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20 Wooden Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell (For Profit)

Are you feeling crafty this year and want to DIY some gifts or sell them at a holiday bazaar? You’ll love this list of wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell. 

This blog post includes a list of 20 DIY Christmas wood crafts to make and sell.

If you are looking for DIY Christmas gifts to make and sell, you’ll love the unique ideas on this list. 

Most of these projects require only a few supplies and they are easy enough to put together in an afternoon or evening.

Whether you want something cute like a Christmas tree ornament or something practical like a coaster set, there’s bound to be something here that will work for you! 

I’ve included links to detailed tutorials and pictures for inspiration for every one of the Christmas wood projects on this list so you can get started today. 

20 Fabulous Christmas Wood Crafts To Make And Sell

  1. North Pole Stocking Holder
  2. DIY Wooden Christmas Tree
  3. Wooden Sign “Joy”
  4. Chalkboard Wood Slice Sign 
  5. Wooden Skate Door Hanger
  6. Christmas Card Holder
  7. Wooden Snowman
  8. Wood Slice Tree Ornament
  9. Merry Christmas Blocks
  10. Christmas Tree Shelf
  11. Christmas Burlap Sign
  12. Tabletop Christmas Trees
  13. Farmhouse Christmas sign
  14. Christmas Pudding Slice Ornament
  15. Be Merry Porch Sign
  16. Christmas Tree Sconce
  17. Pallet Centrepiece
  18. String Art Stocking Holders
  19. Branch Round Advent Calendar
  20. Extra Large Scrabble Pieces Sign 

The Best Wooden Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell

christmas wooden crafts to make and sell

Scroll down to find the item you want to make. I’ve included a bit of everything in this post.

Whether you are looking for Christmas wood crafts to outdoors or wooden Christmas decorations to make at home and then sell on for a profit, this list has it all! 

These are great for selling online for giving as gifts if you want to have a great Christmas without spending a lot of money on expensive presents. 

Simply click through each click to get the details and instructions for each Christmas wood project idea. 


20 Best Selling Christmas Crafts 

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North Pole Stocking Holder

north pole stocking hanger

I am in love with this super cute North Pole stocking hanger from Jen Woodhouse. You can find all the details on how to make it for yourself at her website.

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

christmas crafts to make and sell

This easy to make wooden Christmas tree can be decorated in so many different ways!

It makes a really fun DIY Christmas wood project idea that the whole family can do together and its also a great craft to make and sell. 

Wood Joy Sign

easy Christmas crafts to sell

One of the best wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell has to be wooden signs. Everyone loves them and they have been hot for years now with no sign of the trend abating. 

I love this DIY Wooden sign that reads “Joy”. It’s so cute and would make a fantastic Christmas craft to sell at a bazaar. 

Grab the tutorial here. 

Chalkboard  Wood Slice Sign

wood slice sign

The easy to follow tutorial for these cute Christmas signs come with a free printable template that you can use. 

The sign in the picture is painted with chalkboard paint but you could also use white or colored paint for your sign. 

Wooden Skate Door Hanger

christmas wooden crafts to make and sell

This really cute door hanger from The Inspired Woodshop is one of my favorite Christmas crafts to make and sell this year! Both my daughters are figure skaters and I know they would love these skates hanging on their doors too! 

The tutorial comes with the template for the skates to make cutting easy! 

Christmas Card Holder

Christmas wood crafts to make and sell


I love this repurposed wooden shutter that has been turned into a really cute Christmas card holder. Grab all the details and instructions here. 

Wooden Snowman

Wooden snowman DIY


How cute is this adorable 4 x 4 wooden snowman? 

It is one of my favorite Christmas wood crafts to make and sell because you can whip up a bunch in a weekend. They are one of those wood crafts that sell really well at flea markets and bazaars. 

DIY Wooden Advent Calendar

christmas crafts to make and sell and of wood

A wooden advent calendar like this one makes a fantastic wood craft to sell.

It would be a gorgeous keepsake gift for someone to pass along to family members for years to come. 

Get the tutorial for the advent calendar here. 

