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11 Best Things To Sell On Mercari in 2024 (Top Guide)

 If you’re looking to make some extra cash and declutter your home, Mercari is the perfect platform for you. 

To get your started, we will take you through the best things to sell on Mercari right now. 

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of Mercari selling, exploring how to maximize your profits, attract buyers, and navigate the unique features of the platform. 

From selecting the right products to optimizing your listings and providing exceptional customer service, I’ll walk you through the essential steps to become a successful Mercari seller. 

So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

Best Things To Sell On Mercari

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What Is Mercari? 

Mercari is a major online marketplace where individuals can buy and sell a wide range of items. 

Similar to Facebook Marketplace or selling things on OfferUp, Mercari is a a great place to start your own reselling business. 

Originally only in Japan, you can now buy and sell in the United States and United Kingdom as well as the Land of the Rising Sun.

From vintage items to household goods and collectibles, Mercari provides a fantastic platform for users to connect and trade. 

One thing that really sets Mercari apart are the shipping options offered. 

A lot of people hate the awkward meetups involved with Facebook marketplace and Mercari offers a solution to this. 

You can grab a prepaid label directly from the website or get your own shipping label from the Post Office then ship your goods to Mercari buyers directly. 

Alternatively, if your buyer lives near you, you can sign up for Mercari Local and have your products delivered to them. 

As a new seller, all you need to do is download the Mercari app from the app store to open your Mercari account.

Then, check out our list of the best things to sell on Mercari and you will be on track to become a successful seller. 

The 11 Best Things to Sell on Mercari

 Are you ready to discover the secrets to success on Mercari, one of the hottest online marketplaces? 

Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting out, these top-selling items on the Mercari website will help you maximize your profits and build a thriving online business.

Fashionable Clothing and Accessories

Fashionable Clothing and Accessories

Fashion accessories and clothing are one of the most popular items on the site. 

This is by far one of the best things to sell on Mercari right now. 

Start by sourcing clothing items that are in good condition and reflect current fashion trends.

Keep an eye on popular brands, emerging designers, and seasonal styles. 

Consider offering a range of sizes to accommodate various body types and target a broader customer base.

If you plan on selling brand name handbags and clothing, take advantage of Mercari Authenticate™. 

This is a feature that allows you to evaluate the authenticity of certain luxury items. 

An independent third-party that carefully inspects photos of wallets, shoes, eyewear, jewelry, watches, and handbags by checking the logo, tag, materials, and serial number.

Using this useful feature can help you sell designer items quickly and with limited hassle. 

When listing clothing, provide accurate measurements and size information to help buyers make informed decisions.

Include details about the fabric, care instructions, and any notable features like unique prints or embellishments. 

Be transparent about any flaws or wear and tear the items may have.

High-quality photos are crucial in the fashion category. 

Capture the items on a clean and neutral background, showing different angles and close-up shots of any intricate details.

If possible, consider modeling the clothing to give potential buyers a better idea of how it fits and looks when worn.

Accessories are also in high demand. This includes jewelry, handbags, belts, scarves, and sunglasses. 

When listing accessories, provide clear photos that showcase the item’s details and accurately describe its condition. Highlight any designer or brand names, materials used, and any unique features.

Electronics and Gadgets

Best Things To Sell On Mercari

In our tech-savvy world, it’s no surprise that electronics and gadgets are one of the best things to sell on mercarion Mercari. 

From smartphones and tablets to gaming consoles and smartwatches, the demand for these items remains consistently high. 

Capitalize on this trend by sourcing and selling quality electronics that are in-demand and offer good value for buyers.

Start by focusing on popular brands and models that have a strong market presence. 

Before listing any electronics, thoroughly test them to ensure they are fully functional and free of defects.

 Include clear and accurate descriptions, highlighting key features, accessories, and any potential imperfections. 

Include high-quality photos from different angles to give potential buyers a comprehensive view of the item’s condition.

Additionally, offering extras such as original packaging, manuals, and charging cables can enhance the perceived value of the item.

