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16 Clothespin Crafts To Sell in 2024

Do you love making and selling recycled crafts? You’ll love the clothespin crafts to sell on this list! Forget about super basic kids crafts.

We have some really creative and profitable crafts to make and sell, from trivets to Christmas ornaments and everything in between. 

Each craft has a full tutorial so you can use it to make your own fun DIY items to sell at craft fairs and markets. 

Clothespin crafts to sell

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The Best Clothespin Crafts To Sell For A Profit

Go retro with these fun crafts made out of clothespins! They are perfect for selling at craft fairs and markets. To get the full tutorial for each one, just click through the links to the craft you want to make.

Clothespin Crafts To Sell FAQS


Where To Sell Your Clothespin Crafts

There are many ways to sell crafts, and the best way to sell them depends on the type of craft and the audience you are targeting.

You can sell your crafts at local craft fairs, online markets, or through consignment stores. You can also create your own website or blog to sell your crafts online. Whichever route you choose, make sure you price your crafts appropriately and market them effectively.

How To Sell Clothespin Crafts On Etsy

It is really easy  and free to get started on Etsy. 

If you haven’t started your shop yet, make sure to go through this tutorial on How To Start An Etsy Store Successfully

It will take you step by step through from creating to launching your Etsy shop.

It also includes a link for 40 free listings which will help you to start your store for free. 

Promoting Your Etsy Store

Learn how to use Pinterest for Etsy and start promoting your store as soon as you open it. In addition, learn everything you can about Etsy SEO.

This is how you will get your crafts to show up in the Etsy home feed.  You can use my handy Etsy SEO checklist to help you with this

How To Sell Crafts At Local Stores

You can sell your handicrafts at local stores if they will allow you to display them in for free in exchange for a commission. 

This can be a really good way to become known locally for your work. 

Selling Laundry Peg Crafts On Facebook

 Facebook is a really good way to get started if you are new to making money with your hobby

There are three different places to try on Facebook:

Facebook Marketplace

This is the obvious place to start selling your handmade items as you don’t need to pay anything and can reach a local audience.

You can create as many listings as you like for free. The only downside is arranging shipping or pick ups with your customers. 

Your Own Facebook Page

You should make a Facebook Page to promote your crafts. Make sure to post photos of anything new you make and also ask customers for reviews. 

Facebook Groups

 Facebook groups are a great way to sell crafts of all kinds.  Join groups that are local to you as well as groups of other crafters. 

Start A Craft Blog

Starting your own website is a great way to cut out the middle man, especially once your business gets going. 

You can start a blog and then make money through affiliate marketing, advertising and also sell your products via your site. 

Clothespin crafts to sell