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40 CNC Projects That Sell Like Hotcakes

If you are interested in making wood projects that sell well, one of the things you might want to invest in is a CNC Router. 

Now that you can get small, desktop CNC machines, it is more accessible than ever to make beautiful wood projects at home and sell them for a profit online. 

Below you will find some amazing CNC projects for beginners and more advanced woodworkers.

All of them are top sellers on Etsy and at craft fairs around the country. 

It’s easy to find x-carve project ideas that sell enough for you to have a steady business just selling one or two kinds of products. 

Carved signs, flags and cutting boards are so hot right now that you could start a whole Etsy shop just selling different variations of one of those things with personalization and custom orders. 

Handcrafted wood decorations and signs are so popular right now that it is possible to buy a CNC machine and make back your investment in just a few weeks. 

CNC projects to sell

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What Is A CNC Router? 

CNC routers are machines that can etch, carve a design, or cut out a shape.

They have changed the way that decorations are made and allowed them to become more accessible and affordable. 

They work using CAD and CAM engineering software. 

Where can I sell my CNC Projects? 

Once you have made some beautiful items with your CNC router, you are probably wondering who is going to buy them! 

The best places to sell your project are online – Facebook Marketplace and local buy and sell groups. 

Local craft fairs are also ready great places to sell your crafts, especially during the holidays. 

If you want to take your CNC business to the next level, starting an Etsy shop is the way to go.

It will give you access to a much bigger, Worldwide audience. 

For tips on opening your own Etsy store and to get 40 free listings to start you off, check out my tutorials:

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40 CNC Projects That Sell Well

1. Classic Wood Welcome Signs 

A classic wooden sign with engraved letters is the most popular thing to make with a CNC router, especially for those that are just getting started.

People love to display these signs on their porch or inside their homes. 

wooden sign welcome

2. Wooden Sign with Raised letters

Here is a twist on the regular sign, as signs with raised letters are not as common, you can command more money for this kind of project. 

wooden sign for baby's nursery

3. Clock

A modern looking clock with cut out numbers is a really nice project made on a CNC. Skeleton clocks, where you can see the inner workings of the clock are super popular.

wooden clock made with CNC

4. Wooden Games 

Dominos and tic tac toe games make wonderful gifts. Oversize scrabble pieces are another idea. 

wooden tic tac toe game

5. Alphabet Tracing boards 

Tracing boards are awesome for kids to practice their letters and numbers.

These wooden alphabet boards make great birthday gifts and look amazing displayed too! 

wooden tracing board


6. Coasters

We often thing of these kinds of coasters as being laser engraver projects but you can also use a CNC machine.

Coasters for drinks always sell well at craft fairs and online because they are affordable and make great gifts.

You can do tons of different designs and shapes and they are an easy project to start with for newbies to CNC. 

wooden coasters

7. Monogram Sign 

These monogram signs are really popular as wedding and anniversary gifts. 

monogram sign

8. Growth Charts

Another popular idea on Etsy are oversize rulers for measuring kids as they grow.

You can offer personalization for an extra fee. 

wooden growth chart

9. Trinket Trays 

Catch-all trays are a great project for starting your business.

Be creative with different shapes and sizes.

Ring holders are always a hot seller. 

wooden trinket tray

10.Customized Cutting Boards

Cutting boards and Cheese boards look awesome with a monogram or personalized saying. 

You can make them out of quality hardwood and even pair them with a cheese knife for a fantastic hostess gift. 

cutting board made from wood


11. Tray For Santa’s Cookies

These trays are so cute and are perfect for leaving milk and cookies for Santa. 

wooden engraved tray for Santa's cookies


12. Bathtub Tray

A tray that goes over the bathtub makes a great gift. 

Offering personalization is another way to boost your sales of this kind of product. 

wooden engraved bathtub tray

13. Sofa Tray Table 

A small tray table to go over the sofa and hold drinks and snacks is a great project  to sell on Facebook or local groups.

engraved sofa tray table


14. House Number Sign 

Boost curb appeal with a classy wooden house number sign.

