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41 Best Jobs for Lazy People In 2024

Looking for work that doesn’t require a lot of effort? Do you want to make money without breaking a sweat? If so, then these 41 jobs for lazy people are perfect for you!

Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash or searching for a new career, there is something on this list for everyone – minimal effort required! 

jobs for lazy people

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Do jobs for lazy people really exist?

Lazy people – is it possible to be successful in a job and still be lazy?

The answer is yes!

Even if you’re prone to procrastination, or simply don’t like ‘working hard’, there are plenty of jobs out there that can help you make the most of your unique strengths.

Whether you prefer working from home or would rather work with animals, this article will show you 31 perfect jobs for any lazy person who wants to find success while still enjoying their free time.

From virtual assistant tasks to online tutoring opportunities, these jobs all offer flexibility and an easygoing lifestyle.

So why not take advantage of them?

How lazy are you?

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of lazy is: “disinclined to activity or exertion not energetic or vigorous”.

If you define yourself as a lazy person, it might mean you want to make money without manual labor or it might mean you want to earn a living without exerting yourself mentally.

Whatever kind of gig you are looking for, there is something out there for you.

Here are some of the types of jobs to look at:

Desk Jobs

If you want a job that doesn’t require too much physical activity, a desk job is the way to go.

Most desk jobs have the advantage of providing comfortable work conditions and not requiring you to be on your feet all day.

Examples of desk jobs are customer service, data entry, administrative assistant, or social media manager positions—all which can be done from the comfort of an office chair (or couch!).

Remote Work

For lazy people who are looking to make some extra cash on the side while avoiding traffic, remote jobs can offer flexibility and convenience.

From customer service reps and data entry specialists to web developers and social media managers, there is no shortage of virtual opportunities out there.

Freelance Options

Too lazy to deal with a boss?

A good job for you might be to become a freelancer. If you are looking for jobs that allow you to stay in your pajamas while still making a decent income, then freelancing is the perfect option for you.

There are many different types of freelance opportunities available such as writing, virtual assistant work, web design, coding and much more.

The amount of money you can make as a freelancer depends on your skills and experience as well as the type of projects you take on.

Delivery Services

A simple way to make money when you don’t have the inclination or energy to commit to a full-time gig is with delivery jobs.

This type of work involves picking up orders from local stores and delivering them to customers, either in person or via an app.

It can be done anytime, day or night, so it’s perfect for anyone who needs flexible hours or wants to earn some extra cash on the side.

What are the best jobs for lazy people?

If you’re looking for jobs that require minimal effort, but with a good pay, there are a few options available. read on for our top picks to find your perfect fit!

The 41 best jobs for lazy people

1. Professional Apologizer

Want a job without too much stress?

With customer retention so important nowadays, more and more companies are hiring professionals to “apologize” for them.

Southwest Airlines kicked off the trend with their proactive customer communication department but more and more companies are getting on the bandwagon.

This job is perfect for lazy people because it doesn’t require any special skills or formal education and it pays relatively well.

It’s a unique job that requires excellent communicative skills as well as an understanding of how to elicit more heartfelt emotions than a traditional apology might.

You might be required to send emails or make phone calls depending on the situation.

In some industries, professional apologizers make salaries of up to $60,000 a year.

All in all, professional apologizers can get paid for something relatively simple and it’s a great job for lazy people.

2. Professional Binge-Watcher

You are probably already a full time binge watcher so why not get paid to do it?

A Netflix tagger is hired to watch shows or movies and tag them according to genre and category.

This job is usually done online and requires no prior qualifications or skills.

Pay varies depending on the company, but some companies like Netflix pay around $500 to watch three TV shows.

You can go a step further and apply for an editorial innovation job and get paid up to $500,000 a year!

This is an interesting career chance for those who love to watch shows and movies, and don’t mind getting paid for it!

3. Beer Taster

Get paid to drink beer! 

Beer tasters are often employed by breweries to ensure that their product meets their quality standards.

Like all product tester jobs, you will need to identify the unique features of a beer, such as its aroma, taste, body, and mouthfeel.

