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How To Make Planner Stickers To Sell On Etsy in 2024

Are you looking for a way to make a little extra money? Why not learn how to make planner stickers to sell on Etsy could be the perfect side hustle for you.

Crafting the perfect sticker can be challenging, but with the right materials and techniques, anyone can create beautiful, colorful stickers to sell on Etsy – no design experience necessary!

In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks for making planner stickers that will wow your customers.

We will show you:

  • The best kind of stickers to make for Etsy buyers
  • How much money you can make selling stickers
  • How to choose between physical stickers and digital downloads
  • What you need to make planner stickers
  • How to start your own Etsy sticker shop
  • Where to sign up for a free masterclass on selling stickers

how to make planner stickers to sell on Etsy

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How To Make Planner Stickers To Sell On Etsy

Let’s start with the basics. What are planner stickers and why are they a good thing to make and sell in your own Etsy shop?

What are planner stickers?

Planner stickers are an essential tool for anyone looking to get organized.

These small symbols and images can be used to track important dates, tasks, and goals in a planner or journal.

They make planning your year out much more fun.

What Are The Best Selling Planner Stickers?

While there are many different types of planner stickers available, they mainly fall into the following categories:

  • To-do list stickers
  • Reminder Stickers (for birthdays, dentist appointments etc)
  • Important date stickers
  • Chores stickers for a house cleaning schedule
  • Homeschooling stickers
  • Teacher planner stickers
  • Fun day reminders (vacation, pay day, day off work)
  • Seasonal and holiday stickers
  • Morning routine stickers

Who buys planner stickers on Etsy?

Planner stickers are used in a variety of ways.

They can be used to be creative and organized, as well as for decoration and self-care.

Planning and bullet-journaling is a bonafide hobby nowadays which has resulted in a huge rise in the popularity of planner stickers – making an Etsy sticker store a great side hustle.

What kinds of stickers do people buy in Etsy?

There is a wide range of types of stickers that people like to buy, such as to-do list stickers, priority stickers, batch creating task stickers and chore stickers.

Another popular genre are laptop stickers and vinyl decals for water bottles. 

Some people look for digital planner stickers that they can use with online planners or print off at home while printed paper stickers are still the best selling type of planner sticker.

In this post, we will look at how to make physical products that you ship out to your customer.

Click through to this post if you want to learn more about making and selling your own digital stickers.

Step By Step Guide To Making Planner Stickers For Etsy

Step 1: Gather your Supplies

Making planner stickers to sell on Etsy is a great way to make extra money while doing something you’re passionate about.

But before you can get started, it’s important to make sure that you have all the supplies necessary for the job.

Here are some steps on how to gather the right supplies for your Etsy business.

You’ll need materials like sticker paper, adhesive vinyl, and transfer tape.

Make sure that you get high-quality materials so that they don’t fade or become unglued over time when used with planners or other surfaces.

You’ll also need design software like Adobe Illustrator and/or Canva Pro so that you can create your own designs from scratch or use existing templates from popular sites like Creative Market and Creative Fabrica.

What are the materials required to make planner stickers to sell on Etsy?

1. Cutting machine

A cutting machine is an essential tool for anyone wishing to sell planner stickers on Etsy.

The two most popular models are the Cricut Explore Air 2 and the Silhouette Cameo 4.

The Cricut Explore 3 is particularly suited for sticker sales due to its fast speed and ability to cut up to 12 feet without a mat.

In addition, it can cut through more than 100 different materials, making it a versatile choice for any craft business owner.

While buying a cutting machine is a large initial cost, it is an essential element to your online sticker business.

2. Software

To create planner stickers to sell on Etsy using a Cricut, you can use the free Cricut Design Space® app, available on for iOS®, Mac®, Windows®, and Google®, and in the App Store® and Google Play®. 

Video lessons are available and can assist users in learning quickly.

The right software will allow you to create sticker templates so that you can quickly make different planner stickers using the same base.

Creating more products is a great way to increase sales quickly on Etsy.

3. Printer

The significance of a printer in relation to creating and selling planner stickers on Etsy is that a printer helps produce high-quality stickers quickly and cheaply.

Inkjet printers are cheaper, but they don’t print well when printing large prints or saturated images, whereas laser printers are more expensive but the printing quality is superior.

The best printer for stickers on the market is the Epson SureColor P900. 

4. Sticker paper

When selling planner stickers on Etsy, it is important to select the right type of sticker paper.

Vinyl stickers are best for producing labels, promotional labels, and bumper stickers.

For creating and selling printable planner stickers on Etsy, laser printers are best as they produce better results with sticker paper.

Additionally, laser printer ink does not run out quickly like inkjet paper does.

5. Graphics and clip art

While you may have some great original ideas for your sticker business, you may need to purchase graphics and fonts in order to turn your dreams into a lucrative business.