Providing exceptional customer service and promptly responding to inquiries will also help build trust with buyers, making them more likely to choose your listings over others.

Home Decor and Furnishings

Best Things To Sell On Mercari

Home decor is one of the best-selling categories on Mercari. 

With the rise of home improvement and DIY projects, buyers are constantly on the lookout for unique and stylish pieces to elevate their living spaces.

Look for items like decorative pillows, wall art, vases, candles, and small accent pieces that can easily be shipped. 

Get into furniture flipping by buying items such as chairs, tables, and shelving units and fixing them up. 

Do keep in mind the logistical challenges of shipping larger items, however. 

When selling home goods, provide measurements, material details, and include multiple high-resolution photos that showcase 

Consider staging your home decor items in a visually appealing manner to help buyers envision how they could incorporate them into their own spaces. 

Collectibles and Memorabilia

most popular items to sell on Mercari

The world of collectibles and memorabilia is a treasure trove of opportunities on Mercari. 

Whether it’s rare coins, vintage toys, autographed memorabilia, or limited-edition items, collectors and enthusiasts are always on the hunt for unique and valuable pieces.

To tap into this market, research popular collectible categories and identify niche markets that have high demand. 

This could include items like sports memorabilia, comic books, vinyl records, stamps, vintage video games, or antique toys. 

Baseball cards, for example, are one of the best things to sell on Mercari. 

Keep an eye out for items with historical significance or those associated with popular culture icons.

When dealing with collectibles, authenticity is paramount. 

Ensure that you accurately represent the item’s condition, provenance, and any relevant certifications. 

Provide detailed descriptions and include clear, high-resolution photos from different angles to showcase the item’s unique features or any imperfections.

Beauty Products and Skincare 

most popular items to sell on Mercari

Beauty and skincare products have gained significant popularity in the online marketplace, and Mercari is no exception.

In fact, they are now some of the best things to sell on Mercari. 

If skincare is your passion, you can start a profitable side hustle selling samples and unused items from top brands on Mercari. 

When listing beauty and skincare products, be transparent about the condition and usage. 

Clearly state if items are new, swatched, or lightly used. Include expiration dates, ingredients lists, and any relevant product details to instill confidence in potential buyers.

High-quality, well-lit photos are crucial in the beauty category. 

It is important to showcase the products from different angles, capturing accurate colors and textures.

Vintage and Antique Items

Best Things To Sell On Mercari

As on all the online platforms, vintage items are popular on Mercari. 

When it comes to vintage and antique items, variety is key.

Explore different categories such as furniture, decor, clothing, jewelry, and kitchenware.

Keep an eye out for items that reflect popular eras like Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, Victorian, or Retro.

Quality craftsmanship, unique designs, and well-preserved condition are crucial factors to consider when sourcing these items.

Authenticity and accurate descriptions are very important in this category. 

 Provide detailed information about the item’s age, origin, and any notable characteristics.

Highlight any imperfections or wear and tear, as this can add to the item’s vintage appeal.

Include clear, high-resolution photos of the item that showcase any unique features. 

​Bear in mind that heavy items will be expensive to ship so look for an economical delivery method before you list items. 

Sporting and Outdoor Equipment


Best Things To Sell On Mercari

For the active and adventurous, sporting goods and outdoor equipment are in high demand on Mercari. 

From camping gear and hiking essentials to fitness equipment and sporting accessories, there’s a vast market waiting for your listings.

When it comes to sporting goods, it’s essential to offer a diverse range of products to cater to different interests and activities.

This could include items like bicycles, camping tents, fishing gear, golf clubs, yoga mats, or even workout clothes. 

Quality and condition are paramount in this category.

Ensure that the items are clean, functional, and accurately described.

Include any necessary specifications, such as weight capacity for fitness equipment or size dimensions for camping gear. 

Provide clear and detailed photos that showcase the item’s features and any included accessories.

Books And Media

Best Things To Sell On Mercari

Dive into the world of literature and entertainment by selling books, CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, and other forms of media.

 Books are one of the best things to sell on Mercari and in fact, selling used books online can be highly profitable. 

