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Where To Sell Your Stuff Online For Cash!

If you want to make some money quickly, one of the best things to do is to sell your stuff online for cash.

I’ve been doing this for years starting with eBay back in the early 2000s and now I sell my stuff for cash all the time on Facebook or other marketplace sites. 

Nowadays you can sell almost anything online for cash if you know the right sites to use and if you price your items correctly.

You can make so much more money than selling your stuff at a yard sale and the beauty is that you get to declutter plus pocket some money. 

With the Kon-Mari craze sweeping the nation, it’s never been a better time to declutter and recoup some money from your unwanted junk around the house.

sell stuff online for cash

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Even selling small items for $10 or $15 dollars can quickly add up and a quick poll of my friends found that some of the sites below can really bring in some serious cash but effort is required:

“We made about $5000 selling everything in our household this past month. We used offerUp, FB marketplace…NextDoor was good for higher end furniture.”

“Niche items definitely sell on eBay at decent prices, think things like used brand name shoes, purses, etc”

“Success depends on the stuff  you are selling and your level of organization.”

“Well-advertised, displayed, and marked items can be profitable but that all takes time. Selling stuff like clothes in packs works best in my opinion.”

“A paper bag of a certain size and season of kid clothes for a certain amount. Photo all the items laying out so buyers can see what is included. “

5 Tips for selling your stuff online for cash

Where and how you sell your items really depends on what you want to sell. Antique china won’t get you much on Facebook but baby clothes sell really well there. 

Likewise, there are a number of sites where you can sell used clothes for cash  and it’s often better to go to these speciality sites first as you will likely make more money.

Here are the golden rules I use for selling my stuff online for cash:

Price well

Check out other adds for similar items so you can gauge pricing in your area. Overpriced items won’t sell. Remember that you want to get rid of the item as well as make some money so don’t be greedy. 

You will rarely make your money back on things like old clothes but you can sometimes turn a profit flipping flea market finds if you have a good eye. 

Take great photos

The clearer and brighter your photos, the more chance of a quick sale. You don’t need your photos to be professional, pics taken with your phone will be fine but try and make sure the background is uncluttered and the lightening is good. 

Be flexible

If it’s too complicated to do business with you, you will lose interested buyers.

Either offer a porch pick-up or be willing to accommodate different pick-up times.

You can even offer delivery for an extra fee to cover your gas if you really want something gone.

Respond quickly

If you get messages inquiring about your items, make sure to answer them quickly.

Sometimes people are messaging a few different sellers at once and the quickest one to respond gets the sale. 

Another tip is to check out ISO (in search of) posts online to see if you can find someone who is looking for the item you are selling. 

Be Honest

Make sure to point out any stains, scratches etc on your listing. This will avoid any negative feedback or issues after the sale.

Websites To Post Your Stuff For Sale Online


eBay is of course the grand-daddy of the online auction sites and is still a great place for selling niche or in demand items. Collectibles also tend to do well on eBay.

You will need a PayPal account to buy and sell with eBay.


Most people think of Amazon as a place to buy stuff but it can be a really good place to sell your used books, electronics and other gear too.

The only catch with selling stuff online via Amazon is that some categories need approval from Amazon and the fees can get hefty. It’s worth upgrading to the professional plan if you have a lot to sell.

If you are interested in starting a business selling on Amazon, you can check out this free ebook on Amazon FBA. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace and by extension, local Facebook groups are brilliant places to sell your stuff online for cash.

They are free to use and are often the quickest way of selling your unwanted stuff for cash.

Baby items, furniture and clothing tend to sell well as long as they are priced competitively and the photos are good quality.

It can be really hard to sell name-brand items on the local groups as many are flagged and posts are not approved (because of the risk of replicas).

The one negative of using Facebook to sell your stuff online that you need to exchange contact information with the buyer. 

You can either meet the buyer in person or do a porch pick up (where you leave the item out for the buyer to pick up at their convenience) which may not be possible if you live in an apartment or have “porch pirates” in your area.


Listia is an online auction site similar to eBay. This site is good if you also have things to buy as they pay you in “ink” that you can then spend on the site. This is not the best option if you want cash fast.


eBid is a Google Shopping Marketplace Partner and is another great option if you have niche items that need a wider audience than the Facebook groups. The fees are slightly lower than eBay.


Neighbourhood NextDoor sites are great for higher end furniture and household items.

Porch pick-up is often the norm which means you can leave the items out and come home to cash in the mailbox! (I do like my Ring Doorbell for porch pick-ups as I can see when the buyer has been and gone.


Craigslist and the Canadian equivalent, Kijiji, are great for large furniture items. I normally try selling my items on Facebook first but if they don’t sell, I put them up on Kijiji and often have luck.

5 Apps For Selling Your Unwanted Stuff For Cash

If you have a lot of stuff to sell, you can check out these 5 apps, how successful they will be really depends on where you live as they are more active in some areas than others. 


Offerup is one of the most popular marketplace apps that allows you to sell your stuff online to trusted buyers.

I really like Offerup because they prioritize safety and trust through profiles and, unlike Facebook, they have a customer care team to help with issues.


It is free to list your items for sale on Mercari – fees are 10% of the sell price.

This is a good option for selling smaller items online as everything is shipped to the buyer. Once you have sold your item, you will receive a printable shipping label via email.


Decluttr is a free app for selling your unwanted tech items such as cellphones, DVDs and computers.

The app will provide you with a valuation of your items and if approved, a shipping label. Once the item is received, you will get paid – it’s that simple!


Poshmark is the number one site for selling clothes online. It’s great for brand name or trendy items for women, men or kids. Good photos are a must!


You can use Varagesale online or as an app. It works very similarly to Facebook marketplace and Craigslist.

Specialty Sites To Sell Your Stuff Online For Cash

Best Sites For Selling Clothing Online

Poshmark is probably your best bet for brand name or higher end items.

Facebook Marketplace is good for baby clothes and huge lots.

Etsy is great for selling vintage clothing. 

Here are some other options for selling your clothes online:

Where To Sell Used Clothes For Cash (including tips for getting the most bang for your buck)

Where To Sell Used Baby Clothes For Cash 

If you are having trouble selling your items online, you can try a consignment sale. You can normally make more money in one of the annual sales run by churches or local mom groups. They are really good for baby clothes, especially in big lots.

You can use this Consignment Sale Finder site to find a sale near you.

Selling Niche Clothing Online

If you are looking to make extra cash, why no get into selling used socks online? It may seem weird but there is a whole market for this kind of niche “product”. 

Or you could take it a step further and start check out the best places to sell used underwear. 

Best Sites For Selling Electronics

Decluttr is good for older electronics that would be hard to sell elsewhere

Facebook marketplace or eBay are good for newer items.

Best sites for selling household items

Craiglist, Facebook and Offerup are the best for furniture and other household items such as small appliances.

Best Companies That Will Sell Your Stuff For You

If you are feeling really overwhelmed by the clutter, there are some companies that will sell your stuff online for cash for a portion for the proceeds. 

This is a great way to get rid of your junk if you have a ton of things or no time to go back and forth with buyers online. 

Most of these companies specialize in estate sales so are best for valuables and high-end furniture and books.

A lot of the companies are localized only so it’s worth checking your own area for options, here are a few examples:

Sell My Stuff Canada

Great for Canadians with a full house of stuff to sell.

eBay Consignment Sellers

eBay consignment sellers will do the work on eBay for you.. for a fee. This is a good option if you have a lot of things to sell and no time but it will eat into your bottom line.

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