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50 Etsy Shop Ideas For 2024

A lot of people are interested in starting an Etsy business but don’t know what to sell. That’s where this ultimate list of Etsy shop ideas comes in! 

In this post you will find 50+ ideas of things to sell in an Etsy Shop, all tried and tested.

All these ideas are already bestsellers on Etsy. Why is that important? 

Maybe you are wondering if it is not better to find something completely original to sell on Etsy rather than be in competition with someone else. 

Etsy shop ideas

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How To Choose What To Sell On Etsy

One of the most important things to bear in mind when starting your own Etsy Shop is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. 

Of course a saturated market isn’t ideal.

The key is to look at what already does well on Etsy then put your own unique spin on it.

You might think this is cheating but in fact this is how every business works. 

Note that I’m not talking about copying someone, I’m talking about creating your own unique business in an already successful niche. 

Think of the auto market.

There isn’t just one make of car available, there are different ones to suit all kinds of budgets and needs. In a healthy market, there is room for everyone. 

I’d recommend finding something that you’re good at and enjoy doing and letting it grow from there.

If you are naturally crafty, this is easy but I have a feeling if you were already amazing at making crocheted sharks then you might not be reading this post.

So what should you sell? 

What sells well on Etsy?

You might actually be surprised at what sells well on Etsy.

To be honest, I was when I researched this article. 

Having used on Etsy for years as a consumer, I became a seller just recently. 

I’ve bought all kinds of things on Etsy from printable invitations, hair bows and personalized jewelry, all of which are top sellers on Etsy. 

The easiest way to think of ideas is to brainstorm different hobbies and things you could sell related to that pastime. 

For example, if you enjoy fishing, how about making fishing lures to sell?

I’ve always thought that Etsy is really only for handmade crafts and jewelry but in fact, it is possible to make money with an Etsy shop without being crafty. 

I’m not crafty! Is starting an Etsy shop for me?

Honestly, being crafty is not essential to owning an Etsy shop. 

In fact in the top 100 sellers on Etsy, almost half are selling craft supplies and not finished products. 

This has only increased in the last year where more people are at home and taking up crafty hobbies. 

Many people want to buy craft supplies so they can make their own jewelry or clothing at home.

Etsy is the go-to place for these kinds of things. 

You’ll see in the list of Etsy ideas below that not everything is a finished product.

You can make money selling supplies to people who do like making crafts. 

Selling Craft Supplies On Etsy

Beads and jewelry supplies are by far the most popular shops on Etsy.

In fact, 3 of the top 6 sell jewelry supplies. 

Shops that stand out have something different, whether it be specially sources beads from Africa or food-grade silicone beads for kids teethers.

To be competitive in the jewelry supply market, you will have to buy in bulk.

It might be a lot of money to begin with and you may not get it back right away.

Check out international wholesalers such as for low cost bulk craft supplies that you can mark up. 

Make sure to get samples to check the quality first.

How much does it cost to set up an Etsy shop?

You are probably wondering if it is possible to make a living with an Etsy shop and if there a lot of start-up costs. 

To answer the first question, yes it is possible.

But it’s not easy.

If you are looking for a way to quit your 9-5 and retire on a tropical island, I would venture that there are easier options. 

However, as a side hustle, running an Etsy business is fantastic.

Depending on what you sell, it can be relatively passive once you are set up and the start-up costs are much lower than opening a brick and mortar store. 

Your costs to run the store will depend on what you sell.

For example, digital downloads are low cost while craft supplies will require the purchase of materials first. 

Etsy does charge 20c per listing but you can get started with 40 free listings when you open up your store using this special link.

50 Etsy Shop Ideas For 2024Etsy Shop Ideas For 2023

Below you will find 50 ideas for Etsy shops that are successful for many people right now.

Every single one of these Etsy small business ideas is sold by an existing store in the top 300 stores currently on Etsy. 

What does that mean?

Well, the top 200 stores all have over 100,000 sales.

I’d call that successful and is a great indicator that the market for the ideas below is huge. 