You can offer individual numbers or  customized boards. 

wooden house number sign

15. Lawn Signs 

Large lawn signs for the holidays are unique and huge sellers.

You can get creative with different designs and sizes. 

wooden reindeer

16. Switch Plates

A unique addition to home decor are these carved wooden switch plates.

You can make them for regular light switches and the modern paddle switches. 

switch plates

17. Wooden Cross

These wooden crosses are beautiful displayed on a wall. 

wooden cross made with CNC

18. Wooden Maps 

Wooden 3D maps that can be mounted on the wall are really popular on Etsy.

Bear in mind that on Etsy you will have prospective buyers from around the World. 

Wooden 3D map


19. Carved Rolling Pin 

These rolling pins were all the rage during the holidays.

You can do all different kinds of designs and wording on them and also offer customized rolling pins

personalized custom rolling pins


20. Mantle Blocks 

Blocks of wood that spell words are perfect for the fireplace or a baby’s nursery. 


21. Holiday Ornaments 

Wooden carved Christmas tree ornaments are a really simple way to get started with selling CNC projects. 

wooden Christmas ornament


22. Puzzles

Simple puzzles for toddlers make great baby shower gifts.

I love the ones that spell out the child’s name

name puzzle made of wood

23. Toy Car Storage 

How cute is this storage box for a little kid’s toy car collection.

Get the CNC project plan here. 

CNC project plans


24. Carved Wooden Flags 

Carved flags, especially wooden American flags, have become really popular in recent years. 

25. Business Signs 

One niche you can consider is to target business to business sales with carved business name signs

wooden sign for business. CNC projects that sell


26. Brain Teaser Games

Who remembers the “executive toys” of the 1980s?

Any respectable high-flying businessman had a little brain teaser puzzle on their desk. These wooden ones are the modern version. 

wooden brain teaser puzzle


27. Chess Set

This is not a CNC project for beginners but a wooden chess set is a beautiful heirloom piece. 

wooden chess set


28. Family Name Sign 

Wooden cut out signs are another twist on the ever popular wooden signs. 

CNC projects that sell


29. Wooden artwork

Art panels for the wall are a perfect gift idea that is popular on Etsy. This store on Etsy has tons of great artwork templates.

artwork template for CNC machine

30. Dolls Houses and Castles 

Simple plywood dolls houses and castles are really nice CNC projects for beginners. 

 CNC dollhouse templare


31. Photo Frames 

Carved photo frames are another hot commodity on Etsy. 

Carved personalized photo frame


32. Wine Boxes

If you are looking for simple CNC projects that sell as you get started, pretty gift boxes for wine and other items are great for selling around the holidays. Get the template for these house ones here. 

CNC template for wine box gift box


33. Cat Bed 

How cute are these cat beds? Get the CNC template here. 

cat bed CNC template


34. Desktop Stationery Rack

Pencil pots and file folders are pretty easy CNC projects for the less advanced woodworker.

Click here to get the template for the rack pictured here.

CNC projects to sell

35. Key Rings with Key ring holder

How cute is this puzzle key ring holder

key ring holder made out of wood

36. Tissue Box

These carved tissue boxes are an easy gift idea. 

wooden tissue box

37. Wine Bottle Holder

This holder for a wine bottle is cute and practical. Get the CNC project template for it here. 

deer wine holder CNC template


38. Bridesmaid Hangers 

These custom hangers are a really popular wedding party gift. 

bridesmaid coat hangers

39. State Valet Trays

These trays in the shape of US states make a really unique gift idea. 

wooden tray in the shape of a state

40. Personalized Bottle Opener

We had bridesmaid gifts, and now one for the gents, personalized beer bottle openers

personalized bottle opener

CNC Project Templates

Now you have seen some great ideas for making CNC projects that sell, you just need to decide where to begin!

For project plans and templates for the projects above, you can look on Etsy for cost-effective (under $10) options. 

14 Sites To Get Free CNC Project Files

You can also find free CNC project templates at the following sites:




Pixel Prototype

CNC Design Shop



Free Patterns Area

CNC Cookbook

Tools Today

ZMorph 3D

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