This could include fiction, non-fiction, self-help, children’s books, and collectible editions. 

Look out for popular authors, bestsellers, and books that are in high demand. Special editions or signed copies can fetch higher prices.

Accurate descriptions are essential for books. Include details about the book’s condition, such as any markings, highlighting, or wear.

Mention if it’s a first edition or has any special features, like illustrations or maps.

High-quality photos are crucial for showcasing book covers, spines, and any unique features. 

Consider photographing the pages to show the condition, especially for collectible or rare books.

If you have a large inventory, consider bundling similar books together to offer variety and increase sales potential.

When it comes to media items like CDs, DVDs, or vinyl records, accurately list the condition of the item and any included inserts or special features. 

For collectors, the condition of the media itself and the original packaging are important considerations.

Provide images of the front and back covers, as well as any album artwork or inserts.

Home Appliances and Kitchenware

Best Things To Sell On Mercari

From small kitchen gadgets to large appliances, there’s a thriving market for items that make life easier and more convenient in the home.

When selecting home appliances and kitchenware to sell, focus on items that are in good working condition and offer value for buyers. 

This could include blenders, coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, slow cookers, or specialty appliances like air fryers or bread makers. 

Consider both new and gently used items to cater to different budget ranges.

Accurate and detailed descriptions are crucial in this category. Include information about the brand, model, capacity, and any notable features. 

Highlight the condition of the item, mentioning if it’s new, open-box, or has minimal wear. If applicable, provide the necessary accessories or attachments that come with the appliance.

When pricing home appliances and kitchenware, research comparable items and consider factors such as age, condition, and brand reputation. 

Offering competitive prices and highlighting any additional perks like free shipping or a warranty can attract buyers and differentiate your listings from others.

Athletic Apparel

Best Things To Sell On Mercari

Mercari is the perfect selling platform for tapping into the market of fitness enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals. 

Whether you have gently used workout gear or brand-new athletic clothing, Mercari provides a platform to connect with buyers seeking comfortable and stylish activewear. 

Sneakers and sports shoes are one of the top selling items, especially if from the most popular brand names. 

Reselling shoes can be extremely lucrative and many of the top sellers make a full-time income this way. 

Unique Handmade Items

Best Things To Sell On Mercari

There are so many profitable crafts you can make and sell

The best selling items in this category include handmade jewelry, knitted items and wooden projects. 

​Your product description is especially important when selling homemade items compared with new items as your buyers will not be able to check online for comparable items. 

Ensure a good experience by providing lots of details and offering great deals to people who buy multiple products. 

10 Tips For Success On Mercari

Research before listing: Take the time to research similar items on Mercari to determine competitive pricing and gain insights into successful listings.

Write compelling descriptions: Provide detailed and accurate descriptions of your items, including brand, condition, size, and any unique features. Engage potential buyers with well-crafted descriptions that highlight the item’s value.

Take high-quality photos: Capture clear and well-lit photos of your items from different angles. Show any imperfections and be transparent about the item’s condition to avoid any misunderstandings.

Price competitively: Set your prices strategically to attract buyers. Consider pricing slightly below market value to stand out among similar listings, especially for quick-selling items.

Offer free shipping: Including free shipping in your listings can increase their visibility and attract more buyers. Factor in the shipping costs when determining your item’s price.

Ship promptly and securely: Once you make a sale, ship the item promptly using reliable packaging materials. Provide tracking information to keep buyers informed.

Communicate with buyers: Respond to inquiries and messages in a timely and professional manner. Address any concerns or questions promptly to ensure a positive buying experience.

Build a positive reputation: Encourage buyers to leave feedback by providing excellent customer service. Aim for positive ratings and reviews to establish trust and attract future customers.

Bundle items: Offer bundled deals by grouping related items together. This can entice buyers looking for multiple items and increase your overall sales.

Promote your listings: Utilize social media platforms or personal networks to promote your Mercari listings. Share high-quality photos and enticing descriptions to generate more visibility and potential sales.

Happy selling!

Best Things To Sell On Mercari