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How To Make Money For The Holidays

What to know how to make money for the holidays? 

According to the American Research Group, in 2016 the average American planned to spend $992 on Christmas gifts.

Add food, drinks, decor, parties, and extras like wrapping paper and cards, and you can easily see why so many people end up with a giant credit card headache along with their hangover on Jan 1.

This year why not make things different by making some quick cash for the holidays before the rush begins?

That way you can enjoy the festive season without the usual. 

How To Make $1000 in Time For Christmas

Have a debt-free Christmas and a happy new year with these money saving tips to help you save $1000 by the holidays. Learn tricks to make extra money easily and save money without sacrificing. Tips and tricks for saving money on restaurants, groceries, and shopping. Learn how to use apps and Swagbucks to make money online easily. Declutter and make hundreds! #christmas #makemoneyonline #budget

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How To Make Money For The Holidays

How to make money for the holidays

The key to avoiding credit card debt at Christmas is to plan ahead and prepare to spend.

Accept that you will likely get caught up in the Christmas spirit and want to buy gifts and special treats.

By preparing for the holidays in advance you can increase your income to have an extra $1000 by the time Christmas comes around.

How To Make Quick Cash For The Holidays

The holiday season is a time of joy, warmth, and togetherness, but it can also bring its fair share of financial stress.

With gift lists to tackle, festive decorations to buy, and special meals to prepare, the cost of celebrating Christmas can quickly add up.

But fear not, for there are plenty of creative and resourceful ways to make extra money to fund your holiday festivities.

Below,  we’re going to explore a sleigh-full of ideas to help you earn some extra jingle for your pocket during the holiday season.

From side gigs and online opportunities to crafting and selling handmade gifts, we’ll uncover a treasure trove of strategies that will not only help you pay for Christmas but also make it a season to remember.

So, let’s unwrap these money-making secrets and ensure that your holiday season is merry and bright, without breaking the bank.

Top Tip: Time is on your side when it comes to making a little more money for Christmas

The earlier you start, the more chance of reaching your goals.

If you really flex your earning muscle, you can make a lot more than $1000 in 3 months and be well on your way to a debt-free holiday season.

Even if you are getting a late start, there are a few things you can do to make some cash quickly, even this week!

 1. Take Surveys For Cash

By completing some quick surveys or watching videos, you can easily make enough points for a $25 gift card.

 That’s a cool $150 to spend on gifts.

I normally pay for the majority of my Christmas gifts with Swagbucks that I have accumulated over the year.

It really takes the stress off the holidays.

If you join Swagbucks through my link you can earn a $5 welcome bonus to get you started. 

If you have even more time to spare, consider joining more survey sites for even more gift cards and cash.

Here are the best surveys to join

2. Get Paid For Your Junk

Purge the house ready for the influx of Christmas items and make some cash.

Here are some ideas of things you can sell for a profit:

15 Best Things To Sell On OfferUp

Where To Sell Used Baby Clothes For Cash

Where To Sell Used Clothes For Cash

Start Reselling Shoes For Profit

Flea Market Flipping – The Ultimate Guide 

How To Make Money Flipping Items {8 Best Things To Flip!}

Places to sell your unwanted items for cash:

  •  Neighborhood Facebook BST groups
  • Craiglist, Kijiji or equivalents. Good for large items like furniture.
  • Consign your unwanted clothes (great for higher end items). Trendy clothes can go to Plato’s Closet. 
  • Sell textbooks at used book stores or online at
  • If you have a bunch of kids stuff, consider getting a table at a Mom 2 mom sale.
  • Host an online garage sale and advertise it on your neighbourhood groups
  • If the weather is warm enough, hold a yard sale.

Do you have some big ticket items that you don’t use much but that you don’t want to get rid of?

Consider renting them out on a peer -to-peer lending site like Fat Lama.

Anything from bikes to chainsaws and DJ decks are in demand.

3. Get Paid For Your Skills

One way to make some quick cash for the holidays even when you have a full-time job is to use your existing skills.

Sign up with Fiverr or Upwork and sell your IT, graphic design or administration services for some extra cash.

If you have a full-time job that is in high demand, consider doing some odd jobs on the side.

Plumbers, HVAC technicians, and IT specialists can all make a lot of money by working evenings and weekends on the side.

