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35 Ways To Make Money In Your Spare Time

If you need some extra money, you can ask for a raise, change jobs or you could try and make money in your spare time – on weekends and evenings.

It’s even possible to make money on your lunch break!

Even if you have a good job, you may not have enough to pay all of your bills and still have money left over.

You don’t need to dedicate all your leisure time to making money, either. Just a few hours a week would be enough. You could use your evenings after dinner or a day on the weekend.

It’s not about getting rich or replacing your day job – it’s just about having a little extra. Even fifty or a hundred dollars a week might make the difference between paying a bill or not.

How to make money in your spare time

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35 Ways To Make Money In Your Spare Time

Finding the right side hustle for you

If you want to make money after hours, consider first what you are good at.  Where do your talents lie?

Do people compliment you on your singing voice? Your amazing cooking? Your handy work? The compassion that you have for children or the elderly?

You have the potential to make money from your passions, interests, and skills!

What kinds of hobbies do you have? Do you write? Take pictures? Paint or draw? Can you teach or tutor others? Are you handy?

Maybe you work in a profession that offers lots of opportunities for extra money. For example, there are lots of second job ideas for nurses and healthcare professionals. 

Make a list of what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing – sometimes, these aren’t the same things.

The reason it is important to look at your passions and things you like doing is that you have to do this job after or before your regular job.

If you hate your side hustle, it will be really hard to keep it up when you are tired after a full day of work.

Side Hustle Ideas For Weekends and After Work

How to get work in your spare time

There are many ways to promote yourself and get work quickly. For jobs like dog walking or mowing lawns, neighbourhood sites and Facebook groups are gold.

For online jobs, you need to make sure you have a website set up and promote yourself heavily on social media. Word of mouth is also huge so make sure to ask past customers to review you and refer you to their friends.

  • Advertise your services in the newspaper so you can find people who need help.
  • Post your information on Craigslist, Kijiji, and online classified ad sites where people hire others.
  • Start a website or blog where you can offer your talents and services.
  • Network with others who do the same things, so you can get ideas and advice.
  •  Attend community events and hand out business cards.
  • Place notices and signs on mailboxes and lamp posts where allowed
  • See if you can put up posters at Churches and community centres. 
  • Create a portfolio of your work and start showing it to others.
  • Advertise your business on neighborhood Facebook groups
  • Ask friends and family to mention you – word of mouth can be huge!
  • You never know when you might be able to make a connection that leads to something great. If you’re not prepared, that chance could slip away.

Start preparing now, knowing that making money in your spare time could take a little while. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen when you remain committed to it.

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How to make money in your spare timeHow to make money in your spare time