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How To Make Money Power Washing {Start A Pressure Washing Business}

Want to learn how to make money power washing?

If you’re looking for a side hustle that can make money quickly, consider starting a pressure washing business.

Power washing is a great way to get started and can be done either as a full-time job or as a part-time side hustle. Plus, if you have ever done it before, you know that it is kind of fun! 

Reddit even has a whole subreddit dedicated to before and after photos of power washing as it is so entertaining. 

how to make money power washing

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How To Make Money Power Washing

Offering power washing, or pressure washing, services can be a good source of extra income.

Many will welcome your services as they do their spring cleaning or get their homes and yards ready for sale or summer parties. Plus business often hire power washers to spruce up their locatios. 

Retail stores, banks, office buildings, and other establishments regularly use power washing to keep their outdoor areas spruced up for their customers.

These clients can be very lucrative, providing you with repeat business several times per year.

What is a Power Washer?

A power washer is a machine that sprays water under pressure to clean driveways, sidewalks, sides of houses or other buildings, and more.

Power washers can often remove stains, dirt, and mildew left behind by other cleaning methods, so outdoor areas look clean and refreshed.

how to start a power washing business

10 Pressure Washing Services To Offer

Almost everything can be power washed and made to look good as new.

From kid’s outdoor play equipment to prepping driveways for construction, there are so many money making opportunities for a pressure washing business. 

Here are some of the most popular tasks you might do:

  1. Driveways – Quickly remove stains and other types of debris.
  2. Patios – Get rid of the dirt from winter storms or spruce up a patio for outdoor parties.
  3. Gutters – You can clean the gutters of a home or one-story business when you have the extension or telescope wand accessory for your pressure washer. This will allow you to get the inside and outside of the gutters as clean as possible, even removing leaves that have become stuck over time.
  4. Outdoor Furniture – Cleaning outdoor furniture is a breeze with a power washer. For best results, keep the pressurized water quickly moving across the furniture so it doesn’t damage it.
  5. Grills – Get the grime off of bbq grills in preparation for parties or to clean them before covering them for the winter. The power washer makes it easy.
  6. Decks –It won’t take you much time to make small or large decks look great.
  7. Siding – Make the siding of homes and other buildings look like new again with a power wash clean.
  8. Sidewalks – A power washer is excellent for cleaning off sidewalks. The dirt and grime that gets embedded in them over time darkens the cement. Your pressure washer can easily clean and brighten the concrete.
  9. Boats – A power washer is especially good for cleaning boats.
  10. Vehicles – Cleaning vehicles is also a breeze with your pressure washer.

The Pros And Cons Of Pressure Washing Business

While starting a power washing business can be a great way to make money, there are a few things you will want to consider before getting started. 

Advantages of starting a pressure washing business

  • Low start-up costs
  • Set your own hours
  • High paying seasonal job
  • Be your own boss
  • Opportunity to connect with your local community


  • No employee benefits or health insurance
  • Physical work that can be tiring
  • Depending on the climate, this may not be a year round job
  • No passive income
  • You will need to be a go-getter in the beginning

How To Start Your Pressure Washing Business

Starting your power washer business will be an exciting adventure but first you need to do some basic admin. 
Check your local authority to see what license or certificate requirement there are. Some areas require a business license or registration with the local water supply company in order to charge for pressure washing. 

Secondly, you will want to prep your home for your business. Make sure you have a place to store your power washer whether that be a garage or backyard shed. 

Also – do you have a suitable vehicle? You don’t necessarily need a pick-up truck for this side hustle, but as it often goes hand in hand with a lawn care business then you may want a car large enough to lug equipment around. 

By the way, if you do have a pick-up truck, make sure to check out this list of 35 ways to make money with a pick up truck and a trailer.

The last thing you will want to prepare are your marketing materials.

Develop a list of services that you’ll offer to your clients. Determine your prices with some research into what local companies are charging for similar services.

You can then create business cards and flyers with your details. You can make these yourself for free using a program like Canva and then have them printed at a local office supplies store. 

Equipment Needed For A Power Washer Business

start your own pressure washing business

The start-up costs for a pressure washing business are not super high but you will need to make some initial investments before you can get paying customers. 

Of course, you will need a pressure washer and supplies for your business. It can also be a good idea to have a back-up washer in case you run into issues. 

Power Washer

Prices for power washers will depend on several different factors.

The size, shape, and model that you decide to purchase will determine your price but in general you are looking at an average price for a pressure washer of about $200.

Look for a washer with an extra long cord to make big jobs quicker.  A 50 foot washer is the size that most people get when they start their pressure washing businesses. 

There are also 25 foot washers for smaller jobs, and it will be handy to have one of each if possible. 

Once you have purchased your power washer, make sure to get familiar with using it before you start looking for jobs. 

Using a power washer will take some time to get used to. Read the directions thoroughly and practice your technique so that you are pro once you start charging for your services. 

Pressure Washing Accessories

Look for power washers that come with extra long cables, spare nozzles and any other extras that will make your job easier. 

