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How To Make Money With A Pickup Truck (35 Genius Ideas)

Learn how to make money with a pickup truck and a trailer and start making extra cash on the side – some people are making $1000+ a week!

Pick up truck owners can make extra money using their vehicle to help others out.

Just about everyone needs a pick up truck at one time or another, but there are many people that don’t own one.

Personally, I have said “I wish I could use a pickup truck for 2 hours.” so many times when I want to buy something off Facebook Marketplace but I know it won’t fit in my car. 

Many people don’t consider how to make money with a pick up truck and a trailer while they have one sitting in their driveway. This is lost money that you could get for doing almost nothing. 

If you own a pick up truck, there are a ton of ways for you to make money in your spare time. 

In fact, below you will find out how to make $1000 a week with a pickup truck and some know-how! 

When there is a need to be filled, a money-making opportunity exists!

In this post will look at 35 easy ways to make money with a pickup truck that you can start today:

  1. Helping people move stuff
  2. Hauling building materials
  3. Delivering Yard Sale Purchases
  4. Junk Removal
  5. Snow Plow Services
  6. Towing Service
  7. Doing Odd Jobs for cash
  8. Renting out your truck
  9. Making Deliveries With Dolly
  10. Salvaging junk day finds
  11. Starting a lawn care business
  12. Putting ads on your truck
  13. Hot shot Trucking
  14. Foreclosure Cleaning Services
  15. Storage Unit Clean-up
  16. Firewood Deliveries
  17. Boat Hauling
  18. Small Business Services
  19. Amazon Flex Deliveries
  20. Scrap Metal Recycling
  21. Private package deliveries
  22. Food Delivery
  23. Parade Transportation
  24. Shipping services
  25. Horse Show Rentals
  26. Moving Services
  27. Dump Run Rentals
  28. Piano Moving services
  29. Sports Equipment Transportation
  30. Truck Rentals for DMV Testing 
  31. Wood Pallet Removal
  32. Event Set-Up
  33. GoShare Deliveries
  34. Rideshare Programs
  35. Post-Construction Clean-Up Services


How to make money with a pickup truck and trailer

This post contain affiliate links. Please read my Disclosure for more information. 


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How To Make Money With A Pick Up Truck And Trailer

You have a truck, but what are you going to do with it? 

There are more opportunities to make money with a pickup than you might think.

Think of all the times you’ve used a truck or wished you had access to one.

Of course, owning a truck and filling it with gas can get pricey but there are so many different ways for pickup truck owners to offset their expenses and make extra cash. 

There are many things that can be done to earn extra money with a pickup truck, all you need is a truck in good condition and the willingness to do some hard work. 

1. Help move furniture and appliances

This is the number one use for a pickup truck for hire and might be the easiest way to make money this week if you have the manpower behind you. 

While stores have delivery available for these items, many people prefer to purchase used items from private owners.

Facebook marketplace is one of the most popular places to buy and sell items but delivery is often an issue. 

This is where you come in. Bonus points if you can help get it into its new home too. 

This is the most obvious type of work, but there are many other ways to earn extra money.

Most established moving companies charge at least $200 to move an appliance a few miles.

You could easily charge $50 for an hour of your time.
It might be worthwhile to invest in an inexpensive dolly and have a helping hand available for those heavier items.

You might consider only providing transportation and leave the lifting and moving to the other parties.

2. Haul Building Materials

Heavy loads such as wood, sand, gravel, or any other similar material can be hauled for cash. 

Many sellers of these items charge two rates: one that includes delivery, and one that doesn’t.

 If you can offer the delivery for a great price, you can make some good money with local deliveries. 

When moving material that can be bounced or blown out of the truck bed, like sand or gravel, be sure to use a tarp to keep your cargo where it belongs.

3. Deliver Items From Yard Sales

If you have a regular job but want some extra money without needing any additional equipment.

If you have a large box truck or a pickup truck, you can advertise your services at thrift stores in your local area.

Many people need help moving larger items home after yard sales.

Even at the mall, there are many folks that would love to purchase a recliner or clothes dryer that simply don’t have a way to get those items back home without paying a high delivery charge from the store.

Find garage sales in the classifieds and contact the owners about providing a moving service with your pickup truck. 

It is a win win for people running a yard sale as they have more chance of selling large items if they can offer a delivery solution. 

You could charge a small flat rate plus mileage.

