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10 Wooden Christmas Ornaments To Make And Sell

If you love crafting, you’ll love these wooden Christmas ornaments to make and sell at craft fairs and online.

There are lots of great Handmade Wood Projects That Sell well year round but around the holidays, rustic wooden Christmas ornaments are in huge demand.

In fact, they are one of the top Wooden Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell for a profit. The nice thing about making Christmas ornaments out of wood?

They don’t have to be overly complicated projects that require a wood lathe. Some of these wood holiday ornaments can easily made by someone with no woodworking skills at all.

Read on for all our top choices for wooden Christmas ornaments that sell well.


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Wooden Christmas ornaments to make and sell

The Best Wooden Christmas Ornaments To Make And Sell

Click through to each of these Christmas crafts to learn how to make them and exactly what materials you will need.

I love making DIY Christmas gifts and these wooden ornaments are perfect for hostess gifts for as a special teacher gift.

Making your own ornaments is a fun way to get crafty over the holidays and also to have a great Christmas without spending too much money.

Wood Slice Ornaments

wood slice Christmas tree ornament

I love these chalkboard wood slice ornaments from The Savvy Sparrow.

Check out the full tutorial for a free SVG file you can use on your Cricut – plus there is an option for those of you who don’t own a Cricut machine!

Engraved wood slices are also one of the best laser engraver ideas if you own a machine. You can easily whip up a bunch in a day.

Wood Scrap Ornaments

wooden Christmas ornaments to make and sell

If you some cut offs from a home project, grab some paint and you can make these super cute wooden ornaments.

Homemade Heather has the full tutorial on how to make these Swedish style ornaments.

Wooden Star Ornaments

wooden tree ornaments

These Scandinavian inspired wooden tree ornaments from Lemon Thistle are so easy to make!

If you want to sell these are a craft fair or online, consider making bundles of different ornaments and selling them in packages of 4 or 6.

Wood Burned Ornaments

Christmas ornaments to make and sell

A lot of people shy away from wood burned crafts as they seem tricky and for more advanced wood workers.

However, they are a really popular wooden Christmas ornament at craft fairs so it is work learning to make them if you want to start a holiday side hustle. You can get an easy to follow tutorial over at Adventures of a DIY Mom.

Wood Slice String Art Ornament

how to make wooden Christmas ornaments

Happy Brown House has another really cute wood slice ornament that you can make at home. This one is a bit different as it has string art designs on it.

I love the simplicity and creativity!

DIY Nautical Christmas Ornament

wooden tree ornaments

If you are going for the beachy look on your Christmas tree, make sure to check out this DIY wooden Christmas ornament from Charleston Crafted.

All you need is a wooden dowel in order to make this cute ornament so its super easy to make a bunch to sell at craft fairs.

Farmhouse Number Wooden Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments made out of wood

I just love these super cute wooden Christmas ornaments from Raggedy Bits. They would be fantastic for a craft fair or to give as a gift.

Mini Wood Frame Ornament

farmhouse Christmas tree ornaments

This really cute wooden ornament from Domestically Creative is simple to make and so adorable.

If you love farmhouse style, make sure to check out my list of 12 Farmhouse Wood Projects To Make And Sell.

And if you want more fun Christmas signs, check out these Christmas Farmhouse Printable signs.

Bright Letter Ornaments

wooden Christmas ornaments to make and sell

These cute letter ornaments from Blue i Style are really easy and fun to make. They would also make great nursery decor!

Glitter Reindeer Ornaments

wooden glitter tree ornament

A Night Owl Blog has a really great tutorial for making these pretty glitter wooden ornaments.

You can use the same tutorial to make other ornament shapes too!

Wooden Christmas Ornaments To Make And Sell FAQs

Where are the best places to sell my wooden ornaments?

Now you have decided what to sell, it’s time to work out where to actually sell your crafts. Here are some places you can try:

  • Craft Fairs
  • Local stores
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Your Own Website
  • Amazon
  • Etsy

How To Sell Wooden Ornaments On Etsy

The ornament market on Etsy is pretty saturated so in order to be successful, you want to really hone your Etsy store and make sure to promote your products as much as possible. 

If you haven’t started your shop yet, make sure to go through this tutorial on How To Start An Etsy Store Successfully

It will take you step by step through from creating to launching your Etsy shop.

It also includes a link for 40 free listings which will help you to start your store for free. 

Promoting Your Etsy Store

Although Etsy has millions of visitors who are searching for handmade products, don’t rely on your shop organically showing up in search. 

You want to promote your Etsy shop on social media and especially make use of Pinterest. This tutorial will show you How To Use Pinterest For Etsy

Etsy SEO is how you will get your ornaments to show up in the Etsy shop. It involves using keywords in your title and description. 

You can use my handy Etsy SEO checklist to help you with this:

Selling Your Ornaments At Local Stores

You can sell your ornaments at local stores if they will allow you to display them in for free. This can be a really good way to become known locally for beautiful wooden crafts. 

How To Sell Wooden Christmas Ornaments On Facebook

Selling your tree ornaments locally on Facebook is a really good way to get started if you are new to making money with your hobby

On Facebook you have a few options and I recommend you take a 3 pronged approach and try all three of these places on Facebook:

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is the obvious place to start selling your items as you don’t need to pay anything and can reach a local audience.

You can create as many listings as you like for free. The only downside is arranging shipping or pick ups with your customers. 

Your Facebook Page

You can create your own Facebook Page and promote your knitting that way. Ask for people to like your page and advertise sales and promotions. 

Facebook Groups

In my opinion, Facebook groups are the best way to sell your handicrafts  Join as many local groups as you can. Look for handmade groups, mom groups and neighbourhood groups. 

You can add your knitting to business promotions where allowed or respond to requests for unique gift ideas. 

Start A Craft Blog

I mentioned starting your own website above and a craft blog is a great way to do this and make money. 

You can start a blog and then make money through affiliate marketing, advertising and also selling your own patterns and how-to ebooks. 

You can start a blog in conjunction with an Etsy store to really boost your sales. 

There are craft bloggers making thousands every month with their blogs.

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wooden Christmas ornaments to make and sell at craft fairs and online.