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15 Best Summer Jobs For Teachers To Make Money

Looking for some great summer jobs for teachers?

Schools out for the year but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make some money during before September.

There are a ton of great summer side hustles for teachers that you can do to earn extra cash on the side when you are off work. 

Some of the best side hustles for teachers involve teaching part-time during the summer months while others have nothing to do with your main career, you can even do them throughout the year to make extra money. 

jobs for teachers in the school holidays

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15 Fantastic Summer Jobs For Teachers

1. Teacher

This is the job that makes the most sense – after all, why not make money doing what you already know? 

One of the best ways to make money in the summer as a teacher is to teach classes with Outschool. 

Outschool is great because you can set your own schedule and teach as much or as little as you like. The other amazing thing about Outschool is that you can teach almost anything that interests you. 

From Barbie playdates to Kindergarten science, there really are few limits on the kinds of classes you can create and teach. 

You can learn more about teaching with Outschool on their website. 

If you are interested in getting set up with an online English teaching job, you will need a fast internet connection and to complete a video interview process.
Pay is often up to $22 an hour so it’s a great side hustle for busy teachers. 
Another advantage is that your working hours are normally early morning and evening so you will still have time to make the most of summer. 

Companies Hiring Online English teachers

2. Tutor

It’s easy to find work as a tutor. You can use the internet to advertise your services to local customers. Or, you could offer tutoring services entirely online.

Many tutors meet their students at local libraries or coffee shops so you don’t need a place to host. 

 Tutoring Is A Good Job In 2022 for teachers to do after school or during the holidays, especially if you specialize in a subject like math or languages. 

3. Childcare

If you are willing to work during the days or evenings, consider offering up babysitting or nanny services during the summer.

Lots of parents are desperate for affordable childcare when school is out, especially this year when many camps are not running. 

You can advertise on a site like or in neighbourhood Facebook groups online. Word of mouth is another great way to find childcare clients. 

You can also get more information about starting a home daycare here. 

4. Sell Digital Downloads

As a teacher, you have probably made use of printable materials such as worksheets and handouts. Why not create and sell them yourself to fellow teachers? 

Lots of teachers are making money on Teachers Pay Teachers which is a platform exclusively for selling educational materials.

TpT provides a marketplace for teachers to exchange instructional materials and access easy-to-use digital tools. 

You can learn how to make these kinds of educational materials in my post about How To Create Digital Downloads To Sell. 

You might also find my post on How To Sell Coloring Pages On Etsy useful. 

5. Doordash/UberEats

Food delivery services are experiencing a boom right now.

If you have a car and are willing to work evenings and weekends, delivering for one of the many food delivery companies is a great way to make extra money. 

Pro TIP – Sign up for more than one company to increase your chance of getting work. 

6. Uber/Lyft

If you don’t fancy delivering food but are interesting in making money with your car, consider becoming a ride share driver for Uber or Lyft. 

You will need to have a clean driving license and a newer model car to qualify, just like the food delivery services, you will be free to work as much or as little as you like.

7. Instacart

Another great option is to become a shopper for a grocery service such as Instacart.

Hours are flexible and you can make money just for doing grocery shopping for other people and delivering the purchases to them. 

8. House Painter/contractor

Are you handy? If so, consider working during the summer months as a sub-contractor or house painter.

All sorts of trades are looking for extra hands during the busy summer months. You can easily pick up some work as a gardener, painter or other hands-on job. 

9. Realtor

This job does require some qualifications but it’s probably the best of the summer jobs for teachers that I have mentioned so far. 

Working as a realtor in the summers is actually pretty popular with teachers who want to earn extra income on the side. Who knows?

Eventually you could make it your full-time business but even if you sell one house each summer, you could earn yourself thousands in commissions. 

10. Delivery Services

I know we have talked about grocery, meal and even people delivery services but there is another option that we haven’t spoken about – regular delivery services.

What do I mean by that? 

Well, this works especially well if you own a large vehicle such as pick-up truck.

In fact, there are lots of ways to make money with a pick up truck and a trailer. 

Lots of people want to purchase furniture or building supplies but cannot get them home. 

Offering delivery services from places such as Ikea or Home Depot can be an easy way to make some extra cash. 

Advertise on your local online groups and prepare for a bit of a famine or feast situation. It’s also a good idea to advertise that you will pick up Craigslist or Kijiji purchases. 

Personally, I have used this kind of service a number of times as I only have a small car and it always works out cheaper than using the store’s delivery options. 

11. Dog Walking 

Start your own dog walking business and make money having fun with pooches. 

You can make $20 an hour or more as a dog walker and it can be a fun way to earn money while you exercise. 

If you have the space and the room, consider boarding dogs while their owners are on vacation during the summer months and start your own doggy daycare from home. 

12. Freelance Writer

You can become a freelance writer with no experience and make money writing all kinds of things. 

As a teacher, you will be well- poised to get freelance writing gigs as you likely have great communication skills.

You can read my guide on getting started as a freelance writer which will help you pick the topics you can write about (education is a great one in high demand), and where to find writing gigs. 

Experienced freelance writers can make $100 per hour or more working from home. 

13. Course Instructor

Another way to use your teaching skills is to create your own online course through a site like Udemy or Coursera.

There are courses for all kinds of things nowadays and people love learning online with videos or ebooks. 

One of the best things about creating and selling a course online is that once you have done all the work of creating your course, you can make money for years to come. 

Learn more about creating your own course to sell online here. 

14. Etsy Shop Owner

An Etsy shop is a great way to make some extra money doing what you love.

Whether you are an avid knitter or you love making bath bombs, there are tons of great options for making money on Etsy. 

You don’t even need to be really crafty to start your own Etsy shop. 

One of the biggest sellers on the Etsy are printables which are planners and stickers.

I opened my Etsy Shop about a year ago and it is so much fun to see the sales come in.

Another friend of mine just opened her Etsy store selling shower steamers and it has really taken off. 

My list of 50 Etsy Shop Ideas will give you lots of fun ideas for your own Etsy shop. 

It costs nothing to open your own Etsy store and can be a really fun way to make extra money, with unlimited income potential. 

15. Flea Market Flipper

Summer is the perfect time to make money selling treasures you find at thrift stores and flea markets.

I love spending my weekends cruising around yard sales and if you do too, why not turn this hobby into a side hustle?

Selling things you find at flea markets or thrift stores for a profit is one of my favorite summer jobs for teachers. 

You can get started for free by looking for no-cost items on the curb or on Craigslist.

Once you have exhausted those options, you can start looking for items that you can buy low and sell high for a profit. 

What items are great for flipping for a profit?

Here are the best things that you can buy and sell for a profit, you will probably be surprised at some of the weird things that people buy!

This is a great side hustle for single moms – you might be shocked to learn that there are flea market flippers who make six figures with this side hustle. 

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