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7 Best Freelance Jobs for Beginners In 2024

Looking to ditch the 9 to 5? It may seem daunting to start out on your own but in fact, it’s easy! Keep reading for the best freelance jobs for beginners in 2024 and start your own business this week! 

These days, it’s easier than ever before to set up your own business.

Technology has made it possible to dive into the world of self-employment, working from the comfort of your own home.

Freelancing is a particularly popular side hustle option. There are lots of different freelancing careers you can get into. 

freelance jobs for beginners

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What Is Freelancing? 

Freelancers are independent contractors who are not employees of a company.

They set their own hours and promote their own business getting hired for projects or jobs. 

Most of us have heard of freelancing in the World of media – freelance journalists are not employed by a particular newspaper or media outlet.

They write independently and get paid either per article or per word. 

Why Do Companies Use Freelancers? 

Hiring a freelancer has many benefits for companies.

First of all, it is cheaper for employers because there are not additional overheads to pay – no benefits, no pensions, no vacation or sick days. 

Secondly, smaller companies often use freelancers for jobs where they either can’t afford a full-time employee or for a specific time-limited project.

For example, many small companies cannot afford a full marketing department so they hire a social media consultant to take over their social media marketing on a freelance basis.

7 Best Freelance Jobs for Beginners

1. Freelance Book Keeper

If you’re looking for a lucrative freelancing career, book keeping or even accounting is a great choice.

The demand for accountants and book keepers is continuously increasing, as more and more of us are moving to be self-employed. 

You can provide a competitive freelance accountancy service to all kinds of businesses and start-ups.

It’s a fairly easy freelancing career to start up if you have the right qualifications too. 

You won’t need much in the way of capital and you’ll find it easy to generate new clients.

if you have experience as a book keeper or would like to start your own company, there are online book keeping courses you can take to give you some credentials and experience. 

Pros: Well paid, don’t require much capital to get started and stable clients.
Cons: Inconsistent income, requires qualifications

2. Freelance Writer

If you have a way with words, freelance writing is another great opportunity. 

Whether you want to write web content for businesses, blogs, reviews or even product descriptions; there is a type of writing you can get into to fit your preferences.

You’ll also find you can write on practically any topic too. 

One of the best resources for getting started as a freelance writer is Elna Cain.

She even has a free course on getting started that you can take. 

A couple of ways to get started as a freelance writer is to offer free guest posts on blogs or websites.

You can then use that work as part of your portfolio in order to gain paid jobs. 

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Pros: Plenty of opportunities, no real qualifications required, work remotely
Cons: Inconsistent income, not the highest paid opportunity

3. Online Teaching and Tutoring

You don’t even need teaching experience to become an online tutor as many companies are happy to accept a university degree as a qualification. 

There are many companies who are hiring online tutors to teach English to students overseas and this is often the best way to get started if you want a steady workload.

Check out this list for 4 companies that are hiring now. 

Another option is to set yourself up as an independent tutor working from home.

Tutors can help children with subjects they are struggling with or give extra support around exam time. 

You can find these kind of tutoring jobs by advertising in neighbourhood Facebook or Next Door groups as well as by word of mouth. 

Pros: High demand, Relatively easy, fun work

Cons: Early/late hours, pay varies.

4. Freelance Online Marketer

Another great freelancing opportunity is to become a marketer.

Digital marketing is huge right now and it’s forever changing.

Many businesses simply don’t have the time, or the know-how to market their brand online.

Online Marketers May Perform The Following Tasks:

  • Create and publish social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • Respond to messages and DMs on social media
  • Manage websites and promote them online
  • Manage outreach and getting “mentions” on other platforms

There are lots of free courses you can take online that target specific social media platforms and online marketing in general. 

This will give you the knowledge required to start offering freelance marketing services.

You could also specialize in particular types of marketing too such as email marketing or social media marketing.

Pros: An in-demand industry, varied workload, minimal qualifications required
Cons: Inconsistent income, finding job opportunities

5. Freelance Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are always in demand. 

Just like a traditional personal assistant, expect to do pretty much what you would in a standard admin role.

You’ll be providing administrative support to companies or individuals. 

This can include data entry, handling phone and email communication for the business and scheduling appointments.

Pros: High-demand, work from home, minimal qualifications required
Cons: Pay isn’t always great, inconsistent income

6. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

I’m including this as a separate opportunity as it really is one of the best freelance jobs for beginners.

Pinterest Virtual Assistants help bloggers or brands get business from Pinterest. 

You would create pins, schedule them out and maintain the brand’s Pinterest account. 

You don’t need any special qualifications to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant although you do need to be familiar with the Pinterest platform and also basic design elements using software such as Canva, PicMonkey or Photoshop. 

Learn More: How To Get Started As A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pros: New opportunity, in demand, specialized

Cons: Need to establish yourself before you can charge a lot

7. Freelance Web Designer

If you are tech savvy and have some experience, consider becoming a freelance web designer.

Out of all of the roles featured on this list, a web designer role does require a little more expertise.

The good news is, there are a lot of courses online you can take to teach yourself web design.

This is particularly lucrative role, giving you the opportunity to earn a really great income.

Businesses are constantly looking to have websites designed or updated. You’ll never run out of clients in this career.

Pros: Very lucrative career, in-demand, remote working
Cons: Qualifications are required, inconsistent income

So, there you have it, 7 of the best freelance jobs for beginners you can do from home.

You’ll notice  that several of them mention inconsistent income as a concern. 

This is the only real downside to freelancing as your income will change from month to month.

Ways to counter this include:

  • Building a great reputation by producing great work 
  • Asking existing clients for referrals 
  • Looking for long term projects and jobs
  • Starting more than one freelance job at the beginning to offset your quiet periods

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