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10 Work From Home Jobs To Start Today

Do you have some extra time to kill and need another source of income? Work from home jobs that you can do in your spare time are a good way to make money for the little extras in life.

There are several ways to generate a secondary source of income without leaving the comfort of your own home.

It’s surprising how many home employment opportunities exist. Anyone with a few hours to spare can earn extra money.

 Work From Home Jobs

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9 Work From Home Jobs To Start Today

1.Online Opportunities

With the capabilities of the internet and associated technologies, working from home is a snap.

Whether your talent is writing, graphics, building websites, or voiceover work, there’s no end to the amount of work available for a freelancer.

Here are 30Work From Home Jobs For Introverts that don’t require telephone calls or in person meetings. 

2. Telephone Work

Any place with a telephone is suitable for your telemarketing headquarters.

It’s a job that few enjoy, so there are usually always employers looking for callers.

You could even get paid to listen to people’s problems.

If you have a pleasant voice and can deal with rejection, telemarketing can be an easy and flexible way to earn some money.

An easier way to make money over the phone is to work from home for a call centre or delivery service.

I have a friend who works for a local nationwide Pizza chain.

She works in the evenings taking pizza orders and inputs them into a computer.

The local store then receives the message.

Many customer service departments now allow their agents to work from home also so call centre work is normally easy to come by, especially if you can work weekends and evenings.

Don’t want to work for a company? Why not sign up to be an online friend

3. Grow and sell vegetables

Okay, you might have to leave home to do this.

On the other hand, you might be able to convince someone else to sell them for you at the local farmer’s market.

Seeds are very inexpensive. Mother Nature will take care of the rest, minus weeding.

4. Make scrapbooks

Not everyone has the skill to make a custom scrapbook.

Creating custom scrapbooks out of photos is something that takes time which many people just don’t have.

You can offer full service including printing photos to save clients even more time.

 Begin with offering your scrapbooking service to family, friends, and neighbors. 

You might be able to generate enough referrals to stay busy without additional advertising. 

This is a job that gets very busy around the holidays as people like to give scrapbooks as gifts.

If you are handy with a needle and thread you can build on your business by offering to make quilts out of baby clothes or wedding dresses. This is something that is always in high demand with new moms and brides.

5. Data Entry

Many data entry jobs pay for each entry rather than by the hour.

It’s a great job if you have a few spare minutes here and there. It’s super flexible and can work around any schedule.

How to find data entry jobs? 

To find work, just search “data entry jobs near me” on Google. I did it and immediately found 5 work from home opportunities near to where I live.

6. Consider tutoring part-time

Part-time tutors can make $30 or more per hour. You might have to brush up on your geometry or Latin, but tutoring can be a lucrative way to spend your free time.

You can go the private route for in-person tutoring or sign up with one of the many online tutoring companies to work flexible hours from home.

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7. Translation Services

Are you skilled in a second language?

There are many opportunities to translate conversations and documents.

While certifications are required to translate for large companies and government agencies, they’re totally unnecessary for translating a love letter or a conversation on Skype.

Personally I used my BA degree to get translation work while living in Spain. I found work translating menus, legal documents and writing emails for realtors.

If you live in an area with a lot of newcomers to your country, you can offer your services to help them decipher DMV documents and other paperwork.

8. Rent out a room

If you have the space to spare, rent out a room in your house.

A good roommate can be a blessing and help you cover the bills. It might help your social life, too.

If you live somewhere cool or near amenities, you could list your room for temporary guests on sites like AirBnB. Just make sure to check your local municipal by-laws.

9. Sell ad space on a personal blog

Start a blog and then sell ads on your website.

You can sell the ad space directly or sign up with Google Adsense. 

Once you reach a certain amount of traffic to your site, you can switch to a premium ad network.

Ad networks like Google Adsense will post relevant ads for you, and you’ll receive money whenever someone clicks on the ad.

Premium networks will pay you just for someone seeing you ad so there is more chance to earn a lot of money. Some bloggers make $10,000 a month just from the ads on their site.

To get started, read my in depth tutorial on How To Start A Blog That Makes Money

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 Work From Home Jobs