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How To Become A Stella & Dot Stylist

If you love fashion and want to work from home, become a Stella & Dot stylist and make money promoting products you wear yourself!

Stella & Dot Jewelry is really popular at the moment and with good reason – not only is it gorgeous, on trend and modern, it’s also affordable for the average woman.

I have a friend who has been selling Stella and Dot for over 7 years and she has been able to establish herself as the go-to fashionista in our group of moms. Plus she makes an income for her family while having flexible hours to spend with the kids. 

If you are interested in jewelry, fashion and like talking to people, you can become a Stella and Dot stylist and start getting paid to do what you love, here’s how; 

become a stella and dot ambassador

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All About Stella And Dot

Stella and Dot is one of the biggest sellers of mid-price costume jewelry in the US and Canada.

The products are extremely popular with millennial women who want to look stylish but have outgrown the cheap store brands.

Although Stella & Dot Jewelry is the most well-known product, they also sell bags and clothing.


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Where did the name Stella and Dot come from?

Stella & Dot is a cute name for a brand and it actually means something too!

The two founders of the company, Blythe Harris and Jessica Herrin, named the company after their grandmothers.

In fact, Stella and Dot, may be the ultimate side hustle for moms who want to stay at home with their kids –  Jessica, started the company as her own side hustle when she was pregnant with her first child at age 24. 

She worked full time at Dell until the company was established.

The company is now a profitable business making more than $300million in annual revenue.  Many women have been able to create a successful side business thanks to the company. 

What is a Stella & Dot Stylist?

As a Stella & Dot Ambassador or stylist you will have your own supply of jewelry and accessories to showcase at home parties and fairs that you attend (called trunk shows in Stella & Dot lingo).

You will have samples of the products to show your customers at the shows so they can choose what they want.

I have a few friends who are stylists and they normally host the parties in the evenings. They also have stalls at community events and craft sales and do online flash sales on their Stella and Dot Facebook pages.

You will also have your own shoppable website and mobile app Mimi that will be your personal assistant. Clients can buy directly on your website or make an order through you. 

In addition to promoting and selling the Stella and Dot line, you will also be able to sell the other company brands,  KEEP Collective, and EVER Skincare.

How it works

You will take orders from customers and deliver the products to them when they come in. Hosting parties is a popular way to show off the products.

Stylists also wear the jewelry as much as possible so that customers can see what they look like.

In addition to working face to face, most ambassadors have their own Facebook pages or groups where they keep fans informed of upcoming sales and special offers.

Instagram and TikTok are also great places to promote the Stella and Dot line and keep in touch with customers. 

Who Sells Stella And Dot?

Anyone can become a Stella and Dot Stylist from home. 

You need to have a flair for fashion and know how to accessorize. You want to be outgoing and interested in helping customers choose the right products for their look. 

Lots of Stella and Dot ambassadors are moms as it is a great way for stay at home moms to make money on the side. 

How much do Stella & Dot Stylists make?

This is the big one so I did some digging to get the information.

First of all, know that working at Stella & Dot really means you are an independent contractor.

You are not an employee of the company in the traditional sense but instead you sign an agreement to represent them and are then paid a percentage of everything you sell. You won’t get benefits or a retirement plan as you are self-employed. 

Commission starts at 25% and can go up to 35% of products sold.

There are also opportunities for bonuses and promotions along the way. Making $500-$1000 a month is doable for a busy Stylist who attends vendor fairs and works her social media.

Here is what the 2019 income disclosure reports (this is available on the Stella and Dot website for anyone to see). 

how much do stella and dot stylists make?

The key to how much you make really depends on how much effort you put in to growing your business. 

Make the most of Facebook and Instagram to promote the products as they are trendy and really popular with women in their 20-40s.

My friends who are really successful have their own Facebook pages and are always posting specials and new arrivals for their fans. Keep your social media active so you have engaged followers. 

Perks of being a Stella and Dot Ambassador

  • 20-40% commission, paid weekly
  • Share what you love: style, accessories, skincare
  • One link. One shop.
  • Flexible—work from anywhere
  • Empower yourself & empower others
  • Generous Ambassador discounts

How can I become a Stella & Dot Stylist?

It’s pretty easy to get up and running with your own Stella and Dot home business. 

As you really need to have product to show your potential clients, the first thing you need to do is get your hands on a Stella & Dot Starter Kit.

There are a few different starter kits available, depending on how much product you want to start off with.

The most cost-effective way is with the Starter Kit.

The Ambassador Starter Kit regularly costs $199 and comes with $350 worth of products plus other benefits and access to the Stella & Dot stylist lounge (the private section of the Stella & Dot website).

The Starter Kit includes:

  • Access to your personal website
  • Stella and Dot mobile App – Mimi (your personal digital assistant)
  • Community and online learning.
  • S&D Lookbook
  • EVER Beauty Guide
  • New Ambassador 10 Steps to Success
  • You will also receive 25% off all S&D products.

How much does it cost to become a Stella and Dot Ambassador?

To become an Ambassador, the only thing you need to do is purchase the Starter Kit for $59 USD/ $69 CAD. That is the only investment you need to make to get started as a Stella and Dot Stylist. 

How do I become a Stella & Dot stylist?

The sign-up process takes you through everything you need to know to get your business started, including the Stella and Dot training you will need to get going with a successful business.

There is also an active mentoring program available plus local coaching events in person and via Facebook. 

Become a Stella & Dot Ambassador Today! 

More about the Stella and Dot Training

The online training platform S&D University will take you through online lessons so you know exactly how to make your business a success.

Online training modules include:

New Ambassador Welcome

Our best advice for you!- 10 min welcome

10 Steps to Launch Checklist– 10 min course

Virtual Shopping Event– 12 min course


EVER Product Line 101: 15 min course

Sales 101: 15 min course


  • Fashion Jewelry 101: 10 min course
  • Sales 101.: 15 min course
  • Personalized Jewelry 101: 10 min course
  • Bags 101: 5 min cours
  • Fine Jewelry: 5 min course

Virtual Sales Events– 20 min course

Learn how to have a Successful Online Facebook Event. Plus, Access Event Templates by Product Category

Pop Up Shops / Trunk Shows & More!

Final thoughts on being a Stella and Dot stylist

What makes Stella & Dot different?

There are few things that I really like about Stella & Dot as legitimate work at home job for moms:

  • You don’t need to hold any inventory so you are not forced to keep buying in order to make money
  • It’s not a pyramid scheme – there are no monthly minimums, no quotas and no territories. 
  • You don’t need sales experience or a qualification in fashion
  • Free returns and exchanges (I’m not a fan of companies that make their reps pay out of pocket for returns).
  • You get a ready-made link for shopping and a modern app with a great user interface
  • The products are easy to sell
  • They give back. There are lots of promotions that involve giving back to charity. 
  • Its the perfect side hustle for stay at home moms

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Become a Stella and Dot stylist