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How To Name Your Etsy Shop in 2024

If you want to start an Etsy business, one of the most important things to consider is how to name your Etsy shop.

Your Etsy store name will be your brand and you need it to be memorable and searchable to draw your clients in and make them come back for more. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a name for your store, from the products you sell to the ease of promoting it on social media. 

Even if you are in a rush to get your Etsy shop up and running, it’s important to take some time to choose a great name that you love now and will still love in 5 years’ time.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for choosing an amazing Etsy shop name that will help you stand out from the competition and attract your ideal customers.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to rebrand your existing shop, we’ve got you covered!

Read on for some top tips to consider when choosing your Etsy shop name plus some inspirational names to get you going. 

How to name your Etsy shop

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How Important Is Your Etsy Shop Name?

Your Etsy shop name is incredibly important as it’s the first thing that potential customers see when they come across your products.

A strong and memorable shop name can help you stand out from the competition, attract your ideal customers, and build brand recognition and loyalty.

Your shop name also sets the tone for your brand identity and can help communicate what your shop is all about.

A well-chosen name can make a big difference in how customers perceive your brand and whether or not they decide to shop with you.

How To Name Your Etsy Store

When it comes to starting an Etsy shop, one of the most exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) parts is choosing a shop name.

Your shop name is the first thing customers will see when they come across your products, so it’s important to choose a name that’s memorable, unique, and reflective of your brand.

Once you are ready to set up your Etsy store, you can start planning things like branding and name.

Note that you can’t open an Etsy store without adding at least one listing to your store so make sure you have products ready to go. 

Open your Etsy store here and get 10 free listing to start you off. 

There are a few things you really need to look at before you settle on an awesome Etsy store name.

Don’t get your heart set on a name before you go through this list, it might seem annoying but in the long term you shop will have more chance of success. 

Consider Your Brand Identity

Define your brand identity and values and think about what you want to communicate to customers through your shop name

Brainstorm words or phrases that capture your brand personality and the things you will be selling in your shop. 

Make it Memorable

Choose a name that’s easy to remember and recall.

You want something that is catchy, fun and that reflects your brand personality

One top tip is to use a play on words or a pun to make your name stand out.

Remember that you want a name that is memorable and easy to say/spell. 

Think about it like this, imagine you sell beautiful scarves.

One of your customers wear it to work and everyone is asking where she bought it.

Here is your opportunity for more sales!

But if your Etsy shop name is completely forgettable, they will probably just say, “Oh I got it from Etsy, can’t remember the shop’s name”. 

Etsy Shop Name Availability

First of all you need to do a Etsy shop name search to make sure that whatever name you have chosen has not already been used.

This should be your first step every time you find a name that might work.

Ensure the name is available on Etsy, social media platforms, and as a domain name

Check for trademarks or other legal issues with the name

Research to ensure the name is not already taken by a similar business or competitor

Remember, your shop name is an important part of your brand identity and can help set you apart from the competition.

Take your time, be creative, and choose a name that you and your customers will love!

Even if the name was used by a shop that is now closed, you will not be able to use that name.

Etsy will not let you register a store with a name that was used in the past. 

So if you have a special name in mind, do the search ASAP before you get disappointed further down the road. 

Brainstorming an Etsy Shop Name 

Here are some ways to get your creative juices flowing:

Choose An Etsy Shop Name Based On Niche

This is the most logical way to choose your Etsy store name.

If you are selling handmade soap for example, consider weaving the word soap into the shop name somehow. 

This is the ideal way to name your Etsy shop because it will help people searching to know exactly what you sell and also highlight that you are a specialist in that field. 

Here is a cute example, the shop name is “SoapBotanist” which tells you exactly what they sell and the kind of soap they have. 

how to name your Etsy shop

It will also help your Etsy Shop SEO (search engine optimization) because if someone searches Etsy + succulents, you have more chance of coming up in the results. 

Use your name or someone else’s name

This is a really common way to name an Etsy Shop.

You could use your name, your kid’s name or even your grandmother’s maiden name.

It adds to the handmade feel of your Etsy shop and appeals to those buyers who like to support small businesses (which is most Etsy buyers)

Of course you can combine your niche and your name to come up with a unique Etsy shop name as long as no-one else has used it. 

Here is a shop name that includes both the niche and a name:

how to name your Etsy store

Look at Existing Etsy Shops

Obviously don’t copy someone else but you can get some inspiration from your competitors or even shops in different niches. 

It is always a good practice to check out other shops in your niche anyway so market research should be part of your process in choosing your name.