The Best Etsy Business Ideas

1. Planners and journals

2. Bead Supplies 

3. Personalized Jewelry

4. Gifts for bridesmaids/groomsmen/weddings

5. Bows and hair accessories for babies 

6. Handmade baby clothes

7. Fabric supplies (leather, glitter fabrics, vinyl)

8. Zippers and sewing supplies

9. Digital Download Nursery Prints

10. Crystals 

11. Knitted items 

12. Planner Stickers

13. Embroidery patches

14. Knitting Patterns 

15. Logo T-shirts

16. Printable Invitations 

17. Lace and hat supplies 

18. Wedding stationary

19. Fonts 

20. Vintage jewelry

21. Decals and stickers

22. Ribbons

23. Party Favors

24. Key fob/button accessories

25. Planner inserts (for binders)

26. Fabrics

27. Sewing accessories – flowers/trims

28. Clipart

29. Tutus

30. Feathers

31. Washi Tape

32. Candles

33. Greeting cards

34. SVG Files 

35. Printable Party Games

36. Vintage T-shirts

37. Sewing Patterns

38. Phone cases/mouse mats

39. Party supplies (Banners/cake toppers)

40. Wooden signs 

41. Rubber Stamps 

42. Crochet Toys for kids 

43. Wrapping supplies/Gift Tags

44. Baking Supplies

45. Seeds And Plants

46. Engraved Wood Products (Cutting Boards etc)

47. Coloring Pages

48. Scratch-off Cards for parties 

49. Wreaths

50. Original artwork 

The Top Etsy Shop Ideas In 2024

Below you will some amazing Etsy store ideas for you to check out! 

For even more ideas check out the posts below or make use of one of the Etsy SEO Tools that will show you the best sellers in any category. 

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For each of the easy Etsy Business ideas below, I’ve linked to a successful store plus a tutorial or resource where applicable. 

1. Planners and Journals 

This is one of my favorite small business ideas for Etsy because it is easy to get started with.

You can make planners that are sold as digital downloads or hard copies. 

Niche planners are where you can differentiate yourself – examples include pregnancy planners, bullet journals and budget diaries.

I opened my own Etsy printables shop and had a sale within 24 hours. 

As well as the items I have already mentioned above, other digital products that sell include spreadsheets (budgets etc), food tags, wine bottle labels, signs and banners.

Along with planners, habit trackers and checklists are really good examples of Etsy printables that sell. 

I have a few posts that can help you learn more about making planners and journals to sell:

How To Create Digital Downloads To Sell

How To Make Money Selling Printables On Etsy

My favorite resource for learning to make planner is the Gold City Ventures Course. 

They also have a free ebook of seasonal Etsy products to sell

I took their course last year and along with learning a ton, having access to an active Facebook group, they also give you a bunch of templates to get started with. 

Example: MBK Planners

2. Bead Supplies 

Bead supply shops are consistently in the top 10 sellers lists on Etsy.

Speciality, unique beads will give you an edge over the competition. 

Example: Baby Boos Teethers

3. Personalized Jewelry

If you do enjoy making things, then one of the most popular small Etsy business ideas is personalized jewelry.

People love giving custom necklaces and bracelets as gifts for Mother’s day or weddings. 

Personalized jewelry is always a hit and Etsy has opened up so many possibilities with modern styles and stamping techniques.

Obviously this type of shop requires skill but you can learn through online videos. 

Here’s how to sell jewelry on Etsy for best results. 

Example: UrJwlry

4. Gifts for bridesmaids/groomsmen/weddings

From personalized hip flasks to special hangers for the bridesmaids, wedding party gifts are hot!

If you have a Cricut machine, then consider this shop idea as a good one for you. 

5. Bows and hair accessories for babies 

There are so many amazing DIY baby items to make and sell and one of the top sellers are hair accessories. 

Bows and baby turbans are pretty easy to make if you can sew and they sell like hot cakes on Etsy.

I’ve personally bought a bunch myself. 

Example: Fawn and Finn

6. Handmade baby clothes

If your sewing level is more advanced, handmade baby clothes made with natural fibres are always popular and one of the best Etsy business ideas right now. 

Here are some ideas for cute baby items to make and sell. 

Example: Mere and Mae

7. Fabric supplies (leather, glitter fabrics, vinyl)

Here is one of the top easy Etsy shop ideas this year.

All kinds of fabric sells great on Etsy. In particular, leather, glittery fabrics and fancy vinyl for Cricut machines are hot! 

Example: Oliver and May

8. Zippers and sewing supplies

Anything other than fabric also does well, for example, I found a top store that only sells zippers!

Example: Global KSF

9. Digital Download Nursery Prints

The first place many people look for cute nursery decor is Etsy.

In fact, selling art prints on Etsy is one of the most popular shop ideas for this year. 

Printable prints are another easy digital download.

If you want to get a free list of 25 other free printables that sell, grab this free ebook here. 

Example: Lila x Lola

10. Crystals 

If you have an interest for crystals, you know how popular they are. Selling crystals on Etsy is one of the most underrated shop ideas and requires no skills. 

