designs. You can buy them on sites The Hungry Jpeg or Creative Fabrica.

It’s worth  checking out those sites because they have weekly freebies and you can get a ton of templates at no cost to get you started. 

2. Crafting Time

It may seem crazy but the time it takes you to make one craft is really important. Think of it as your hourly rate.

For example, let’s say you can knock out 5 Christmas ornaments an hour and sell them for $10 each, you are making $50 an hour before expenses. 

If making an elaborate bag takes 1 hour to make but sells for $25 then your hourly rate cut in half. 

If you are serious about starting a profitable Cricut business then you need to factor in the time it will take to make each item. This is extremely important when selling Cricut projects on Etsy because you want to be able to ship out items ASAP so your time from order to shipping needs to be minimal. 

You can try to have an inventory of projects ready to ship which will solve this issue but will mean that you cannot offer personalization. 

3. Listing and Transaction Fees

While listing and selling on Facebook Marketplace is free, other sites cost money which can eat into your profitability. 

Etsy charges $0.20 per listing every 4 months. You will also be charged a 6% transaction fee cost every time you sell something. 

That being said, Etsy is still a really good way to reach a wide audience and build your business quickly. 

*** If you open your Etsy Shop using this link, you will get 40 free listings to start you off***

4. Shipping and Packaging Costs

Although you can charge a separate shipping fee on Etsy, the truth is, people are attracted to free shipping.

You are more likely to get the sale if you offer free delivery but charge $2 more than your competitor.

It seems crazy but that’s how human psychology works!

If your items are very lightweight and small then shipping won’t break the bank but heavy items can really start to eat into your bottom line if you are not careful. Also be watch out for international orders that will cost a lot to ship. 

5. Seasonality

I mentioned this above but it is worth bringing up again. Make sure that you research your niche and choose Cricut projects to sell that are evergreen or that are highly profitable during a season. 

Repurposing a project is a great way to keep the money coming in all year. For example, personalized Christmas stockings can become personalized Easter basket liners in the spring. 

6. Potential Business Income 

There is no point in making a ton of crafts and then finding out there is no market for them.

Before launching your business, make sure to check that people are actually searching for what you are selling. One way to see what is selling well is to check out sites such as erank.

This is a free tool that will let you search certain keywords and see how popular they are on Etsy, Google and Pinterest amongst others. 

Here are my search results for Personalized Mugs which are a popular Cricut craft. 

Cricut business ideas on erank


10 Cricut Business Projects To Sell For A Profit

1. Wedding Decor 

Wedding items are by far the most popular on Etsy. There are so many items for nuptials that you can make with your Cricut that this is a niche all to itself. 

Consider the following wedding items that you can make and sell with your Cricut:

2. Stickers and decals

Stickers and vinyl decals are perfect for making and selling with your Cricut as they are easy and inexpensive to ship. 

People use stickers for businesses, wall decor, cars, parties and events and more.

If you are going to just focus on one Cricut business idea, then stickers is probably your easiest path to profitability. 

Get more information about making stickers to sell on Etsy here. 


3. Mugs and tumblers

Mugs and tumblers with cute, witty sayings are another thing that sells really well, at any time of year.

People look for nice mugs for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas and even new mom gifts. 

Shipping these items can get tricky so you would need to invest in suitable packing supplies if you are planning on selling online. 


4. T-shirts and Clothing 

T-shirts are really popular gift ideas to make with Cricut makers. I have seen them for graduations, Father’s day as well as movie and TV show themed TV-shirts and hoodies. 

This is an evergreen craft that you can create a whole business around. 

All you need are plain coloured T-shirts, your Cricut and infusible ink for the best looks. 


5. Felt Flowers and Succulents

These are hugely popular and surprisingly easy to make with your Cricut. They look beautiful and are eco friendly.

You can find a ton of free SVG files for felt flowers on Google. 

You can sell individual flowers or make bouquets and arrangements for parties and events. 

Here is a tutorial for felt succulents along with other Cricut crafts to make and sell. 


6. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts 

Another huge Cricut business idea!

In fact bridal party gifts may be even more profitable than wedding decor – most brides need to order multiples of each gift for their bridesmaids instead of just one card box so you can get more sales.

7. Nursery Decor

It’s really easy to create beautiful artwork like these HTV milestone baby blocks with your Cricut. Offering personalized items for babies will help really boost your sales in this niche. 

8. Personalized Wine Glasses

This is just one of the many ways you can get paid to drink wine!

You could create a whole business just selling personalized wine glasses online. Or you could niche down and just sell wine glasses for weddings or groomsmen or anything really. 

Buy good quality wine glasses and get some cute SVG files and away you go with these popular Cricut items to sell online. 

9. Wooden Signs 

A quick search for Pinterest Cricut ideas quickly comes up with tons of handmade wood projects that sell.

You have probably seen the popular Welcome signs around but there are lots of other options for signs that you can make and sell with your Cricut.


10. Baby Items 

Who doesn’t love handmade baby items? 

There are lots of DIY Cricut projects that you can make for baby shower gifts.

Onesies, personalized pacifers and diaper bags are all really popular crafts to sell for a profit. 

11. Greeting Cards

Laser cut greeting cards and invitations are another really profitable craft to sell.

It is entirely possible to start a home based greeting card business  and sell nothing more than cards online.

The great thing about selling cards online is that the shipping costs are extremely low. 

Final Thoughts on Cricut Business Projects To Sell

If you love crafting with your Cricut and need some extra cash, you have an easy to start business with very little overhead or expenses.

‘The best way to make money with your Cricut crafts is to pick a niche and perfect it. Whether it be weddings or baby gear, there are tons of different items you can make and sell. 

I like to search Pinterest for Cricut ideas for different events and niches, you will be surprised at how many inspirational ideas there are. 

If you want even more Cricut crafts, make sure to check out this list of 15+ Cricut Maker Projects To Sell.

Remember that you can combine your Cricut business with an Etsy Printables Business to really grow your earning income. 

Use good quality materials and provide amazing customer service to your buyers. 

Read up on the Etsy store tips posted below so you know how to market your Etsy store for maximum exposure. 

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