Here are some things to look for:

Wand. The wand is the part that goes on the end of the washer in order to clean certain surfaces.
Gutter cleaner – The gutter cleaner will come in handy for you. You’ll be able to get the gutters uncluttered so they drain properly.
Dirt blaster – The dirt blaster goes on the end of the wand and rotates to clean surfaces better.
Telescope or extension wand – The telescope or extension wand will allow you to clean surfaces that are located higher up on the house or business that you’re cleaning. It’s a good idea to have one of these so that you’ll be able to get the most use out of your power washer.
Rotating nozzle – Rotating nozzles allow you to clean surfaces quickly. When there are two nozzles rotating at a time, you’ll be able to clean bigger surfaces.

Wheel Rim Brush – For cleaning car wheels

Fixed Brush- for scrubbing hard to clean areas

You will also need a good detergent for your machine. 

Tips for Using a Pressure Washer

You’ll want to get the surfaces for your clients as clean as possible without causing damage.For best results, follow these tips:

  • Test. Always test-spray a part of the surface that you’re cleaning. There are several different sized washers, and testing will allow you to find the one that will work the best for your situation.
  • Spray from the bottom up on vertical surfaces. Rinse from the top of the surface down for the maximum cleaning effect.
  • Use a wider nozzle. The smaller one may damage the surface area of what you are trying to clean.
  • Keep the washer moving. Because of the pressure, the water can cut into the surface if you keep it in one spot.
  • Keep your distance. To avoid damaging the surface , position yourself a short distance away and hold the power washer nozzle at an angle from the surface.
  • Store your equipment properly. For greater safety, efficiency, and to keep your pressure washer and accessories working properly, it’s important to follow the directions when putting away your equipment.

How To Market Your Power Washing Business

Once you are ready to start power washing, you need to get some clients. 

You should already have your business cards and flyers ready to go so don’t be shy about advertising in your neighbourhood. 

You will also want to consider the following marketing opportunities:

Social Media

Use social media sites to spread the word about your services and let your customers and clients know when you’re running specials.

Create a Facebook page for your business and ask all your friends and family to follow it. Look on Facebook for local groups that will allow you to promote your power washing business to the local area. 

Ask local businesses for help

Ask if you can leave your flyers at local businesses frequented by those who might be interested in your services.

Call or visit local businesses and chat with the owners about how nice you can make their outdoor areas look.

Make a portfolio of before-and-after pictures of some of your jobs and take it with you to show the owners what you can do for them.

To get repeat business and guaranteed work, offer a deal if they sign a contract for a longer term commitment for your services. 

Use Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is an excellent way to acquire more business.

When you do get a job, make sure to ask for referrals before you leave.  An opportune time to ask for referrals is right after you finish a job and the customer sees your excellent results.

Most people love recommending business to their family and friends so a little nudge can really help you get more work. 

Wherever you do a job, remember to leave your business card so that clients can contact you for repeat business and also recommend you to others. 

Traditional Marketing 

Market your business online and offline. Make use of every venue you can to let others know about your services.

Consider getting your vehicle wrapped with advertising or putting a cheap magnet on your car so that people see it when you are parked at a job or driving around town. 

Start Your Own Website

If you really want to make a go of your power washing business, why not make your own website?

Your website will allow you to build your brand and also get sales without paying a lot of fees.

You can create your own website in just an afternoon and for under $5 using a host such as Bluehost.

Bluehost will give you a free domain name to make it easy to get started.

Make sure when choosing your domain name (that’s the www.) that the same name is available on Facebook and Instagram as a username so that you can have a cohesive brand.

To build your own website quickly, you can follow my step by step guide. 

An attractive website can make you look like a legit business that is trustworthy and reliable. 

Make sure to include the following on your website:

  • Your contact information
  • The services you offer
  • Before-and-after pictures of some of your jobs
  • Customer reviews 

How To Make Money Power Washing FAQs

how to make money power washing

How Much Money Can You Make Pressure Washing?

The amount of money you can make pressure washing depends on a few factors, such as the size of the area you are cleaning and the type of equipment you are using.

Generally, you can expect to make around $40-80per hour. However, if you have a lot of experience and are using high-quality equipment, you may be able to make more.

Full-time power washer businesses may bring it over $50,000 a year.

Is Power Washing a good way to make money?

Power washing can be a great way to make money on the side but remember that in some areas of the country, it can be hard to make money power washing in the winter. 

This is because cold weather (under 40 degrees Fahrenheit), can damage pumps or cause the weather to freeze. 

Depending on where you live, this may be a seasonal job that only really makes money at certain times of year. 

Do I Need A License To Start A Pressure Washing Business?

Most states and provinces do not require a specific license for pressure washing businesses however, make sure to check with your local municipality before you go ahead and start looking for clients. 

How To Start A Power Washing Business – Final Thoughts 

Power washing is a fun way to make money. The start-up costs are low and you can make really good money with this side hustle. 

If working outdoors appeals to you, you just might want to try setting up a power washing business. You’ll make money from both homeowners and business owners and have fun while doing it! 

Happy power washing!

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