4. Junk Removal

I’ve paid for someone with a large truck for this purpose before. I changed the floors in my home from carpet to hardwood and the trash collectors wouldn’t take the carpet. Enter someone handy with a pickup truck who could take it all the dump for me. 

 Many people have items they’d like to throw away, but the trash collectors refuse to take. These are often bigger items or building materials. Most local dumps charge a minimal amount for a pick-up truckload.

It’s not uncommon to find people that want a garage, attic, basement, or even an entire house cleaned out. In many cases, these are people that inherited a home or purchased one that was foreclosed on.

This type of work not only yields a fee for your removal services, but the items can also be sold.

Remember that many items can be recycled. This can be especially lucrative as you can potentially make money with the “junk” that you get rid of. For example, it is possible to make money with scrap metal by selling it to scrap yards. 

Those are just a few ideas. Spend some time brainstorming a few of your own. Think about what services people in your area might need. 

5. Snow Plowing Service

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, have your own pickup truck and get a snow plow attachment, you have the perfect way to make extra income.

Using your truck for snow plowing services can be a really great way to make a ton of money during the winter months. 

You can target HOAs and condo buildings for year long contracts for guaranteed money. 

Even plowing for individual homeowners can be a good money maker as they will sign a contract for the full season regardless of how much snow you get that year so your income is guaranteed. Once you have an established customer base, you will get business year after year.

The initial investment with this option is the extra cost of a plow attachment for your truck (new ones run around $1500-6000) but you will make the money back in the first season. 

6. Towing

Starting a towing company is probably the most common way to make money with a pick up truck.

You need to buy a hitch and make sure you have the correct emergency supplies.

Don’t forget to contact your insurance company before you start working this side gig because you might need to update your policy.

In addition to advertising your towing business, you will make more money by listening in to police and traffic radios and being the first car on the scene.

Bear in mind that while towing services are in high demand and can even be a full-time job, many areas have “territories” that are covered by a specific tow company.

Many tow truck drivers hang around near highway on ramps so they can quickly hit the road when there is a need for a tow.

7. Complete odd jobs

If you want to set your own hours and make some extra money in your free time, consider offering odd jobs for cash. 

One of the best apps to do this is TaskRabbit. This is an app that lets you make money for your truck.

It’s popular because it offers all different types of jobs, such as furniture removal, pick up and moving, appliances pick up and set own rates.

You can also find opportunities on sites like Craigslist or Upwork.

8. Rent it out

If you don’t use your pickup truck and trailer every day , this is the best way to earn extra cash with little effort.

Turo is the largest car-sharing website in all states except for New York and it allows you to make money with your truck and trailer when they would otherwise be sitting in your driveway.

Pickup trucks can earn up to $650 a month, and you can rent your truck out on certain days or weeks.

Turo provides liability insurance up to $1 million and pre-screens your potential clients so you don’t have to worry about other people damaging your vehicle.

9. Make deliveries with Dolly

Dolly is a delivery service that connects drivers with businesses and individuals who need help.

Drivers are paid when they complete deliveries, but it is possible to make money with Dolly even if you don’t have your own truck.

Earnings potential varies among driving gig apps, but the top earners are making over $1,200 per week using the Dolly app. 

10. Salvage junk day finds

A truck and trailer can be used to make money in many ways and one of those is flea market flipping. 

Salvage junk day finds are a great way to make money with a truck and trailer. This is where you find items people have thrown out and sell them to the highest bidder.

All you have to do is pick up items on the curb for free and sell them on eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Get to know the bulk garbage pick up days in your local towns and then head out the night before to see what treasures you can find.

You might be surprised at the kinds things of flea market flippers find on the curb and then sell for a huge profit.

11. Landscaping services

Landscaping companies rely on pickup trucks because they can carry a lot of equipment and yard waste.

If you like yard work, this is a side hustle that you can easily turn into a full-time business with the right plan. 

You can offer higher-end services like landscape design or planting if you have the skills, but start offering landscaping services with a truck and trailer to get your foot in the door.

How much money can you make with your own landscaping gig?

You might be surprised at how much money there is in a lawn care business if you have the right equipment and marketing skills.

12. Put ads on your truck

Turn your pick up truck into a moving billboard! Truck and trailer owners can make money by advertising on their vehicles.

Trucks are more in demand than cars because there is more room on a truck for ads – simple as that!

There are many ways to advertise on your truck, including some companies that will pay you more just to drive it around specified high traffic areas.

Even leaving your truck in highly visible parking lots can have you earning without even driving. 

