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15 Metal Lathe Projects That Sell Like Hotcakes

Homemade custom items make great gifts and can be the start of a fantastic side hustle if you are crafty. The metal lathe projects that sell below are perfect examples of how you can make money from your hobby easily. 

Whether you are an experience or up and coming machinist, putting your skills to work can help pay for your tools and equipment while providing you with a fun income stream. 

If you are lucky enough to own a lathe, you may have already checked out my list of 25 Fun Wood Lathe Projects That Sell Well.  The metal projects below are a great addition to the list. 

Remember that you don’t need to be an expert at everything to create a great craft business, perfecting one or two items will make inventory management easier and allow you to really hone your skills. 

Metal Lathe projects that sell

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What Is A Metal Lathe?

Although I’ve already mentioned some woodturning projects you can make on a lathe, for metal working, you need a specific metal lathe which is a bit different. 

Metal lathes are awesome because you can actually use them to make other tools.

If you are a metal worker, then make sure to also check out my list of 25 things to weld and sell.

There are two kinds of metal lathe that you will come across: 

Manual Lathes – You do the shaping, planing, or sanding by hand with this classic lathe.

They are a cheaper option if you are just getting started and you can make tons of awesome projects with them. 

CNC Lathes – These modern lathes can be loaded with CAD files to create patterns and extensive projects.

If you want to make metal and woodworking projects your business, a CNC machine can be a good investment. 

You can find tons of blueprints online for free. 

Here are 40 CNC Projects That Sell really well on Etsy. 

Where To Sell Your Metal Lathe Projects


The number 1 place to sell your handicrafts is Etsy. In addition to being a handcrafters paradise, Etsy will allow you to reach a Worldwide audience inexpensively. 

If you don’t have any experience with selling on Etsy, then make sure to check out my step-by-step guide to starting an Etsy store successfully

You can start your own Etsy shop in mere minutes with no upfront costs.

Etsy does charge 20 cents per listing that you add to your store plus a 5% transaction fee when you sell something but open your store at this link and you will get 40 free listings to start you off. 

The other thing to factor in when selling your projects on Etsy are shipping costs. Obviously metal objects can be heavy so you will want to factor that into your pricing.

You may want to limit buyers to your country to avoid extortionate postage fees. 

Selling Your Metal Lathe Projects Locally

Depending on where you live, you may also have luck selling your metal creations on Facebook marketplace or at local craft fairs. 

Join local Facebook groups that allow you to promote your business and advertise your gift ideas to a local audience.

This is great because you won’t have to worry about shipping logistics. 

If you are really serious about building a business selling metal lathe projects, you can also consider creating Facebook and Instagram pages and promoting on there.

Add photos of your new projects and any custom work you do. 

People like to see different options before buying so try to build up a portfolio of your work, even if you haven’t sold a thing. 

To go even further, create your own website that can take sales (Shopify is a good option for this).

15 Metal Lathe Projects That Sell On Etsy 

Below are 15 bestselling projects made with a metal lathe. They range from simple mini lathe projects to more expert ideas.

All of them sell really well on sites like Etsy and would make a great addition to your store.

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amazing metal lathe projects that sell