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Starting An Etsy Shop Checklist PDF {Free printable}

If you want to open your own Etsy business use this starting an Etsy shop checklist will help you get it right the first time. 

This printable checklist is perfect for helping you start your Etsy shop in just a few minutes so that you are ready to make sales this week! 

Of course, this checklist assumes you already have an idea for your amazing Etsy shop and just need help getting started. 

But what about those of us who know we want to make money on Etsy but don’t actually know what to sell? 

Luckily there are lots of things that sell really well on Etsy. If you are stuck for inspiration, make sure to check out my list of 50 Etsy shop ideas that highlights the bestsellers on the platform. 

I’ve written a really in depth guide to show you How To Start An Etsy Store Successfully and this printable checklist can be used in conjunction with that. 

I recommend you print out this list so that you can work through it as you create your Etsy shop using the guide I linked above. 

If you then want to go even further, you can check out my Printable Etsy Store Planner that will help your Etsy shop be a huge success. 

Without further ado, let’s get started with our checklist and scroll down to the bottom to download your PDF version instantly. 

starting an Etsy shop checklist psf


Starting An Etsy Shop Checklist For Success

1. Sign Into Etsy

If you do not already have an Etsy account, you will need to create one at this stage.

This takes just a few seconds and all you need to do is go to then click Register to create a username and password. 

If you already use Etsy as a customer, then all you need to do is click the “sell on Etsy” button under your profile. 

Open your Etsy shop with this special link and you will get 40 free listings for your shop (normally 20 cents each)

starting an Etsy shop checklist

2. Start Your Etsy Shop

Now you can add your shop preferences such as language, currency and your location.

This is really important for shop owners that will be shipping items to customers. Sometimes buyers filter the searches to find local buyers to save on shipping costs so make sure your location is accurate

Etsy shop preferences

3. Choose A Name For Your Shop

Now the fun begins.  You may already have a cute name for your shop but if you don’t then now is the time to brainstorm something fun. 

If you need help choosing the perfect name for your shop, make sure to read all my tips in this guide>>How To Name Your Etsy Shop

I will say that it is not worth worrying too much about the name at this stage because it is possible to choose a new one at a different stage. 

Bookmark for later:  Can I Change My Etsy Shop Name?{Ultimate Step By Step}

4.Get Your Products Ready To List

In order to open your Etsy shop, you need to have at least one item ready to sell.

Personally I recommend you have 5-10 items ready to go so that your shop looks fully stocked from the get-go. 

For every item you plan to list, you need to make sure you have the following:

5. Take Digital product photos of your item

2000 x 2000 pixels is my preferred size for Etsy listing images. You can put text and pictures on your images using a free product such as Canva. 

If you want some templates for your Etsy listing images, you can download my free Canva templates here. 

6. Brainstorm Keywords

It can be really useful to have a list of searchable words that describe your item to be used in tags and titles.

The more keywords you use in your listing description and tags, the more chance you have of your Etsy listing being seen by potential customers. 

If you need help with keywords then you can download my Free Etsy SEO Checklist.

7. Choose your Pricing

Have a price in mind for your item.  Know how much it will cost to ship your item.

Bear in mind that there will be transaction fees from Etsy too (20 cents per listing plus 5% transaction fee plus other fees for payment gateways). 

It’s important to plan out your pricing based on what other similar products are selling for as well as what your expenses are (materials, shipping etc) in order to make sure you turn a profit. 

8. Open Your Etsy Shop

It’s free to open your shop, but you will need to add your billing information to set up and help you on your way to getting paid.

Etsy also needs this information to charge you for your listings. 

You’ll need  a credit/debit card or checking account info (account and routing number)

9. Add Logo and Banner Images

Under the settings tab you can now complete your shop. You can add a photo of yourself or your shop logo. You can also add a larger “banner image”. 

To get the right sizes for these, just use Canva and search for the following templates:

Etsy Shop Cover (1200 x 300 px)

Etsy Shop Icon (500 x 500 px)

how to choose the right Etsy image size

10. Fill in Your “About” Section

Go to “Shop Manager” and then click on the pencil next to Sales Channels at the bottom. 

Fill out the “about” section to give customers more information about your shop and to help you stand out from the crowd. 

11. Create Your Etsy Shop Policies

Fill out your policies on returns, cancellations and refunds so customers know what to expect. 

Here are is an example from a popular Etsy shop:

How to set your Etsy shop policies

12. Set up Coupons And Special Offers

Coupons and special offers are a great way to get your Etsy listings at the top of the search bar.

Etsy will also automatically send out coupon codes to people who have favorited your item which can help you get sales.

To create a coupon for your customers:

Click the icon for your shop at the top of the screen, click on Marketing, and then click on “Sales and Discounts”

Choose the kind of offer you want to send out (email, coupon code for the whole shop etc)

how to set up a coupon on Etsy

Fill out all the discount details (length of time, amount of discount etc). Choose the products the sale applies to and then click save. Your sale will now be live. 

Etsy coupon set up

Starting An Etsy Shop Checklist

If you want to download this starting an Etsy shop checklist PDF, click the link or picture below to access your file.

This is an instant download that you can save or print as many times as you wish. 



Tips for marketing your Etsy shop

Once you have started your Etsy shop with the checklist, make sure to read the following articles on marketing your shop to get more sales:

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starting an Etsy shop checklist pdf