This job is perfect for lazy people because it requires little effort, and requires the taster to simply describe the beer and whether it meets quality standards.

Additionally, they get paid to sample beers and provide their opinion, making it a great way to make some extra money while still enjoying the beer.

The pay varies depending on the company, but it can be an enjoyable job with a good salary.

If you prefer the grape to the grain, make sure to check out my list of 23 Amazing Ways To Get Paid To Drink Wine

4. Movie Extra

Want a fun way to make some cash on the side? You don’t need to live in Hollywood to make money in your spare time as an extra.

This job is ideal for lazy people since it requires minimal effort and provides free food.

An extra can stand in the background of the movie, pretend to talk, be part of a crowd, or lay on the ground and pretend to be dead.

Most of the job involves sitting and waiting around for your scene to be filmed.

While there is no required certification or education, an agent may help to get more jobs in the field.

The pay usually ranges from $5 to $100 an hour, with an average of $13.50 per day.

It is also an interesting chance to watch films and shows even at work, and get paid for it without leaving the house.

5. Sleep Study Participant

Get paid to sleep!

Sleep studies are an important part of medical research. Typically, these studies involve being hooked up to a monitor and sleeping for a designated amount of time.

If you are interested in helping scientists out, then look for these kinds of opportunities on job boards and at clinical research sites.

Participants are typically paid anywhere from $100 to $500 USD per session, depending on duration and the specific study.

All in all, this job is the perfect way for someone to make money while sleeping.

6. Security Guard

Depending where you work, this can be one of the best jobs for lazy people as you spend most of your time sitting down and looking at a bank of security cameras.

This kind of job is in demand all over, from high-end hotels to malls.

It is one of the easiest jobs to get into as it requires no real experience or qualifications.

7. Transcriptionist

This is more on the hard work side of lazy people jobs but it is great for anyone who wants a work from home job that doesn’t involve talking to anyone – it is one of the best jobs for lazy introverts! 

Transcribing involves listening to audio files and putting them into the written word.

These could be court files or doctors notes. Transcriptionists can make up to $60,000 a year.

Read my in depth guide to becoming a transcriptionist for more information.

8. Chat Online For Cash

When was the last time you spoke to a customer service agent on the phone?

Many times we opt for the “chat” option because it is easier and quicker than waiting on hold.

Behind those chats is a real person and that person could be you!

Customer service via chat is an easy task that is perfect for anyone who wants a real job working from home.

Most large companies hire these remote agents and you don’t need much in the way of experience or certification to get hired.

Click here to learn how to get paid to chat. 

9. Chocolate Taster

Looking for your dream job? Why not look for a gig as a chocolate taster?

You’ll need to evaluate different chocolate products through tasting and sensory evaluation.

Chocolate tasters taste small samples of the product and make notes about the flavor, texture, and scent.

This job is perfect as it provides an opportunity to make money while enjoying delicious treats.

chocolate taster job

10. Get Paid to Flirt

Do you love chatting and making small talk with strangers? Why not get paid to flirt with guys (and girls) online?

This job is perfect for someone who is looking for a steady income and enjoys conversing with people.

It can also be a great way to meet new people and develop relationships.

Additionally, it can be a great supplemental job for someone who already has a full-time job, as you will work remotely from your phone or laptop and work whenever you like.

11. Cuddler

The job of a professional cuddler or “snuggler” is to offer platonic cuddling services to clients.

This job is perfect for lazy people because it requires minimal physical effort and is a great way to make money in a relatively short amount of time.

Cuddlers are not required to have any certifications or special qualifications, but they need to be compassionate, possess strong interpersonal skills, and be safety conscious.

Not that this is a purely professional role and nothing goes beyond cuddles.

The benefits of being a hugger by trade are many.

It is a great way to relax, lower stress levels, and bring comfort to others.

Overall, the job of a professional cuddler is an excellent choice for lazy people who love human connection.

It is an easy job to get into, with no certifications or qualifications required, and the pay can be quite generous.

There are a number of companies that hire professional cuddlers.

So if you’re looking for a fun, unique, and relatively low effort job, professional cuddling might be for you.