If you want to advertise on your truck as a billboard then Carvertise and Wrapify are great for this.

These companies offer advertising opportunities that will allow you to earn money from vehicle wrap advertisements, which is the most visible type of advertisement available in-vehicle.

13. Hotshot Trucking

If you’ve got a pickup truck and trailer, hotshot driving can be an excellent way to make some money on the side.

Hot shot trucking is the quickest and most efficient way to transport small loads. It is extremely in demand job. 

A hotshot trucker in a reasonable location for regular loads can easily bring home $60,000 to 120K gross income per year.

Most expenses—fuel, truck maintenance, insurance, license fees  and tolls etc.—are approximately half of what you take home so you could be earning a net salary of $30-60K as a hot shot trucker. 

Hotshots often call for hauling less than 100 miles and deliveries are often extremely last minute. 

Given that they are time sensitive, hot shot loads allow you to charge a higher price and make a better profit which is why this is such as great way to make money with your pick-up truck. 

The great thing about this option is that it doesn’t require many start-up costs – all of which are already in place thanks to your vehicle choice!

If you’re interested in becoming a hotshot trucker, start your career with CDL A or B License, get your background check and then check out job boards such as:


Hot Shot Carrier


Expedite Loads

123 Loadboard

You’ll also find plenty opportunities as long as there’s demand for hauling freight around town or out into remote areas.

14. Foreclosure Cleanup Services

Another way to make money with a pickup truck and trailer is by providing foreclosure cleanup services.

When homes are suddenly foreclosed on, items need to be moved out right away.

When a property goes into foreclosure, the bank is left with thousands of items to take care of, and they’ll need someone to clean out these properties before reselling them.

The home’s residents often leave at a moment’s notice, leaving all their belongings behind for you to pick up as part of your cleanup service!

To find foreclosure clean-up jobs, speak with financial institutions, landlords, property managers, and real estate agents to find foreclosed homes or buildings that need clearing out.

Another idea is to contact dedicated foreclosure cleaning businesses in your area and see if they need help with hauling trash.

When you do this work as a private contractor you will get excellent leads for future jobs and can charge more than $200 per hour.

You may want to provide your services at an hourly rate or find clients who are willing to pay upfront for your services in order to get access to the properties.

15. Storage Unit Cleanup Service

If foreclosure cleaning isn’t for you, how about storage unit clean-up?

Storage units are loaded with items that need transporting out if someone doesn’t pay on time.

Using a truck and trailer to help people transport these products from the unit to their home is a great way to earn extra cash.

Plus, lets be honest, it can be kind of fun to see the kinds of stuff people leave in their storage locker – we’ve all seen Storage Wars after all!

To find storage units that need cleaning out, check out storage auctions where you can bid for storage units and get paid for it.

The average cost of a storage clean-up is $100 so even if you only work on weekends, this is a nice little side hustle that could bank you $500-1000 every month.

16. Firewood deliveries

Want to know how to make money with a dump trailer? 

One of the best ways to make money with a truck and trailer is by delivering firewood.

You can use your pickup to haul away stumps you’ve cut, turn them into firewood that will then be delivered to customers.

Although your firewood delivery business will be booming in the winter, people use firewood for their fire pits all year round.

To find gigs as a firewood delivery service, here are some options:

– Post on social media sites like Facebook or Craigslist can be used as well as community board websites such as Nextdoor or Meetup

– Share your personal contact information with friends, family members, and social media contacts.

– If you have a garage or driveway space to use as storage for your firewood deliveries then this is also an opportunity that will generate income this way.

17. Boat Hauling

Especially in the summer months, marine transportation is big business and you can get in on the action with your pick-up truck.

Boat hauling entails moving small boats and water vessels from and to residencies, to and from marinas and also helping launch them on the water.

A lot of people want a boat but don’t want the expense of owning a pick-up truck so this is where you come in!

You will want to make sure you have the proper insurance in place before you advertise your services because boats are very expensive and can get damaged during transportation.

18. Deliver for Local Small Businesses

The best way to make money quickly with a pickup truck and trailer is delivering products for local small businesses.

Contracting services with delivery companies can be expensive for mom-and-pop shops so they are often happy to hire an independent contractor instead.

To find small businesses in need of your help, reach out to them offering your services. A business card and a winning smile is all you need to get going.