Luckily, it is easy to buy digital files for cheap online.

Here are my favorite places to buy graphics:

The Hungry Jpeg

I buy many graphics from The Hungry Jpeg. 

They offer tons of bundles of graphics, fonts and illustrations for great prices. 

They also have a weekly freebie that includes a complete license that you can use on products for sale – check out this week’s here. 

Creative Market

This is another great place to source fonts and graphics for your digital products.

 Creative Market also gives out 4 free items every Monday so it is worth checking out. Here are the freebies this week.

Creative Fabrica

I am a huge fan of Creative Fabrica because they offer many products for super cheap and with really good commercial licenses. 

This is the cheapest of the graphic sites that I use and the nice thing is that you can purchase a Print on Demand license for many graphics which means that you can use them as is on your site. 

Often the print on demand license is just a few dollars more than the regular license so it is worth buying. 

Step 2: Choose A Niche

The biggest challenge when making and selling planner stickers is to come up with unique stickers that people want to buy.

Choosing a niche can help you to target a specific customer base and make branding easier.

Additionally, picking a unique product or service that the entire community has yet to discover can increase the chances of success on Etsy.

While you may already have a niche in mind when it comes to your stickers, if not, an easy way to come up with new ideas is to do some market research to find the planner stickers that sell best on Etsy.

The Best Selling Planner Stickers On Etsy

Although heading to Etsy and spending some time looking at existing listings is a great way to get started, there is an even easier way to see what will sell.

Using a dedicated Etsy keyword research tool like Sale Samurai will help you find new products to sell and improve your existing listings.

You can get a free 3 day trial to start you off.

If you want to see how to use this tool to find the best selling items on Etsy, read my Sale Samurai tutorial and watch my video here. 

The great thing about this tool is that it will also give you information on how to create your listing so it shows up on search (Etsy SEO).

You can even create your listing right on Sale Samurai so that they have the best chance of getting seen on search.

Using both a keyword tool and your own research on Etsy should help you find some great ideas for your Etsy business.

Step 3: Designing the Stickers

Step three in the process of starting your own sticker business is designing some beautiful stickers.

In this step, you will choose the color schemes and designs for your stickers, as well as determine what shapes and sizes work best for your product line.

Creating a good design for a sticker requires knowledge of the target market and their interests, needs, and wants.

Check out what other Etsy shop owners are doing well and look for gaps in the market.

When it comes to choosing colors and designs, there’s no right or wrong answer.

Think about what kind of aesthetic you want your brand to have, then use that as a base while selecting colors and patterns that fit with it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices available, consider narrowing down your selection by picking one or two core colors and using similar hues or shades in varying degrees throughout your collection.

You can use design programs such as Canva Pro to make the type of stickers that you want without stressing too much about learning a new software like Photoshop.

Step 4: Printing and Cutting the Planner Stickers

Creating planner stickers to sell on Etsy can be a fulfilling and profitable endeavour.

Step 3 of the process is printing and cutting the stickers.

Before beginning, you will need to gather your materials: printer paper, scissors, double-sided tape, and a printer.

After printing out your design onto your paper, examine each sticker for any smudges or errors.

Cut each sticker individually with sharp scissors in order to get clean line around the edges of the designs.

The best way to cut multiple stickers at once is by using a guillotine cutter which allows you to quickly slice through many sheets of paper at one time.

To make things easier at this step, consider selling sticker sheets rather than individual stickers. This will limit the amount of delicate cutting you have to do.

Step 5: Listing Your Planner Stickers For Sale On Etsy

Planner stickers are a great way to make extra money and add a bit of creativity to your life.

Starting an Etsy shop is the best way to begin selling them, but it can be tricky if you’ve never done it before.

Step 5 of this guide will show you how to set up your Etsy shop for success so that you can start selling planner stickers in no time.

To get started, pick a catchy name for your store and create an eye-catching logo or banner. 

Then, write an engaging description about yourself and your business that will draw potential customers in.

Next, fill out additional information on the “About” page such as payment and shipping policies, refund policy, and contact information.

It is easy and free to open your Etsy shop and you can be up and running in just a few minutes. 

If you don’t already have an Etsy account, you will need one before you can start your Etsy shop. 

Go to Etsy and click on “Create Shop”.

Use this special invitation from me to get 40 free listings to start you off. 

Fill out the basic information about your shop and you will be almost ready to create your first listing!

You can add a logo and a shop banner for your store

To walk you through the whole Etsy set-up, I recommend you download my free Starting An Etsy Shop Checklist PDF. 

Creating an Etsy listing: title, tags, pictures

You’ve created the perfect stickers and you’re ready to start selling. But how do you create an Etsy listing that will attract buyers?

Before listing your items for sale, take some time to do research about other listings in this category.

What prices are they setting?

