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How To Make Money Growing Plants

Growing plants can be a great way to make money. This article will explore how to make make money growing plants and how to profit from your green thumb. 

Keep reading to learn how to find success in the plant growing industry.

To start, you need to think about what type of plants are most profitable to grow. A lot depends on where you live and the kind of plants people are looking for near you. 

How to make money growing plants

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Can You Make Money Selling Plants From Home?

Yes, you can make money from selling plants.

You will need to register your business with the state which requires a name and contact information before you start advertising that is true.

To promote yourself online, create an attractive website or blog and use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to get attention for what you are doing!

In this post we will look at the basics of selling plants online. If you want to look specifically at growing plants to sell on Etsy, make sure to check out these related posts:

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How to Make Money Selling Cuttings of Your Houseplants

You can make tons of money by selling cuttings from your houseplants. All you need to do is clip off a section of the plant with some roots and then sell them for profit!

The best houseplants for selling your cuttings are succulents, ferns, and ivies.

However, keep in mind that not all plants are good for this method because they cannot be rooted from cuttings; these include orchids and African violets.

Is It Legal To Sell Plants From Home?

If you are a registered business, then yes! Of course, it will depend on what state you are living in, but just make sure that your business is registered.

What plants are the most profitable to grow?

There are many plants that you can make money growing.

Some of the most profitable plants to grow include:

– Trees (they sell for between $150 and $600)

– Flowers ($50+ per plant)

– Vegetables ($500 per acre with good fertilizer, equipment, water pump)

What Flowers are the most profitable to grow and sell?

Some of the most profitable flowers to grow are:

– Anthuriums ($200 per plant)

– Orchids ($50+ per plant, depending on type)

These plants will give you a higher profit margin than many other types of plants.

Consider what is going to work best for your area and see if it is possible to grow these plants in your area.

What Trees Are The Most Profitable?

Trees take a lot longer to grow but even quality saplings can fetch a nice profit. 

Fruit trees are always popular as well as: 

– Redwood (up to $450 per tree)

– Sequoia ($375 per tree, depending on size)

Both these types of trees will give you great profit margins and they have a higher survival rate than other trees.

The Japanese Maple tree is also one of the most profitable to grow with a profit margin of up to $400 per tree.

What are the most profitable vegetables to grow at home?

You can also make money growing vegetables! Vegetables are a great way to give your garden a boost of life and produce some really great food.

If you can grow organic vegetables you can build a following on social media and at local farmer’s markets. Lots of people will pay a premium for high quality, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. 

The vegetables that are the most profitable to grow at home include:

– Tomatoes

– Lettuce

– Pumpkins

– Beans

– Carrots

– Cucumbers

These are all very easy to grow plants that will give you a great profit margin. Make sure that you have the space for these and know how they maintain before planting them!

Medicinal Herbs to grow and sell at home

If you want to learn how to make money growing plants at home but have limited space, consider herbs.

Herbs are a great option for those who want to grow plants indoors and make some money.

People use herbs for many different reasons , including cooking, medicinal, and for beauty.

You can also make a profit by selling dried herb clippings from your plants!

This is an easy option if you want to get started gardening indoors and you don’t have a lot of room for endless pots of seedlings. 

These herbs can all be grown in containers as well which makes them easier if space is an issue:

  • Mint
  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Basil

Selling seeds for a profit

Selling seeds for a profit is another way that you can make money with plants.

Obviously you will need to start with plants so this is a gardening business that takes a bit of time but once you have a flow of seeds, you have a really sustainable profit making venture. 

You can make money selling seeds on Etsy pretty easily. Read my in depth guide on how to get started. 

What are the most profitable seeds to sell for a profit?

Some of the most profitable seeds to sell for a profit are:

– Broccoli

– Cauliflower

– Lettuce

These all grow well in containers and they require very little care. They will also produce quickly so you won’t need to spend much time tending them!

Growing Mushrooms for a profit

You can make a lot of money with mushrooms if you do it right. Mushrooms are very labor intensive to grow, but they will give you one of the highest profit margins in all of gardening!

