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31 Worst Jobs For Introverts Who Hate Talking To People

What are the worst jobs for introverts? We are all different but many of us don’t enjoy having to talk on the phone or chat to strangers day in and day out.

If you are unable to get your dream job working from home in a quiet office space, you might be wondering what are the worst careers for introverts that you should absolutely avoid.

Introverts have a lot to offer in the world of work, but some jobs may be more suited for them than others. We all have different skills and just because you have social anxiety or you don’t enjoy having long phone conversations doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to a company. 

In fact, many of the best employees are often introverts as they don’t spend as much time as extroverts on socializing or talking at the water cooler. 

In this post we will look at the 31 best worst jobs for introverts that you should avoid if you want to maintain your sanity! 

the worst jobs for introverts

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The Worst Jobs For Introverts

What is an introvert?

Introverts are individuals who prefer solitary activities and find socializing overwhelming. They may have a low tolerance for noise and crowds, and often take longer to make decisions. Introverts are often excellent at problem-solving and finding solutions on their own, but they may need more time to develop relationships.

In the list below you will find the worst jobs for introverts based on their personality type:

1. Taxi Driver

I put this at the top because most people associate tax drivers with outgoing folk who love to chat and tell you about their lives. Of course, on the other end of things, lots of people who take taxis enjoy meeting new people and chatting to their driver.

 A taxi driver is responsible for transporting people around town. They may also be responsible for picking up and dropping off passengers at their destination and dealing with crazy traffic. 

If you are an introvert, this kind of work can be tough because you don’t want to be rude to your customers but having the same conversation over and over again all day can be really exhausting. 

2. Call Center Worker

worst careers for introverts

A call centre worker usually handles customer interactions by providing information, answering questions, and helping resolve problems.

They may also be responsible for selling products or services. In some cases, call centre workers may be required to provide customer support over the phone or online.

Working in an open office environment at a call center can be really hard for an introvert. You have to stay on the phone all day speaking to clients then you are surrounded by colleagues whenever you are not on the phone. 

Even the lunch room at these kinds of jobs can be tough because they are packed and filled with people wanting to make conversation with you. 

3. Bartender

what are the worst jobs for introverts

Bartenders are generally the face of a bar. They provide customer service and help with drinks. They keep an eye on the crowd and make sure that everyone is having a good time in addition to serving drinks. 

Having to constantly make terrible conversation with drunk people has to be a nightmare for all Introverts. Lots of people like to go to a bar on their own to chat with he bartender so this is really not the kind of job for introverts who don’t like small talk. 

4. Sales Manager

sales associate

 A sales manager must have excellent communication skills. You might be working over the phone trying to make sales or you might be working at trade shows and conventions. 

High pressure commissioned sales is probably one of the worst jobs for introverts.

I worked in sales for 15 years and there are so many aspects to the job that are hard, even for an extrovert. From giving sales presentations in front of large groups to cold calling leads and even going from door to door to make sales calls. 

5. Secretary/Receptionist

worst careers for introverts

If you are an introvert, working in a customer facing position in an office can be really hard. There is a lot of talking and forced cheeriness involved in these kinds of jobs.

90% of your job as a receptionist revolves around talking either on the phone or being “the first impression of the company”. 

It can be mentally exhausting having to keep a positive attitude and socialize with people all day, every day. 

6. Wait Staff

Waiting tables is exhausting work for anyone but it can be especially tough for introverts who don’t like talking to strangers. 

Not only do you have to interact with all those people all day as a waiter or waitress but you also have to deal with difficult customers. 

Getting yelled at my irate diners is never fun but dealing with issues can be especially hard for introverts. 

7. Nurse

is nursing a good job for introverts

If you are a nurse, it is probably because you want to help people and are interested in healthcare. You might not think of nurses as being really outgoing but in almost all aspects of the job involves being pretty chatty. 