Some businesses that might need your help include:

  • Antique Stores – they may recommend you to their customers for delivering purchases
  • Nurseries and Gardening Stores – May need help delivering trees and large plants
  • Florists – wedding party flowers are take up a lot of space and need to be delivered on time. Contact home based floral businesses to see if they need help.
  • A local restaurant – may need help with deliveries for catering events

19. Amazon Flex Deliveries

This is an opportunity to deliver Amazon packages and this is a job that always has openings.

Amazon flex deliveries involve picking up groceries or household items from one of the many distribution centers and delivering them to the end customer.

This job offers flexibility with scheduling and is ideal for anyone looking for part-time work.

You need a cap on your truck bed or an enclosed trailer in order to qualify, and you must be 21 years old plus a clean driver’s license.

20. Sell Scrap Metal

Metal scraps can be sold to recyclers for a significant profit.

Learning how to how to make money with a pick up truck and a trailer with scrap metal is one of the best side hustles. 

There are lots of people who are making a lot of money selling scrap metal for cash with their pick up truck and trailer.

You can scour your neighbourhood for free metal items on garbage day and then take them to your local scrap yard.

You can also advertise your appliance removal services in your area and do pick-ups for people for free.

This is also an environmentally friendly way of recycling material instead of dumping it in landfills.

21. Deliver Packages Privately

Deliver packages privately to make money with your truck and trailer.

If you have the time and desire to deliver packages, consider doing it yourself at a set hourly rate or by flat fee depending on your availability.

This can be a really good way to make money, especially around the holidays. You can get started by contacting local businesses and seeing if they will use you instead of more expensive courier companies.

22. Deliver Food With Your Pickup Truck

When you are delivering food with your pickup truck, you can make a lot of money. In this case, I am not talking about the regular food delivery apps we all know and love.

Although you can make money working for food delivery services such as Uber Eats and Doordash, there is more money to be made in catering.

The truth is, its not cheap to fill your pick-up truck with gas and you might not cover your costs doing regular food deliveries.

Catering companies who serve at banquets and weddings need to haul a bunch of stuff (burners, warmers and all the food) to different locations and often need some help with deliveries and this is where you come in.

This is one of those side jobs that is perfect if you only want to work weekends and evenings on the side.

23. Use your pick-up truck as a parade float

Participating in a parade can be fun and also earn extra cash.

I’ve personally rented a pick up truck for my kid’s school’ to participate in our city’s Santa Parade.

You can make money with your pick-up truck and trailer by renting out your truck to help transport people on the parade float.

Another option that will be easier, insurance-wise, is to drive your truck yourself in the parade and allow an organization to decorate it and ride in the truck bed.

You can also allow businesses to advertise on the side of your truck during the parade.

24. Ship Items With Your Truck and Trailer

Companies that connect truckers with loads are becoming more popular, and it’s possible to make between $8 to $50 per gig, especially for out of town hauls

Trucking gigs can be found online through a peer-to-peer network such as the CitizenShipper app.

25.Horse Show Rentals

Trucks with horse trailers are expensive and renting one is something a lot of horse owners look into when it comes to taking their ponies to horse shows. .

This is a great way to help those individuals out who don’t have their own truck and trailer to haul their horses. It is the perfect setup for hauling to a show or making a short move.

Typical rates for this kind of rental are around $75.00 per day (for truck & trailer) plus $.50 per mile.

If you are interested in getting into this line of work, your truck will need a two with a break controller built in. Most newer trucks have this anyway but it is worth checking.

26. Moving Services

Moving services are always in demand and professional movers charge up to $1000 to move one house worth of stuff.

Starting your own moving service is a great way to make money with a pick-up truck and trailer. If you live in a college town, this can be a great money-maker.

For a lot of people, a pick-up truck and trailer is enough for their move, even if you have to do a couple of trips.

You can charge for time and use of the truck, or hire teenagers to help expedite the process and help with the actual move.

27. Truck Rental For Dump Run One-offs

Did you know that you can offer truck rental for dump run one-offs? This is even easier than the junk removal we spoke about at the beginning of this post.

For this gig, all you need to do is rent out your truck for people who need to do a run to the dump but who don’t have room in their car.

This is something a lot of people need when they are doing renovations or getting ready to move house or downsize.

28. Piano Moving Services

Piano moving is not for the faint of heart! Moving one of these huge musical instruments can be really tricky, especially if there are stairs involved.

If you have a truck and some muscles, this can be a really great way to make money with your pick-up truck as people are always looking for piano movers.