Wooden Slice Ornament

how to make a wood slice ornament

Wood ornaments are all the rage right now and they are surprisingly easy to make and sell at Christmas!

If you choose just one of the wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell on this list, wood slice ornaments should be it. 

Get all the info on how to make these cute ornaments at DollarCrafter.

Merry Christmas Blocks

how to make wooden Christmas blocks

You can make these cute Merry Christmas blocks with two different messages to make them reversible! They are pretty easy to make and you can branch out and make Thanksgiving versions too (the tutorial is at the link). 

Christmas Tree Shelf

christmas wooden crafts to make and sell

I love this ingenious Christmas tree shelf from Unique Creations By Anita. It is so cute and would make fantastic alternative to a traditional tree for a small apartment or dorm. 

Christmas Burlap Sign 

Christmas wooden burlap sign


There are always lots of wooden signs around at Christmas craft sales but this burlap version is a bit different and fun. You can get all the information on how to make it at Leap Of Faith Crafting

Wooden Table Tree

tabletop Christmas tree

If you are looking for Christmas wood crafts to make and sell without too much hassle, check out the tutorial for these cute table top Christmas trees from Charleston Crafted.

Farmhouse Christmas Sign

farmhouse christmas sign

If you love farmhouse decor, you will love this cute Christmas tree sign from Michelle J Designs. And if you want to make more farmhouse decor out of wood, make sure to check my list of 12 Farmhouse Wood Projects To Make And Sell

Wood Pallet Christmas Trees

wood pallet Christmas trees

 If you love Simple Wood Pallet Projects To Make And Sell as much as me, then you will adore the tutorial for these fun pallet Christmas tree decor.

Christmas Pudding Slice Ornament

Christmas pudding wooden slice

I know, I know, I already have some Christmas wood slice ornaments on this list but how cute and unique are these ones? 

Plus you can make them in about 5 minutes with this tutorial from Pillar Box Blue. 

Be Merry Porch Sign

farmhouse merry sign for porch


A classic but always one of the best Christmas crafts to make and sell, this farmhouse “Be Merry” style sign will brighten up any porch. 

For more inspiration, make sure to check out these great front porch Christmas decorating ideas.

Wooden Christmas Tree Sconce

Christmas wooden crafts to make and sell


I love these pretty wooden sconces from Angela Marie Made. They are one of the hottest selling wooden crafts at Christmas bazaars and holiday markets. 

DIY Pallet Centrepiece

Pallet craft for Christmas centrepiece

Wood pallet crafts are always fun and I really love this holiday centrepiece that you adapt for every season. 

String Art Stocking Holders

wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell

Here is another really cute idea for stocking holders. You can get the tutorial for these ones over at The Turquoise Home.

Brand End Advent Calendar

Christmas wood crafts to make and sell

This super cute advent calendar from Beyond The Picket Fence is easy to make with the ends of branches 

Large Scrabble Sign

Christmas wood crafts to make and sell

These massive scrabble pieces are so unique and are sure to be one of the hottest Christmas wood crafts to make and sell this year. 

You can get all the information on how to make them at H2o Bungalow.

Wooden Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell

If you love these Christmas crafts and want to start a business crafting and selling your creations, have you considered starting an Etsy store?

Homemade wooden crafts do really well on Etsy and you can get started for free. Use this link to open your Etsy store and you will get 40 free listings so you can start selling on Etsy this week! 

Other Places To Sell Your Christmas Wood Crafts

Around the holidays, everyone is looking for that one unique gift idea for someone who has everything.

Solve their problem by selling your Christmas wood projects and start your own side hustle. 

I’ve already mentioned Etsy but here are a few other places you can sell your crafts this holiday season:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Local Craft Fairs
  • Instagram
  • Your own website (create one in under an hour and for less than $5 with my step by step tutorial)
  • Facebook Mom Groups. – Not a mom? Ask someone you know to post for you
  • Neighbourhood sites such as NextDoor

What Are Your Favorite Wooden Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell?

Making Christmas wood crafts is a great way to save money on your holiday gift shopping and maybe make some extra cash on the side. 

If you love woodworking, why not make your hobby a year round money maker with my other tutorials for wood crafts to make and sell? 

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