What types of item descriptions are they using?

You can use this research to set appropriate prices for your own products and create compelling product descriptions that will help draw customers in.

Make sure that no matter what price or description you choose that it accurately reflects the value of the product.

When writing descriptions, be sure to include key words related to the item so customers can easily find it when searching on Etsy.

The title of your listing is important – it’s one of the first things potential buyers will see.

Keep it descriptive and use all the available characters.

Make sure to include key words like “planner stickers” and describe your item fully.

Tags are also important for helping potential buyers find your listing. Again, use key words that describe your product.

Make sure to take great photos of your stickers from different angles.

Pricing Your Planner Stickers On Etsy

Pricing printable planner stickers correctly is important for maximizing revenue.

Etsy can be used as a reference for determining standard sticker prices – check out what similar products are selling for to get an idea of what pricing works.

Bundling multiple stickers together and pricing them competitively is a great way to increase revenue.

The amount you charge for each bundle depends on the niche and number of stickers included, so research what other sellers are doing to get an idea of what’s fair.

Keep in mind that certain niches may charge more than purely decorative bundles, so factor that into your pricing plan.

Step 6: Shipping

Making planner stickers to sell on Etsy is a great way to make extra money while doing something fun and creative.

After the stickers are designed, printed, and cut, the final step before selling them is packaging them for shipment.

It’s important that your packaging looks professional and attractive as it will be one of the first things buyers see when their orders arrive in the mail.

Use envelopes or boxes depending on how many products are being shipped together.

Include a business card and a handwritten note with each package for promotional purposes.

Make sure any items you use for packing have been thoroughly cleaned beforehand.

You can avoid having to go to the post office by signing up with an online shipping company UPS or Stallion Express.

Bubble wrap or tissue paper can be used to protect fragile stickers from damage during transit but avoid using too much as it increases weight and cost significantly.

Step 7: Promoting Your Etsy Planner Sticker Shop

Once you have your online store set up, take some time to promote it.

Use social media, word of mouth, and online forums to get the word out about your new shop.

Make sure to include a link to your Etsy shop in your promotions.

You can also create your own website if you really want to scale up the business.

Here are some different ways to promote your Etsy shop:

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best places to promote your Etsy shop. It is free to use and bring you a lot of new business!

This tutorial will show you How To Use Pinterest For Etsy

Use Etsy SEO

This is how you will get your planner stickers to show up in the Etsy search bar when customers look for products to buy.

Etsy SEO involves using keywords in your title and description that people might use in their search queries.

You can use my handy Etsy SEO checklist to help you with this:

Another way to promote your Etsy shop is by creating Instagram and Facebook pages for your business.

Post photos of your new products and offer discount codes to readers.

Joining local Facebook groups to promote your Etsy shop during their business days is also a good idea.

Making Planner Stickers: FAQs

How Much Can You Make Selling Digital Stickers?

It is possible to make a substantial profit from selling planner stickers on Etsy.

Many successful sellers on the platform typically sell sticker packs for $7 or more.

With the right strategies in place, it can even be possible to earn a great living just from selling planner stickers.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Stickers?

Making planner stickers to sell in an Etsy store is a lucrative side hustle but it does require some investment to get started.

Depending on the cutting machine and printer you use, expect to outlay around making stickers can cost between $300 and $1000 initially.

Printing costs, design fees, and shipping expenses should all be taken into consideration when calculating how much it will cost to make stickers.

Can you start making stickers without graphic design skills?

Design experience is not essential for those looking to make and sell stickers on Etsy.

However, some kind of training is definitely needed.

Without this, it can be difficult to create stickers that look attractive and appeal to customers.

Below are details of a free masterclass you can take that will show you the basics of starting your own online business making stickers.

Free Masterclass On How To Make Planner Stickers To Sell On Etsy

There is so much that goes into making planner stickers that it would be impossible for me to share it all with you in one article.

While there is a learning curve, you can easily start making your own stickers quickly if you know how.

That’s why I highly recommend the free masterclass “Creating stickers that sell” where Mim Jenkinson teaches you the secret first hand how to create stickers that people will want to give you money for. 

I recently interviewed Mim and learned how she started selling her own planner stickers on Etsy without being a graphic designer herself.

Mim now teaches online business owners how to design stickers that people will want to buy!

In the free masterclass, she will show you how to get started to create stickers that sell.

Making Planner Stickers For Etsy: Final Thoughts

As a creative business owner, there is nothing more satisfying than creating something from scratch and transforming it into a sellable product.

Making planner stickers that can be sold on Etsy is an exciting way to make some extra cash while doing something you love.

With just a few simple materials, you can learn how to design and print your own stickers to add to your product line or give as gifts.

Do you want to learn how to make planner stickers to sell on Etsy? This easy to follow 7 step guide will show you everything you need to know.