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25 Fun Wood Lathe Projects That Sell Well

If you want to start a crafty business, these wood lathe projects that sell well are the sort of thing that always makes the Etsy bestsellers list and sell like hotcakes on Facebook groups. 

Everyone is looking for unique items for the home or for gift-giving occasions and nothing beats a handmade wood-turned item. 

Although there are tons of awesome wood projects that sell, wooden items made with a lathe are great because they are quick and easy to produce for a profit. 

Wood lathe items also make it easy to scale up your business and somewhat “mass” produce items to build up your inventory. 

Below you will find 25 fun woodturning ideas to make and sell for a profit.

Most are perfect for beginners to get started with a woodworking business. 

wood turning ideas to make and sell

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25 Wood Lathe Projects That Sell

How To Make Money With A Lathe

Wood turning is a safe and inexpensive craft hobby that you can turn into profit-making business.

 The list above has many wood turning ideas for craft fairs or online marketplaces such as Etsy. 

If you want to take your crafting to the next level, consider buying a laser cutting machine and checking out my list of laser engraver projects ideas to sell

Etsy is a really popular site for unique wooden gift ideas and household items and is the perfect place to start if you are not ready to commit to a craft fair. 

To really make money with your woodworking, consider making seasonal items – here are 23 Fantastic Wooden Christmas Gift Ideas To Gift Or Sell. 

Selling Wood Lathe Projects On Etsy

It is so easy to sell your wood lathe project ideas on the Etsy platform. 

You can be up and running with your Etsy store in just a few minutes and then spend time listing your items for sale. 

You can read my tutorial on starting an Etsy store successfully which includes a link to 40 free listings to get started (Etsy charges 20 cent per listing). 

Aim for around 20-30 listings before you push your store live and make sure to include detailed descriptions of your items. 

Good photographs are also very important in order to showcase your lathe projects. 

Make sure to photograph your items from different angles and on clean, bright backgrounds. 

Final Thoughts on Wood Lathe Projects That Sell 

If you love woodworking, there are many easy wood turning projects that you can make and sell online or at fairs.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a side business that you enjoy. 

Although most hobby woodworkers do not make a full-time income, it is most definitely possible to make money selling wooden items that you make with your lathe. 

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wood lathe projects that sell

wood lathe projects that sell