Here are a few examples of great Etsy shop names:

  • WildflowerPaperCo: This shop sells beautiful stationery and paper goods, and the name perfectly captures the whimsical, nature-inspired feel of their products.
  • TheSilverGooseJewelry: With a name like this, you know this shop specializes in unique and eye-catching jewelry pieces. The name is memorable and reflects the playful and quirky nature of the products.
  • VintageSupplyCo: This shop name is simple and straightforward, but it’s also effective in communicating exactly what the shop sells – vintage items. The name is easy to remember and immediately lets customers know what to expect.
  • GeekyCleanSoap: This shop sells geek-inspired soap and bath products, and the name is both clever and memorable. It plays on the popular phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” while also incorporating the shop’s unique niche.
  • SparklingIceDesigns: This shop sells skating inspired prints and artwork

Use an Etsy Shop Names Generator

If you are really struggling to come up with a cool name, there is help at hand. 

You can plug in your niche and some other details and let an Etsy shop name generator do the work for you. 

Here is a popular business name generator:

Shopify Business Name Generator

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Etsy Shop Name

Don’t use a name that’s too generic or common

It might seem logical to choose a name that is popular but it is better to try and stand out from the crowd. 

I’ll give you an example. In the blogging world, there is a popular site called “Cupcakes and Cashmere”, you might know it. 

Once they became popular, you wouldn’t believe how many sites call themselves two words.. “Coffee and Pancakes”, “Twinkles and Starlight”. 

In the end none of them stand out. 

Avoid names that are difficult to spell or pronounce

Likewise, if customers can’t remember the spelling of your shop name, they won’t be typing it in the search bar anytime soon. 

Don’t choose a name that’s too long or complicated

Similarly, a name that is too long won’t look good on your branding or Etsy banner. Keep it short and sweet if possible. 

Stay away from names that are too similar to existing Etsy shops

If you choose a name that is overly similar to existing shop names, buyers will get confused and are less likely to return to buy from your shop.

Avoid names that limit the scope of your business

This one is really important. Make sure you keep your shop name quite general so that you can branch out and sell different things as your store grows. 

For example, while you may be planning on only selling necklaces, what if, down the road, you decide to expand to sell bracelets too? 

If your shop is called “Nancy’s Necklaces” it will be hard to add new products to your range. 

What To do Once You Have Found The Perfect Etsy Stop Name

Social Media Handles

So you have found the perfect Etsy shop name and it’s available? Great but hold your horses. Before you register the name, you need to check the shop name availability in a few other places. 

You will want to create social media handles for your store so you can promote it on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. 

Do some searches for your store name and if it is available, then go ahead and grab the social handles ASAP.

If possible, avoid having to add “shop” or “store” or any other superfluous words to your shop name. 

Also make sure that your Etsy shop name is not too long, every social platform has different limited for handle names:

Etsy: No more than 20 characters long, no spaces. 

Pinterest: Your username can be 3-30 characters, and can’t have spaces, symbols or punctuation

Twitter: 15 characters maximum

Instagram: No more than 30 characters long

Facebook: No more than 50 characters long

Domain Name

The last step is to register your domain name (your www. name)

While it is true that you will be selling mainly on Etsy, it really is a good business practice to also have your own website. 

Many customers will want to check our your website and it will help with Google SEO plus social media promotion.

You can direct any perspective buyers to your Etsy shop so it is another way to get clients. 

Make sure your chosen domain name is available and then register it.

You can do this pretty cheap and then for a little bit more $3 a month, you can purchase hosting for your site. 

I use Bluehost as you get a free domain name when you purchase their hosting and it is really affordable.

You can also use their site to search and see which domain names are available for free. 

Of course, once you have your domain name, you can make a website for your Etsy Store.

That way you will get even more sales. 

How To Choose An Etsy Shop Name: FAQS

Can I change my shop name on Etsy?

If you choose a name and then regret it down the road, are you able to change it?

Yes, you can change it but only one time. 

To change your Etsy store name, go to Settings, Info and Appearance. 

Here is a complete guide to everything you need to know about changing your Etsy shop name.

Be warned: you can only change your Etsy store name one time. 

If you want to change it again, you will need to appeal to Etsy and see if they approve the change. 

Should I Trademark My Etsy Shop?

You don’t have to trademark your name but it is always a good idea, especially once you start making some money and have a website too. 

If you are in the USA, check out the United States Patent and Trademark site for the process. 

In Canada, you can check out the information at

Should I use my real name on my Etsy shop?

Using your own name in your Etsy shop name can be a good option if you want to build your personal brand and create a more personal connection with your customers.

However, it’s important to consider whether your name is easy to remember, spell, and pronounce, and whether it accurately reflects your brand identity.

Keep in mind that using your own name may not be the best option if you plan on expanding your business in the future, as it can be difficult to rebrand later on.

Ultimately, the decision to use your own name in your Etsy shop name is a personal one and should be based on what you feel best represents your brand and your goals as a seller.

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