Obviously working as a nurse involves talking to patients, doctors and other nurses. It can be a hard job for an introvert as you need to adapt to talking to all different people and some might be lonely and need to talk. 

8. Police Officer

police officer is a bad job for introverts

Although you might think sitting in your car all day doing traffic stops might be good for an introvert, in fact, law enforcement can be a tough job if you don’t enjoy talking to people.

You will need to talk to the public in all different situations and every day will likely involve numerous conversations with strangers. 

You may also need to be involved in interrogating suspects, taking part in depositions and giving evidence in court. This can be a nightmare for people who hate public speaking. 

9. Politician

the worst career for introverts

Politics is probably the worst career for introverts to get into. Just think about what the job entails: Traveling a lot, being around unfamiliar people all the time, acting really nice to everybody you meet, shaking stranger’s hands, giving public speeches, having your photo taken, being drilled constantly with tough questions, remaining constantly as motivated as possible when campaigning.

Plus you have to face a lot of pressure in televised debates and public speaking events. 

10. Used Car Sales

worst jobs for people who hate people

We already spoke about sales. but car sales in another job that really requires you to be over-the-top outgoing and friendly to everyone.

Most introverts hate sales jobs and car sales is one of the hardest gigs to work in as you really have to build a relationship with your customer in a short period of time. 

11. Financial Advisor

 I wouldn’t recommend a job in finance for the most part. Although some back office accounting jobs are good for introverts, most roles in this industry come down to building relationships with people until they’re comfortable enough to hand over their money to you to manage. 

For the most part, financial advisors, financial planners  and even bank tellers have to be very good at relationship building and customer service. 

12. Hairstylist

worst jobs for introverts

A hairstylist does a variety of things, including cutting, styling, and coloring hair. They often work with clients to create the look they desire. A hairstylist may also work with products to keep hair healthy and looking its best.

We know that a barber shop or hairdressers is known as the place to catch up on local gossip and chitchat. In many places the local salon is the hub of the community and a place where people get together for a catch-up. 

If you don’t like making small talk about the family and when your next vacation is, definitely skip this career. 

13. Teacher

is teaching good for introverts

Although there are many shy people who are teachers, many people would agree that is is one of the worst careers for introverts. You have to be “on” all day, talk in front of a group of people and generally can’t have off days where you shrink into your shell.

For introverted teachers, the beginning of the year is tough because you have to get to know a lot of new people.

Many introverts who are teachers say that it can be very draining and they get tired after work from the effort of talking to people all day. 

14. Auctioneer

worst careers for introverts

An auctioneer is someone who helps to run and manage auctions. They typically work in a salesroom, helping to sell items to buyers. Auctioneers often wear a distinctive uniform, and are often responsible for announcing the start and end of each auction.

Can you think of anything worse than a shy auctioneer? This has to be one of the worst jobs for introverts because you have to be loud, outgoing  and not afraid to look a little crazy when you are running a high stakes auction. 

15. Real Estate Agent

realtors have to be extroverts

Real estate is a business that involves helping people buy and sell houses. Realtors help people find the right house, negotiate the best price, and handle the details of the sale. They also work to find new homes for their clients.

One of the worst jobs for introverts has to be realtor. You have to really create a good relationship with your clients. Taking them around many different houses and helping them negotiate a sale or a purchase.

The other hard thing about being a realtor is that you are working with people at one of the most stressful times of their lives and you need to be comfortable dealing with different emotions and concerns. 

16. Stand-Up Comedian

stand up comedian

A stand-up comedian is someone who performs comedy in front of an audience. They typically perform stand-up routines that are composed of jokes and funny moments. Stand-up comedy can be done on stage, in clubs, or even at private events.

Obviously, most introverts don’t want to become comedians but there isn’t much worse job for an introvert than standing alone on stage and having to entertain people. And don’t even mention getting heckled by the crowd! 

17. Librarian

You might think that the library is the best place for an introvert to work but there’s more to being a librarian than just sitting and reading books.