This is a great Etsy shop idea if  you are not crafty and know a bit about crystals. If this interests you, make sure to read my guide on how to sell crystals on Etsy. 

Example: The Sage Goddess

11. Knitted items 

If you love yarn, then why not learn how to make money knitting?

Cute knits such as baby clothes and winter wear is a great idea for an Etsy business as people love handmade items.

Bear in mind the profit margin may not be as good with these kinds of products but here is a list of some quick knits you can whip up in a weekend to get you started. 

Example: Basknitco Shop

12. Planner Stickers

Planner stickers are HUGE on Etsy. In fact, there are many Etsy shop owners who are making six figures a year selling stickers on Etsy. 

If you want to know more about starting your own sticker business, you can take part in this free Masterclass on Creating Stickers That Sell. 

You can either sell them as digital downloads (to be printed on sticker sheets) or as a physical product. 

Example: Happy Cutie Studio

13. Embroidery patches

Fancy, unique embroidery patches feature numerous times in the top 200 Etsy shop list on Craftcount.

Example: Peachy Patches Shop

14. Knitting Patterns 

The profit margin might not be great for finished knitted items but patterns sell fantastically and are profitable. In fact, they are one of the best ways to make money with knitting without actually knitting. 

Example: The Shanti Knits

15. Logo T-shirts

Etsy shops that sell cute t-shirts for holidays, showers or events such as Father’s day are really popular. You can use a Cricut to make your designs. 

Example:Pegasus Apparel US

16. Printable Invitations 

Anyone who is looking for gorgeous paper invitations on a budget heads to Etsy.

Learn how to start an invitation business on Etsy and you have a great way to create extra income from home. 

These are digital download products that have little overhead and can be sold again and again with little extra work. 

Learn more about starting an Etsy printables store here. 

Example: DIY Paper Boutique

17. Lace and hat supplies 

You have probably realized by now that a lot of Etsy shop ideas in this list that involve sourcing supplies.

Lace and milliner accessories are an alternative to beads or jewelry supplies. 

Example: DIY Crafts Kingdom

18. Wedding stationary

In additional to invitations, brides and grooms are also looking for RSVP cards, thank you cards, seating charts and place cards amongst others.

READ NOW: How To Start An Invitation Business On Etsy

Example: Pearly Paper Designs

19. Fonts 

Did you know that you can get paid for handwriting? 

If you have pretty writing, you could create and sell your own fonts on Etsy. 

This might seem like a strange one but unique, hand drawn or vintage fonts are very sought after. 

Example:  Salty Ink Fonts

20. Vintage jewelry

Do you love hunting in flea markets?

Consider opening an Etsy store selling your vintage finds. 

Here is a list of the  Best Selling Vintage Items On Etsy

Example: Nutri Design Jewelry

21. Decals 

One of the best Etsy store ideas right now are stickers.

Vinyl decals for walls or laptops is really popular and easy to do. 

Stickers for all kinds of things are fun thing to sell on Etsy and the profit margins can be huge.

Example: Sweet Water Decals

22. Ribbons

Ribbons are another supply that makes an Etsy stop idea all of its own. 

Example: Ribbons and Bows DIY

23. Party Favors

Many people look to Etsy for special party favors for showers or weddings. 

Example: AyJ Party Planning

24. Key fob/button accessories

Yet another option for wholesaling supplies to other crafters. 

Example: Everything Ribbons

25. Planner inserts (for binders)

In additional to whole planners which I mentioned above, individual inserts for binder planners are extremely popular on Etsy. 

Example: Sew Much Crafting

26. Fabrics

If you are interested in sourcing supplies but not beads, fancy, unique fabrics are also popular sellers on Etsy.

Example:  Almas Alcove

27. Sewing accessories – flowers/trims

You know all those little trim items you can buy for clothes?

Lots of people like to search Etsy for them? Think fancy sequins, flowers and ric-rac trim. 

Example: 32NorthSupplies

28. Clipart

Clipart is a great example of the kinds of Etsy shop ideas that are targeted at other businesses.

Graphic designers and printable store owners are always looking for new clipart for their designs. 

You can learn to make your own using an app like Adobe Illustrator. 

Example: Star Jam For Kids

29. Tutus

Tutus and clothing for little girls comes up again and again on Etsy top seller lists.

They are relatively easy to make and you can find lots of tutorials on online like this one. 

Example: Once Upon A Time Tutus

30. Feathers

Seriously! There are Etsy shops that only sell exotic feathers in bright colors!