12. Hotel Sleep Tester

A hotel sleep tester is a job where you get paid to sleep and evaluate the quality of a hotel’s beds.

It is perfect for lazy people because all they have to do is lie down, sleep, and provide feedback on their experience.

Mattress and bedding companies hire bed testers to try out their products and give their opinions.

Hotels also hire bed testers to make sure their beds are of the highest quality and comfortable for their guests.

The job does not require any qualifications whatsoever and can pay up to $37,000 a year.

For lazy people, this is a great job opportunity.

It requires no effort, requires no special skills, and you can make a decent salary.

You get to experience luxurious hotels and their beds, while getting paid to do so.

As a bed tester, you just have to lie down, relax, and provide feedback on your experience. 

13. Video Game Tester

Many lazy people love playing video games so why not get paid to do what you love?

A video game tester is responsible for playing video games, checking for errors, bugs, or glitches before the game is released to the public. 

You don’t have to leave your house to go to work and you can spend the day playing video games and get paid for it.

If you have a good eye for detail and strong communication skills, you might be a great candidate for this job.

14. Dog Walker

You might think that dog walking jobs are too much effort for your lazy bones but if you like animals and hate offices, it might be the ideal gig for you.

As a dog walker, you’ll take dogs out for regular walks, either at a park, around the block, or wherever the dog’s owner desires. This job requires no certifications or qualifications, and no special skills are needed.

The estimated pay for a dog walker is $20 an hour, which is a great rate for such an easy job plus you get to set your own hours.

This is a great job for lazy people because it involves minimal effort.

All you have to do is take the dog out for a walk, make sure it gets back to its owner, and get paid!

The fact that you don’t have to interact with people or do any other tasks is an added bonus.

15. Voiceover Work

Voiceover work is the perfect job for lazy people. It requires minimal physical effort and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

All you need is a good microphone, a quiet room, and some software to record your voice.

With voiceover work, there’s no need to leave the house or even get dressed!

You can make money simply by speaking into a microphone and recording your lines.

Voiceover work isn’t just limited to radio or television ads either; it’s also used in video games, animated films, audiobooks, documentaries and more.

As long as you have an interesting sound that producers are looking for, you could find yourself doing voiceovers for any type of project imaginable.

Best of all, this job pays well and doesn’t require any special skills or qualifications – all you need is a great set of pipes!

15. Furniture Tester

A furniture tester is a job title for someone who is paid to sit on, lie down on, and possibly sleep on furniture in order to test it for comfort, quality, and price.

This job is ideal for lazy people because it requires minimal effort and offers a good pay.

Furniture manufacturers need people to test out their products to ensure that customers are getting a good quality product and that’s where you come in!

The average pay for a furniture tester is around $36,600 (£27,400) per year, depending on the company and location.

16. House Sitter

When people are away from they home for long periods of time, they often hire house sitters to maintain and care for things while they are away.

Your role might include things like general cleaning, watering plants, collecting mail, relaying messages, and caring for animals.

This is the ultimate lazy job and is perfect for anyone wanting to get paid to lounge around someone else’s house.

17. Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper is a person who goes to a shop or restaurant undercover and “tests” out the service and products on behalf of a company.

I’ve been doing mystery shopping for years and it is so much fun! .

It is a great job for lazy people because you can do the job when it suits you, most mystery shopping apps let you sign up for jobs as and when they become available.

18. Focus Group Participant

Do you want to get paid to be part of a research study or to test a new product or service?

Focus groups are one of the best ways to make money without much effort.

You’ll usually be required to provide feedback or opinions about the product or service in exchange for a payment.

Sometimes you will need to attend an in person session while other opportunities will be strictly online.

The amount of money you can earn will vary – last month I earned $80 from one 2 hour online panel, for example.

19. Professional Mourner

A professional mourner, also known as a moirologist, is someone who attends funerals and other memorial services in a professional capacity.

This job is an ancient practice from Egypt that has recently become in vogue again.

Professional mourners are essentially actors who show up to funerals and act in an appropriate way to demonstrate grief and respect.

This job requires discretion, acting skills, and the ability to be mindful of the situation.