Large, heavy items like an upright piano can be moved in a pickup truck, but they can also do damage to your bed if you don’t protect it.

Make sure to get a thick quality protective blanket to put in the bed of your truck.

28. Skiing or Sporting Equipment Transportation

For people who enjoy sports that require a lot of equipment, a pick-up truck can come in really handy.

When you’re traveling with all that gear, you need to have a vehicle to accommodate it. The bed of a pickup truck can easily haul lots of sports gear and even a snowmobile.

If you live near the mountains, advertise your truck on your local marketplaces for a set fee.

29.Truck Rentals for DMV Testing and practice

If you happen to be in the DMV testing area, you can offer truck rentals for people who need their drivers license or motorcycle test.

This is usually a one-time thing and it’s really convenient for the person who needs to get it done.

People may want to use your truck to practice before their test and then again on the actual test day.

For this service, you won’t actually need your trailer so its even easier!

30.Wood Pallet Removal and Sales

If you’re looking to make some easy money with truck and trailer side hustles, try collecting wood pallets.

You might know that wood pallets are in demand for freight but  crafters who like making wood pallet projects also need them. 

Companies use these materials every day across the country so they are always in demand!

You can track down companies who just leave them outside their offices for people like yourself collect from them or find clients that need more pallet storage space than what’s available.

31. Event Set-up and Deliveries

You can use your pickup truck to make money at events such as weddings and banquets.

If there are decorations or other oversized items that need moved around for an event and cannot easily fit into another vehicle’s cargo space, you can offer your services.

Lots of different things need to be transported for events such as:

  • Chairs for weddings
  • Balloon arches for parties
  • Statues and large signs

I actually just worked at a wedding as the wedding planner where the couple had a huge Harry Potter themed sign directing people to the wedding.

Unfortunately it wouldn’t fit in anyones car so in the end they rented a pick-up truck and a groomsman drove it!

32. Make Deliveries with GoShare

GoShare connects drivers with businesses and individuals who need logistical help.

As a Goshare pick-up truck driver, you can set their own schedule, get paid within 4 days of completing a job, and make between $1,000 to over $20,000 per week.

The kinds of deliveries you will be making with GoShare vary, from small parcels to pallets of cargo, depending what the client needs.

33. Rideshare Programs

A pickup truck is an awesome job for making money and ride share is another option that you can try.

Consider driving people with your truck on a site such as Uber or Lyft.

Although driving people with a gas-guzzling vehicle might not be the best job for a pickup truck, it can be a great way to make some extra cash occasionally.

People with a lot of luggage might need a truck to pick them up from the airport or from an event so you can charge extra money.

35. Post Construction Clean-up

There are many construction companies that will hire you to come in and clean up the construction site.

When contractors have wrapped up a job at a building site, and are primed for project handover to the new owners, the construction clean-up crew begin.

Your construction cleanup services will ensure that all seen and unseen areas of construction sites are cleared completely of dust, dirt and debris. 

Your main tasks will involve removing trash and large debris, while also removing stickers from windows, mirrors and glass doors. You will then vacuum and sweep the house ready for the new owners.

How To Find Jobs With Your Pick Up Truck

Now you know how to make money with a truck and a trailer but how to find work?

There are some apps to make money with a pickup truck that you can join.

They will help you find high paying jobs and odd work when you really need to use your truck to make money. 

Here are the best ones to check out:


Burro is like the Uber for pick up truck moving services. It is a great option if you are a pickup truck driver who has a lot of free time.

Burro matches delivery drivers with people or retail stores who need delivery, moving or hauling services.

This all happens via an app and you will be able to work on demand on different routes. 

You can sign up on the Burro website and earn up to$35 an hour with your pick up truck. 

Vehicle Requirements 

  • Your full-size truck bed must be at least 7 feet long with the tailgate down,
  • The truck must be 4 feet wide between the wheel wells
  • It must be able to accommodate items 7 feet tall so no bed covers. 

You need to get your name out there so that you become the go-to when someone needs a pickup truck.

The key is to promote your business enough that people save your information as it’s unlikely they will need something when they see your ad. 


GoShare is another site that pick up owners can use to find delivery work. According to the site, pick up owners can expect to earn between $46 -$52 an hour with their truck. 

This works exactly like Burro where you can pick your hours and what jobs you accept. They accept slightly smaller pick up trucks so it might be an option for you if Burro is not. 