Perfect for other craft businesses. 

Example: Beary Box

31. Washi Tape

Washi tape is a kind of decorative tape from Japan that can be used for wrapping gifts or other crafts.

Alibaba is a great source for different kinds of tape. 

Example: Washi Tape

32. Candles

Plain old candles likely won’t sell well on Etsy but if you can put your own spin on a regular candle, you might have a hit. I love the ones in the example. 

Learn more about starting your own business selling candles here. 

Example: Blazer Babies

33. Greeting cards

Greeting cards are pricey at the best of times and let’s face it, handmade is always best.

Starting a greeting card business can be a lucrative way to make money online. 

Example: YeaOhGreetings

34. SVG Files 

SVG files are commonly used by people who make designs out of vinyl.

Here is a great tutorial to get started. 

Example: Jenny’s Graphics

35. Printable Party Games

Bachelorette scavenger hunts and crazy baby shower bingo are just some of the things that printable party shops sell on Etsy. 

Example: Oh Happy Printables

36. Vintage T-shirts

If you have a knack for scouring consignment stores for retro band tees, you might have found the perfect Etsy shop idea for you. 

Example: Zen Threads

37. Sewing Patterns

Like knitting patterns, these sell great  in the sewing community. 

Examples: Puperita

38. Phone cases/mouse mats

Everyone has a phone and a phone case is a nice way to personalize it.

This is the kind of Etsy shop idea that has a relatively low start-up cost.

Check out wholesalers like Alibaba and Aliexpress for ideas. 

Example: Field Trip

39. Party supplies (Banners/cake toppers)

Party supplies can be physical products or digital downloads. Custom or generic. Either way they sell well and are pretty easy to make using a program such as Canva. 

Example: Big Dot Of Happiness

40. Wooden signs 

Wooden signs for the home are really popular right now and are easy to make.

In fact wood projects in general sell well. 

This tutorial will give you an idea of the skill level needed. 

Example: MRC Wood Products

41. Rubber Stamps 

Lots of scrapbookers like different rubber stamps and of course, the address ones are always a hit.

Again, a Cricut machine is your friend here, check out this tutorial. 

Example: Nora Jane

42. Crochet Stuffies for kids 

Do you crochet? Cute teddy bears and other animals make for one cute Etsy shop! 

Learn all about how to make money crocheting here. 

Example: Lalylala

43. Wrapping supplies/Gift Tags

Here is another one of those Etsy shop ideas that can be a digital download or a physical item that you mail to buyers.

Digital downloads can be made easily using Canva. 

Example: Wrapping Me Up

44. Baking Supplies

From fancy sprinkles to cupcake wrappers, special baking supplies are a fun thing to sell on Etsy. 

Example: The Bakers Confections

45. Seeds And Plants

This was one type of Etsy shop that took me by surprise.

Did you know that there is a huge market on Etsy for seeds and plants such as succulents? 

If you have a green thumb, it is a great option for your Etsy shop. 

Here are some guides to help you get started:

How To Make Money Selling Plants On Etsy

The Ultimate Guide To Selling Seeds On Etsy

Example: WalawalaStudio

46. Engraved Wood Products (Cutting Boards etc)

These require more of a skill level than beginner plus special equipment but if you are looking for something that sells really well, laser engraved wood items like the ones on this list. 

Example: Welcome To My Home

47. Coloring Pages

Adult colouring pages are another nice option for a digital download printable that does not require much more than Adobe Illustrator. 

You can learn all about How To Sell Coloring Pages On Etsy in my tutorial. 

Example: Stom Bee Coloring Pages

48. Scratch-off Cards for parties 

Who doesn’t love a lotto scratch-off? Well, various kinds sell great on Etsy as party favors or cute gift ideas.

Make them yourself using this great tutorial. 

Example: The Card Galleria

49. Wreaths

Making and selling wreaths on Etsy is a great option for crafty people.

Not only are wreaths super popular but the profit margin can be more than 50% making them a great way to make money from home. 

Read now: How To Make Money Selling Wreaths On Etsy

Example: AnitaRexDesigns

50. Original artwork 

If you are an artist, a great art side hustle is to sell your original work on Etsy.

This is kind of a digital download but you could also sell physical artwork and ship it.

Making prints to sell on Etsy can be a great way to make money with your art. 

Example: DURIDO

What now? 

I hope my list of Etsy shop ideas has inspired you.

If you are ready to start your shop, here are some other tutorials that will help you get on your way:

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