In a way, being a Librarian is like bartending without the alcohol. You have to deal with people all day – showing them where books are, teaching them how to use the library services, sharing your opinion son books with complete strangers. 

Many librarians also have to take part in community activities such as library story time, kids programming and other public events. Have to act as babysitter on occasion. 

18. Human Resources Manager

Human resource managers oversee the hiring, firing, and placement of employees within an organization.

They also develop and implement policies and procedures to protect the rights and safety of employees. Managers may also work with employee unions to resolve labor disputes.

It makes sense that working in HR is not a great fit for an introvert. Expect to lead meetings all day and spend your days in long phone conversations with different employees. HR managers also have to work closely with other people such as union reps, benefit coordinators and payroll so most of your days are spent talking to people all day, every day. 

19. Store Greeter

We are all familiar with store greeters at places like Walmart but standing around all day smiling and welcoming people is most introverts idea of hell. 

20. Journalist

A journalist is someone who collects and reports information. They may write for newspapers, magazines, or online publications. 

Journalism is a tricky job for an introvert. On one hand, you get to be a writer which appeals to many creative introverts. Writers get to be completely alone with their work and don’t have to interact with anyone. 

However, in order to get the material to write as a journalist, you need to interview people all day, make phone calls and be pretty aggressive in general which can be hard for people who are shy or who have anxiety. 

21. Tour Guide

one of the worst jobs for an introvert is a tour guide

A tour guide does many things in order to ensure that tourists have a positive experience while touring a destination. They can help plan the tour and make sure that all the details are taken care of, such as providing information about the history and culture of the place visited.

They can also be responsible for making sure that everyone on the tour is properly accommodated and entertained. Finally, they are often responsible for ensuring that safety is always a top priority while on the tour.

Tour guides really have to be outgoing in order to make a group of tourists comfortable in a strange place. You’ll need to have a loud voice to tell them all about what every site you are visiting and you need to be prepared to answer a million questions. 

22. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are the people who make sure passengers have a great travel experience by providing amenities like food and beverage, seating, and safety. They also keep an eye on the plane to make sure everything is running smoothly.

You’re trapped on a plane with a bunch of people and there’s nowhere to hide really. Plus they all keep pressing the call button to ask you for something. Being a flight attendant means being smiley and happy even when you are completely exhausted. 

23. Event Planner

Event planners handle all different kinds of events and occasions such as:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Corporate functions

Most event planners are extroverts because this job involves a lot of talking and chatting. You’ll need to talk to caterers, clients, florists, photographers and the venue. And that isn’t even including your client and their family. 

Even if you don’t mind talking to people, the long days of being chatty and talking to strangers can be very draining. 

24. Club Promoter

Any kind of promotion work requires you to be quite extroverted. Whether you are trying to entice people to go to your club or you are handing out flyers at the mall, this kind of work can be tough for introverts. 

You have to deal with people ignoring you or simply being rude to you for no reason. This can be a really difficult job for introverts who fear rejection. 

25. Pastor

If you don’t enjoy talking to new people, working as a pastor is not the job for you. In addition to public speaking in front of their congregation, pastors typically spend time speaking to their flock and running different meetings. 

You’ll be involved in community outreach, performing weddings and funerals and other events in front of people. 

If you don’t like being a bit of a celebrity, then you won’t enjoy working as a pastor. They are in high demand and expected to be ready to chat to anyone who needs an ear. 

26. Retail Shop Assistant

Shop assistants are a vital part of any store. They help customers find what they’re looking for and generally make the shopping experience as smooth as possible.

Working as a store assistant can be a lot of work for someone who likes peace and quiet because many stores are busy and there is always someone who needs assistance.

Even worse, some shop assistants also work as sales associates who earn commissions if they make sales. 

27. Nail Technician

Nail technician

Nail technicians are people who work in the beauty industry, specifically with nails. They may do things like clean and polish nails, do artificial nails, or work with special adhesives to fix damage to nails.