Professional mourners are typically paid between $30 and $120 per funeral or wake, so it can be a lucrative job for those who are looking for easy jobs for lazy people.

20. Line Stand-In

Get paid to wait in line?

The job of a line stand-in is perfect for lazy people looking to make some extra money. 

The job involves literally staying in one place for hours on end without doing anything else.

You might be waiting in line to obtain tickets, autographs, or products such as the hottest new phone.

The job of a line stand-in is ideal for lazy people because it doesn’t require any real effort.

It doesn’t require any physical labor or speaking, and all that it involves is waiting in line.

21. Professional Friend

This is really a thing! And being a rent a friend is one of those jobs for lazy people that is fun too.

You might be asked to be a friend to a lonely person or you might be asked to be a stand-in for a special event that requires a date.

No special qualifications or skills are necessary as the job is based on friendliness and being personable.

This job is ideal for someone who is looking for an easy way to make money and help others in the process.

22. Seat Filler

Large events such as The Oscars use seat fillers to make the auditorium look packed even when seats are unsold or guests are in the bathroom.

As far as jobs for lazy people go, it is one of the best as all you need to do is sit down at sporting events, and other special performances that are televised for the most part.

You can find this kind of work by signing up with an agency or looking in the classifieds.

23. Survey Taker

If you want to make extra income from home then online surveys can be a great option.

There are many different companies that will pay you in cash or gift cards for giving your opinion on a survey – this kind of market research is important for many brands and institutions.

Popular sites include Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

24. Rideshare Driver

Are you looking for a job that requires little work and that lets you pick your own hours?

If you like driving, why not use your own car and make money by giving people rides using Uber or Lyft?

While this kind of work might not turn you into Bill Gates, it is in high demand and can be a great way to make money at your own pace.

25. Test Websites

Do you know how to use a search engine? Of course you do!

Then did you know that companies pay testers to use their websites and provide feedback?

This is the perfect opportunity for a professional slacker who likes “surfing the interwebs”.

I’ve done a few of these web testing gigs myself and they are pretty interesting and fun to do.

Plus you can do them in your pjs!

26. Sell Your iPhone Photos

Selling all kinds of photos is one of those jobs for lazy people that you can turn into a great business. 

You can sell selfies online, or even make a business with your nude photos. 

Or you can just sell the random photos you have on your phone. 

The great thing about selling your photos is that all you need is your phone and a few minutes of time to take pictures – no professional equipment or experience needed!

Once you’ve taken the shots, you can upload them to stock photo sites, where they will be available for sale.

You can even sell the same picture multiple times, giving you the potential to make thousands of dollars over time.

27. Travel Influencer

Are you a lazy person but still want to make money? Traveling and getting paid for it sounds like a dream come true.

Being a travel influencer means that you get to explore different cultures and places while getting paid for it by sponsorships, partnerships, or advertisements from companies looking to promote their products or services.

You will use social media to share stories about your adventures and experiences in an engaging way.

28. Play Games For Cash

Want to earn free gift cards for taking part in trivia games or playing games on an app?

Swagbucks will let you do just that!

While this isn’t one of the most high paying jobs out there, it can be a great way to make some extra money from your phone.

Every night around 30,000 people show up for SwagIQs trivia game where you can win $10 worth of SBs in just 10 minutes.

29. Proofreader

If you’re looking for a job that requires little effort, look no further than proofreading.

Proofreading is an essential task in the publishing industry and involves checking the final draft of written material for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax.

It’s important to have an eagle eye for detail when it comes to proofreading; even a single mistake can have serious implications for both the author and publisher.

Proofreading doesn’t require any experience or special qualifications so anyone with good language skills is able to apply.

As long as you can spot typos, grammatical errors and inconsistencies quickly then this could be the perfect job for you if you want something low-effort but still rewarding.

30. Data Entry

If you’re looking for an easy job that still provides a steady income stream then data entry may be right up your alley!

Data entry involves entering information from physical or digital sources into database, spreadsheet and software programs.

This type of job doesn’t require any special qualifications, just basic computer knowledge and accuracy in typing and you can do it from home!