Vehicle Requirements For GoShare

  • Pickup trucks should have a bed length of at least 5 feet.
  • Any standard trucks that don’t meet the 5 ft. requirement are still eligible to join the platform as couriers

5 Places to Advertise your Pickup Truck


Join as many local neighbourhood groups as possible and promote your services on the business days. Here is a good example of an ad I found:

2. Local newspapers classified sections

Newspapers aren’t as popular as they used to be but you will capture the audience that still doesn’t use social media this way. 

3. Craiglist or Kijiji

Place ads in the furniture section as well as the services area. Consider contacting sellers so they can offer your services to people who want to buy their items but don’t have a way to get it home. 

4. Flyers around the neighbourhood

Print off some flyers and post them where ever you can in the neighbourhood and in places like your local Starbucks and local Church bulletin boards. Hand business cards out to local restaurants and business owners. 

5. Taskrabbit

Register with Taskrabbit and advertise your contactless delivery services easily. It gives you another easy way to make money with your pickup truck without you having to do much.

How to Make Money With My Truck: FAQS

How Much Money Can You Make With A Pickup Truck?

This will depend on the types of job you pick up and the type of trailer you have.

The sky is really the limit. Pick up truck hauling jobs pay more than ad-hoc delivery gigs that you pick up on Craigslist. 

How much time you have to dedicate to your new side hustle is also a factor. 

For some gigs, you could make $1000 a week full-time. 

For impromptu services that you advertise online, you could make $100 a day but work will not be consistent. 

I’ve paid around $60 an hour for someone to haul stuff from Ikea for me. 

This means that you could make upwards of $100 a day for doing deliveries and pick ups for neighbours. 

Of course, the work is not guaranteed and you will need to market yourself well (more on that later).

As a side business, owning a truck is perfect for making extra cash when money is tight. 

How to choose the right pickup truck to make money?

Hopefully you already own a pickup truck and want to find some easy ways to make money.

If you are in the market to buy a truck, there’s an endless supply for sale for relatively little money.

It might be possible to borrow a truck from a friend, neighbor, or family member until you can afford your own.

Craigslist is a good place to start looking. 

If you want to learn how to make money with a pick up truck and a trailer, look for a truck with the following features:

A full-size bed

A truck with an 8-foot bed will hold more things than a smaller truck with a 6-foot bed.

For example, many couches are longer than 6 feet in length. Many building supplies are 8-feet in length.
A full-size bed will permit you to take on more jobs such as helping with furniture deliveries and large hauls. 

Hardy condition

It should be in rough enough shape that you won’t mind scratching it up.

Carrying things in the bed on a regular basis will create a lot of wear and tear over time. There are so many older trucks available for relatively little money, there’s no reason to ruin your newer truck.


You need a reliable truck that won’t break down halfway through a job. 

You don’t want a truck that requires a lot of repairs. 

How to make $1000 a day with a pickup truck?

If you really need to make a lot of money, then the highest paying side hustles with a truck are hot shot trucking and hot shot boat hauling jobs. 

This kind of work pays really well and is a great option if you want to know how to make money with your truck and you have the time to dedicate to it. 

How can I find hauling jobs with my pickup truck?

The easiest way to find hauling jobs for pickup trucks is to scour the classifieds both online and in trucking magazines. 

You can also reach out to construction companies and large trucking companies that might have odd work for you. 

More Tips For Making Money With Your Pickup Truck

  • A simple website can also be a good idea and provides credibility.
  • Look for service requests. The classifieds and Facebook groups frequently have requests for the very services you’re providing. Spend a few minutes each day taking a look.
  • Know your pricing. Call around to a few others who provide a similar service. Ask for quotes to perform the very services you plan to offer. Price your services accordingly.
  • Also, ask yourself what you can do to separate yourself from the pack.

The lowly pickup truck is a great tool for making good money in your spare time.

Not only are the hours and pay great, but you can also deduct your mileage on your taxes.

 How To Make Money With A Pick Up Truck And Trailer

A pickup truck can be a great way to make money. Pickup trucks are practical and useful, but they also have the potential for making you money!

If you want to be your own boss and are willing to work hard, this can be a great opportunity to make more money.

From renting out your truck to providing delivery services, you can create a worthwhile second income with your truck.

From renting out your truck to providing delivery services,  with a little time and effort, you can create a worthwhile second income with your truck.

More Ways To Make Money On The Side 

Start A Gift Wrapping Business

What To Sell At A Farmer’s Market To Make Money

Start A Soap Making Business From Home

How to make money with a pick up truck and a trailer