If you have ever seen the movie “The Women”, you also know that nail technicians are the best sources for gossip. They spend 30-40 minutes with each customer and make small talk and learn about their lives. 

Working in the beauty industry is one of the worst careers for introverts who don’t want to spend their days chitchatting to strangers. 

28. Attorney

Attorneys are people who help people solve problems. They work in a variety of fields, including law, business, and healthcare. Attorneys can provide legal services to individuals or businesses, or they can prosecute crimes.

Although there are some types of lawyer who spend their days researching cases and working out of an office, in general, this kind of work is not great for introverts. 

You have to meet many different clients, work on client interviews, negotiate and more. If you have to appear in court, you need to be good at public speaking and be willing to state your case in front of a judge and jury. 

29. Public Relations

It probably goes without saying that if you are not a people person, then working in PR is probably not for you. 

Public relations people work to create and maintain relationships with audiences, both internal (within their company) and external (those who do not work for the company).

They may also help to create or manage campaigns, conduct public opinion surveys, and develop strategies to improve the company’s image.

Most of the work of a PR professional involves talking to clients, speaking in meetings and collaborating with other team members. If you would rather work alone on a task, it is likely that PR is not the gig for you. 

30. Timeshare Sales Person

Even if you can handle sales, timeshare sales might be too much for you. If you haven’t seen the movie Queen of Versailles, it will give you a glimpse into the world of a hardcore timeshare sales associate. 

This is a job that is really hard as you are constantly facing customer objections because most people are just listening to you for a chance to get a free ticket to a show or a free lunch. 

Many timeshare sales people burn out after a short period of time due to the anxiety and stress they experience. 

31. University Lecturer

university lecturer

Although we already mentioned teaching on this list, working at a university or college is a bit different. University lecturers typically teach a range of courses across different faculties.

They may also conduct research, lead student groups, or serve on academic committees. Although their work is varied, many lecturers share some common tasks, such as preparing lectures and marking student work.

One very important part of working as a professor at a university is teaching and giving lectures in large auditoriums. If you don’t enjoy public speaking, you probably won’t enjoy working in a university in this capacity. 

Worst Careers For Introverts – FAQS

What Jobs Do Most Introverts Have?

Introverts are often underestimated, but they make great employees. Although they make up about 25 percent of the population, they hold most of the jobs that don’t require a lot of social interaction.

Introverts can be found in all fields, but they are particularly common in technical and scientific professions. They tend to do well in jobs that allow them to focus on tasks without being disturbed.

Are Introverts Less Likely To Be Hired?

Introverts are often seen as less likely to be hired because they may not be as outgoing or confident as other candidates.

However, recent studies have shown that introverts are just as talented and capable as extroverts when it comes to job hunting and networking.

Introverts should not let their lack of social skills stop them from pursuing a career, but they should be aware that they need to put in extra effort to stand out.

What Are The Best Jobs For Introverts?

Introverts have long been known for their ability to think deeply and reflect on their thoughts in private, which can make them great thinkers and problem solvers. But what about the best jobs for introverts?

Anything that involves solitary work like being a freelance writer or a proofreader is idea. 

Many introverts also enjoy working with animals so starting a dog walking business is a great option. 

If you are business minded, you can also consider working online by starting an Etsy shop and selling crafts or even starting your own dog treat business. 

For more ideas, check out this list of 30 Best Side Hustles For Introverts. 

The Worst Jobs For Introverts – Final Thoughts

Introverted people are often misunderstood. Many assume that all introverts are shy and need time alone, but that’s not always the case. Introverts can have successful careers in a variety of fields.

Introverts make great employees because they are often good at thinking on their own and observing things. They may be shy at first, but once they get to know you, they can be very insightful and helpful. Introverts make great team players and are often better at working in small groups than in large ones.

If you are an introvert, finding the right job for your personality and skill set is the best thing you can do to improve your career satisfaction. 

worst jobs for introverts