31. Pet Sitter

If you love animals and want to make some easy money, why not start a petsitting business and take care of people’s pets while they’re away on vacation?

You might be asked to look after the animals in your own home or visit the owner’s home to feed and care for the animals.

Either way, this is a great job that doesn’t require too much time or effort.

32. Take Part In Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are an important way for medical researchers to test the safety and effectiveness of new drugs, devices, and treatments.

By taking part in these trials, you can help make a difference in the medical field while also receiving compensation for your time.

Participating in clinical trials is a great opportunity for those seeking flexible employment with minimal effort.

Depending on the trial, volunteers may be compensated up to several thousand dollars.

While some clinical trials require you to stay at medical facilities for the duration, most participants are able to complete their study without ever leaving home or disrupting their daily routine.

33. Brand Ambassador

Are you looking for a job that is fun, flexible and well-paid?

Then look no further than becoming a brand ambassador.

As a brand ambassador, you will be responsible for representing the company’s product or service and spreading positive word of mouth about it.

This could be through in-store promotions, trade shows and social media campaigns on platforms such as Instagram.

The role of a brand ambassador can give you the opportunity to earn good money without having to work long hours or even leave your house.

You will have the flexibility to work as much or as little as you like within the agreed timeframe, meaning that this job could be perfect for those who are time-poor but still want to make some extra income.

34. YouTuber

Starting a YouTube channel is an ideal job for those who prioritize convenience and flexibility.

With no set hours or office space to worry about, YouTube videos can be created and managed from the comfort of your own home.

This type of job provides amazing opportunities to build an online presence while earning money through advertisement revenue or sponsorship deals.

While this is one of the best jobs for lazy people who want to work from home,  creating a successful YouTube channel requires careful planning and dedication.

Ultimately, though, it can be incredibly rewarding nonetheless.

You’ll need to create content that stands out from the crowd and attracts viewers, as well as promote it successfully across various platforms such as social media.

35. Book Reviewer

Are you a book lover who loves to read and review books?

If so, being a book reviewer may be the perfect job for you.

Book reviewers make money reading and writing reviews of books.

It’s an ideal job for those who want to work from home, since most of the work is done independently.

36. Freelance model

As far as jobs for lazy people go, modelling is a great option.

Freelance models don’t need to commit to a full-time job and can instead pick and choose the projects they want to work on.

The best part about becoming a freelance model is that it does not require any technical skills or prior experience in fashion or modeling – anyone can do it simply by applying for local gigs online!

37. Sell Feet Pics

Yes, it’s true – there are people out there who will pay good money to see your feet in all their glory.

All you need to do is take a few pictures of your feet and upload them onto the best sites to sell foot photos so people can buy them. 

It’s an easy way to make some extra money with minimal effort!

38. Student Helper

If you can speak a second language, you can make money helping your local ESL students with their classwork.

This is a low-stress job that will allow you to spend time meeting people from all different cultures.

You can also offer coffee dates and meetings to help international students practice their English too – you don’t need to be an ESL teacher to help improve someone’s language skills.

39. Toll Booth Attendant

Do you want a job with minimal physical effort?

How about one that keeps you in the same spot all day long?

Then becoming a toll booth attendant might be right for you!

Toll booth attendants have an important job of collecting fares from drivers who need to cross bridges or pay for access to highways and tunnels.

While it can be a monotonous and lonely job, it most definitely isn’t physically exhausting.

40. Refer Friends For Cash

Referring people is a great way to earn some extra cash without having to do any work yourself.

In fact, this is one of the easiest jobs for lazy people out there!

You can get paid when someone purchases a product or service from one of your referrals, or when they sign up for a website or app – some places pay up to $1000 per referral!

Here is a list of the best sites that will pay you for your referrals.

41. Use Your Car As Advertising

The last job on this list is a simple one that really isn’t a job!

If you own a vehicle, why not make some passive income by letting brands use it as a mobile billboard? 

There are lots of ways to make money with your car but this is by far the easiest!

Companies like Carvertise will pay you to put a car wrap on your vehicle for a period of time. 

the best jobs for lazy people