Make sure that you have plenty space for this endeavour and then read on below for just how to get started:

– Get spores (these are spores that will give your mushrooms a good start)

– Sterilize the soil and containers

– Plant mushroom seeds

It may take some time before you see any results, but it is worth it!

Mushrooms grow quickly once they do get going. You can also sell these as medicinal herbs if people want to buy them for health reasons.

How To Start A Succulent Business

Succulents are one of the fastest growing plants that you can grow. Succulent plants will give you a great profit margin and they don’t take up too much space!

People love buying succulents as gifts for teachers, Mother’s day and other occasions.

In fact, one of my friends has a succulent business on Instagram that makes her a full-time income, just by marketing to moms who are looking for cute gift ideas.

The best succulents to start with are:

  • Jade plant 
  • Haworthia
  • Jade tree
  • Christmas Cactus

These plants are easy to grow and they can be grown in containers or outdoors. They will also thrive if you live a good distance from the equator as well!

These succulents are excellent because they don’t require much water. If you want an easy plant to grow to make money, succulents are your best choice.

Can you grow and sell marijuana for a profit?

It is legal to grow marijuana at home in some places!

You will need to check your state laws before starting this kind of project. Most places do regulate marijuana that is sold in legal dispensaries.

It can be difficult because it requires so much space, but the potential for profits is high if done right. To learn more about growing marijuana, this is a useful resource.

Where can I sell plants I grow at home?

There are many places that you can sell plants from, but you must find a way to get the word out about your business.

Use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to tell people what type of plants you grow and where they can find them!

Another place to consider is Etsy. You might not think of it because it is online but in fact, there are Etsy shop owners making great incomes selling plants on Etsy. 

Read my tutorial to get started here: How To Make Money Selling Plants On Etsy

One of the best places to sell your plants, seeds or produce is at local farmer’s markets. 

How To Sell Your Plants At Farmers Markets

If you are interested in selling your plants at a farmers market, then there are some steps that you should be aware of before doing so:

– Contact the individual market to see if they allow plant vendors

– Check with the state about licensing requirements for selling plants from home

Bear in mind that not all farmer’s markets run year round so this might be a great seasonal option for you.

How To Make Money With A Gardening Business

If you want to learn how to make money growing plants but are not interested in selling them yourself, there are still a lot of gardening business options available to you. 

Examples of Gardening Businesses you can start

  • Home gardening service
  • Garden maintenance business
  • Gardening consulting company
  • Landscaping Business
  • A Gardening Website
  • A YouTube Channel

A Gardening Consulting Company

A great way to make money with a garden business is by starting your own.

You can consult, do home visits for plants and maintain gardens in people’s yards or even plant flowers on their behalf.

There are many different ways that you could go about it and the key is to build up a reputation in your area and become the gardening “expert” that people turn to.

How To Start A Gardening Website

You can create a website that shows people how to garden and then make money through ads or affiliate marketing. 

To start a gardening website, you will need to register with a domain name and find hosting.

You can follow my step by step guide to starting a website for your small business here.  It costs almost nothing to get started with a small website. 

Just make sure that the host has plenty of room and bandwidth before signing up or else your site might crash because too many people visit.

You can also sell gardening products on your website, like books and seeds.

You will need to put up a minimum of one post per week on your site for people to want to come back when they visit regularly!

Once you get the hang of it, this can be an excellent way to make money from home by monetizing a hobby or talent that you have.

Start A Gardening YouTube Channel

If you have a good camera (or even just your phone) and know how to edit video, then YouTube could be an excellent way to make money!

You can create videos about gardening tips or tutorials for specific plants. You will also need music that is royalty free if the goal is monetizing it through advertisements.

To get started on making money with YouTube, make sure to check out my tutorial. 

Landscaping Business

If you want to really amp up your gardening business, you can start your own landscaping business. Obviously this requires a truck and equipment but it can easily turn into a full-time career. 

To read more on starting your own landscaping business, you can read  Is There Money In Lawn Care Business Start-Ups?

How to Make Money Growing Plants – Final Thoughts

There are many ways that you can grow plants and make money with them. You may be looking for a way to start your own gardening business, or maybe just want an excuse to take care of plants in the backyard. Either way there are options!

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