Skills you can sell for instant cash:

  • Handyman/odd jobs – from installing light fixtures to taking junk to the dump.
  • Tutoring kids for extra money after school
  • Electrician/Plumber – dishwasher installs, toilet repair, leaking taps
  • Mechanic – winter tire install (a guy in my neighborhood makes a killing doing this in his driveway every evening in the fall). 
  • IT specialist – Cell phone screen repair, WIFI set up, trouble shooting.

Here are five great ways to make money this week.

4. No Skills? You Can Still Get Paid This Week!

Maybe you can’t think of anything that someone would pay you for?

You would be wrong!

People are always in need of help, especially during the holidays so consider some of the following:

If you are reading this earlier in the year and prepping early for Christmas, check out these 80+ Ways To Make Money That You Can Start Today

5. Get paid for what you spend

Make you sure to use apps like Checkout 51 when you go grocery shopping.  

These shopping apps will pay you a cash rebate for purchasing certain items (the list changes every week).

You can easily make $20 a month just for doing your regular groceries. 

In addition, use Rakuten (formerly Ebates)or  BeFrugal for your online shopping.

They pay a % cash back whenever you make a purchase using their link.  

You can earn cash back at Amazon, JP Penney, and more.  

I make around $60 a month using these sites.

6. Snag Special offers and deals

Look for special offers and take advantage of them.

Some insurance companies will give you a free gift card when you request a quote and car dealerships often offer prizes or gift cards when you test-drive their new models.

Look out for these bonus deals around the holidays and use the gift cards for your holiday shopping.

Another source of gift cards and incentives are banks and credit card companies.

My bank is currently offering a $350 bonus for anyone willing to switch their checking account to them. A competitor is offering iPad minis.

If you are in Canada, check out Tangerine Bank.

If you open an account and deposit $100 using my referral key 19759763S1, you will get a $50 bonus – for free!

That’s a 50% return.

Tangerine  (formerly ING Direct) is one of the easiest banks to work with in Canada and  I use them for all my savings needs.

Tangerine logo

By implementing some of all of these ideas for saving and making some extra cash fast, you will be able to save a cool $1000 by December 23 and start the new year debt-free!

Money Saving Tips For The Holidays

In addition to earning some quick cash for the holidays this year, don’t discount the power of tightening your belt a little and reining in your spending.

If you save just $83 a week for the 12 weeks up to Christmas, you will have an extra $1000 in your pocket without earning an extra dime!

As time is of the essence in the run up to the holidays, the best thing to do is take a double pronged approach and aim to make money and save money at the same time.

How to save money for the holidays

First of all, eliminate all the low hanging fruit that you won’t even notice:

Cut the frivolous spending

One less coffee and muffin each week can save you $5 a week painlessly.

Brown bag your lunch every Friday or walk instead of taking the bus.

You can try working with a cash envelope system to keep your spending in check.

t’s been proven that we spend more when we use plastic as it doesn’t feel like “real money”.

Cut your grocery bill by $5 a week

Shave $5-10 from your grocery bill by meal planning or using the tips in this post on 30 ways to slash your grocery spending.  

$5 a week is a couple of packets of cookies or buying the cheaper no-name brands for few months but in 12 weeks it will have saved you an easy $60. 

Another way of cutting your grocery bill is to challenge yourself to only spend a certain amount.

Once you reach your limit, you can either put some things back or head to the checkout. No extras!

Save on eating out

  • When eating out, pick the cheaper option (EG. appetizer instead of an entree) and drink water instead of soda. Potential savings – $5-10 a week. 
  • Eat at home more often and skip one meal out a week. Invite friends over for a potluck or appetizers instead of meeting at a restaurant. Potential savings – $30-50
  • Pack snacks from home when going on a day trip or outing with the kid to avoid having to shell out for overpriced treats. Potential savings $10-15

Potential weekly savings – $50

Make your own gifts!

This is a really easy way to make money for the holidays – make handmade gifts this year. 

You don’t have to be super crafty and people always appreciate handrcafted things. 

Here are some ideas of gifts to make:

Easy Things To Make And Sell From Home

15+ Cricut Maker Projects To Sell

10 Easy DIY Crafts To Sell Or Give As Gifts

Check out more money saving ideas here:

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How to make money for the holidays